Episode-2650- Updates and Listener Feedback for 4-30-20 — 9 Comments

  1. If those two doctors were working for a hospital or a government agency, they would be fired!  They have their own clinics. Still, it would not surprise me if the government punished them through Medicare or HHS programs. The truth is very unpopular these days. It will cost you to tell it.

    I admire them tremendously.

    Jack, glad you know how to enjoy life. Have fun with the car!

    • I find huge flaws in the rebuttables but I respect that you are at least now bringing sources and data to the discussion. I don’t have time to get into this today but the short one on the doctors is they are largely ignoring the antibody testing, I find the rebuttable a failure but I do find it at least logically presented well done.

      • I understand why you can pretty much ignore link #2, It is mostly a statement of authority.  However, link #1 does have a video from Chris Martenson, an actual PhD in a science field that would have force him to deal with statistics, and friend of TSP, who finds the statistical analysis is poor.  You can watch starting at 13 min 35 sec Dr. Martenson discuss the problem, which has a name (  Though I have sympathy for the conclusion, because there are other countries that have done better analysis, the reasoning of these physicians is flawed. Also, a simple dismissal of argument has a name ( 

        • Chris I know and respect but he is still IGNORING largely the fact that we now KNOW, not think, we now KNOW the denominator is at least 20X the reported number. With that the death toll goes to under 1%, period, there is not selection bias in that, it is dealing with reality.

          And again the docs are not saying go back to normal and do not socially distance. You can live in total fear or something with a 99.5% survival rate if you want, I am not going to, nor will I advise other to do so.

          Lets say the death rate really was 2%, you still better get the economy going NOW if you don’t the deaths from poverty, crime, depression, etc will still absolutely exceed the deaths from CoVid. That is the point being made and there is NO WAY around that point, none.

        • Let me make it clear, really clear.

          New York City has a population of 8.6 million people. We are making decisions about these lock downs based on the following numbers. 313,000 cases and 18,900 deaths.

          Two factors are being ignored there. One the absolute failure of keeping it out of elder care facilities, where people with Covid were sent back to those facilities inflating the death rate beyond any other state in the union. This is not subject to debate, this happened, we know it happened, we do not think, we know this happened.

          Two and far more importantly, the actual case count in NYC is now known to be at least, what? Do you know? Does Martinson tell you this number, does he or does he ignore it? The number is now officially 24%, I didn’t invent that number, that is the officially stated number by Cuomo this last weekend, 24%. Want to do that math?

          8.6 million and 24% of that gets you 1.96 million cases in NYC. So we have almost 2 million cases and 18,900 deaths. How do you make a good decision based on a discrepancy of that magnitude in say Georgia or Florida?

          The selection bias on data here is IGNORING that data. Again and NYC and NJ are both inflated due to terrible failures with elder care facilities. They ignore the real death rate is well under 1%, they ignore the choice to destroy the economy is worse then accepting the deaths you are going to get. They are ignoring that all pneumonia deaths are being labeled Covid even though it has always been the leading cause of death in the elderly.

          Getting right into the real numbers the real death rate, the real impact and the actual truly at risk demographics is not selection bias, fucking ignoring it and using a fake case number to artificially inflate the case fatality rate is.

          The denominator is now known to be minimum 20x, the percentage of asymptomatic cases is known to be the vast majority, asymptomatic spread is now highly suspect to be possible but at least known to be very improbable and very low as a percentage. PA and other states have been caught red handed inflating the death rates. Doesn’t mean a lot of people did not die or it is something to ignore but if you want selection bias the people who are actively calling for further destruction of the economy (which Martinson built his entire empire on) are the ones ignoring facts that can’t be ignored at this point.

  2. Hey Jack I was looking for the vacuum sealer you recommended. Thanks alot!!

  3. Congrats on the new car!  A year ago we bought a Charger SXT (same engine specs) and we love it.  You got a better deal though… 24k?  We bought used for 14k, although if I could have got new for 24k that would have been the thing to do (the car was otherwise 36k new, way too much).