Episode-886- Listener Feedback for 4-23-12 — 39 Comments

  1. Peter Schiff actually states he likes BOA because he knows that his money will be secure (fdic) due to “too big to fail”… not sure i agree with him on that though.

  2. Is the land needed to pasture livestock more if you figure in the amount of land used to grow the grain to feed them? I know if you stack functions, bringing in the chickens and pigs after the cows, you also get more use out of a piece of land than just a few monocrops in a season ie corn and a cover crop in the fall.

  3. Well added Bank of America to my list along with Bright Now Dental. Since on their contract it states “by entering into it are giving up their constitutional right to have such dispute decided in a court of law before a jury”

    Sure is getting harder and harder to not polish my little tin foil hat daily.

    Glad you had good news about Bella. I think hero of the week may be a good thing to add to the show regularly. Help keep some balance. It seems like there is just so much crap going around. Duh maybe cuz there is.

  4. Lots of good stuff today.

    I have to say, my first thought when you brought up “The Lawnmower Boys” was geez, they have a bring your tractor to school day every spring here-and have for at least 30+ years! We live in farm country in upstate NY and there are a LOT of tractors in the parking lot that day-probably 20-30 each year.

    • The high school that my son will go to has a “Drive Your Tractor to School” day every year also. It’s happened every year for the past 40.

  5. Speaking of PETA, isn’t it funny that they are conspicously absent in the call to protect the heritage hogs from slaughter. Or rather, from my experience with them and the American Humane Society, they are probably behind the ban and slaughter in the first place.

  6. PETA acts like spoiled little children, any attention… no matter how bad, is good attention. They do anything for attention and the best way to make them disappear is to ignore everything they do.

    bunch of losers

    • As a vegan and libertarian, I agree this is a stupid way to go about influencing people. It betrays a lack of respect for the people they are trying to reach. Leading by example and arguing based on reason are the best avenues to positive change, whatever that means to you. I just wanted to mention the fact that PETA doesn’t represent or speak for all vegans.

      Also I think effort is better spent supporting better agricultural practices such as Joe Salatin’s and permaculture, both for health and not causing unnecessary suffering to the animals involved, than trying to convince people to not eat what they are accustomed to.

      • @Noah I don’t think PETA even represents most or many or even a significant portion of vegans. Most vegans are rather intelligent people that believe in what they are doing. As you know personally I think you have fallen for tremendous lies in the nutrition industry but that is your choice and I would defend your right to make it at any cost.

        That said anyone who really cares about saving animals that supports PETA vegan or not is a fool. PETA kills plenty of dogs and cats annually most of which could be adopted out but they of course feel it is better to kill a dog than make it a pet because having a pet dog is “slavery” in the words of their founder.

  7. Adult humans normally have eight incisors, two of each type.

    Guess that makes us omnivorous

  8. I almost halfway through today’s episode, at the point when Jack is talking about donations to Bella. I wanted to give a shoutout to Bill and John… you guys are an inspiration. I’ve set up my $5 a month brown bag, but I’m so uplifted and inspired by guys like you who donate so much of your hard-earned assets to a good cause. I look forward to the day that my prepper lifestyle helps me to afford donating as generously as you guys. Thanks for looking our for those less fortunate than us, and for being an inspiration to guys like me. John and Bill, you rock!

  9. I am sorry did I miss something? I thought PETA would be A #1 on Jack’s list of favorites. After all thought Paleo was the best. PETA = People Eating Tasty Animals. Sorrrry couldn’t help myself.

  10. On the grazing capacity question– it depends. I don’t know exactly how many acres are used for cows on pasture around here in Colorado, but it does vary, depending on the forage available. You might need half an acre to an acre in the East where the grass is tall, but around these parts– and in much of the West– you have short little grasses (like Buchloe and the grammas) and you do need to stock a bit less per acre. Keep in mind our native grasses never need mowing, they naturally stay dwarf (not more than 3 or 4 inches). Really need to add here that I DO believe that pastured animals are sustainable, done correctly, and are the correct way to manage the land. Lots of those “greeny-weenies” have lawns that they water and mow– now that’s not sustainable, either!! Graze a sheep on those lawns! Yes, I am an unrepentant omnivore, and fully intend to remain that way.

  11. I was talkin to my cat, Garfield today. He was acting a little feral. I told him he was on notice.

    • I have a feral couch chihuahua. He is always roaming up and down the coach. Oh, and he is brown. Dangerous.

  12. On the hog issue
    I just got back from Eastern Europe and the chickens there are no
    longer able to have eggs unless they take the store bought chicken
    hormone food. What would happen if the hormone is no longer available? They have also put strict controls on what people can raise and grow as well. The politicians in Eastern Europe are also using the department to break outspoken individuals, and have on some farms that I know of, gone and proclaimed that all the hogs had a sickness and executed all of this mans hogs. In my opinion this is a move just to put fear into the farmers hearts and to give the officers some practice in taking down farms and farmers.

  13. Great show! The Lawnmower Boys was a good example of over reach. The best high school prank i’ve heard is from Nebraska: 3 sheep were turned loise inside the school overnite. They were numbered…. 1, 2, and 4.

  14. Jack

    How are you able to tell the issuer of a card over the internet? I can plainly see in person and will reject them, however, I want to enforce this across the board. My principals are more important than money or any other form of wealth and if you step on my Constitution, I will reject you not allowing you into my community. B/A has shown it’s true colors, I wish to show them mine.

    Great Day


    • I don’t know it is possible, but is there a code in the 16 digit number on the front? Checks all have the 9 digit routing number to ID the bank, maybe there is something similar for credit cards. I don’t know how you would find that out though. Also, I believe BOA fronts VISA cards, so you could just take the other three instead.

      Neither is very practical, but I thought it might trigger somebody else.

  15. @Jack, this is in regards to your banking comment at the end of the show and the idea of the US going cashless. I received this email from my local gold dealer.

    “No new laws in the US. France now requires bullion be bought or sold only by check or wire—-no cash at all.. Spain has outlawed any cash transactions over 2500 euros. 1099 B we file when you sell us 1,000 face US silver, 25 oz ML, KR but nothing on American Eagles.”

  16. Ok, the new Facebook format is kicking my butt. How do I like the Bella page and not a specific entry?

  17. Just wanted to clear up a misconception about the methane produced from cows. Cow can fart and occasionally do, but the methane that they expel actually comes in the form of belches. I know all the “propaganda” refers to cows farting, but it is completely inaccurate. Farting cows seem more evil than belching cows, I guess.

  18. I do not see in the article anywhere Baltimore had even discussed Peta as an option. The Council voted to put advertising on trucks. Peta jumped on the offer and put out a press release. A little Photoshop, and everyone took it hook line and sinker.–Vegans-Are-Hot–Ads-for-Baltimore-Fire-Trucks.aspx

    Putting Advertising on emergency vehicles is noting new. Millions of federal dollars was given out to put D.A.R.E ads on emergency vehicles back in the 1980’s. Now most agancys put it on there for free.

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  21. I went over to Mark’s website and listened to the rest of the audio/vid that Jack played a snippet of and also his other videos. He’s retired airforce and isn’t backing down from the DNR’s intimidation. He has a link for donations for the “Hog Defense Fund”. I made a donation and I would encourage others in the community to do so as well. We need to make a stand somewhere.

  22. Great show Jack. Shalali thanks for checking in. Your show was one of my favorite.

  23. The “Myth of Sustainable Meat” section gave me mixed emotions, laughter sadness, and irritation. I laughed because, here in Texas, I live out in the country and right across the road is a cattle ranch. The day before I heard the podcast, my neighbors 40 or so head of cattle were grazing away contently in the pasture. There was a slight breeze and my homestead was down wind. Not once, did feel that we were in risk of being overcome by methane. Sadness, because the author is so out of touch with reality that it is unbelievable. And irritated because this guy is a Associate Professor of history at Texas State University, San Marcos! Not only has he written this article, he has written other papers and books. Given that he is running loose and teaching collage students is unbelievable. No wonder so many collage students are so mixed up when they get out of collage.

  24. Regarding the 10 year old $100 strap deposits: sounds like someone is redepositing their Y2K stash to me…

  25. Jack, I wholeheartedly agree with you on the hog situation and that it’s all a bunch of BS. However, I’d like to correct you on the genotype/phenotype thing. Phenotype is the manifestation of the genotype which may or may not occurr. It’s possible to have genotype without having the phenotype. And yes, it includes biochemical characteristics. Phenylketonuria is a good example. Two (recessive) mutant alleles from each parent is the genotype, the ability to break down phenylalinine due to faulty enzymes is the phenotype. While the biology 101 defintion of “phenotype is what you see, genotype is what y ou don’t see” is useful and generally true, observable medical conditions must also be placed into the “what you see” category. Yes, this is nitpicking.
    Love the show.

  26. Jack, in my day job I work for a armored car company. Email me if you want to know anything about your bank questions.

  27. Jack can you provide some links the the studies you mentioned about children’s cognitive development when not given meat? You also alluded to something about what makes men, men is “real” protein from animals.
    I say put up or shut up – You have mentioned this before and failed to back it up with any facts. Like the vegetarian myth show where you said protein from a soybean is in no way shape or form equivalent to protein from a cow. Come on man – simply calling everything you disagree with about vegans “bullshit” and that the peer reviewed research studies are all invalid if they support being vegan because they are government funded is weak.
    I find it funny just how much time you waste talking about vegans who are maybe 1% of the population and then refuse to discuss it since your mind is made up. If that’s the case stop freaking talking about it and discuss something relevant and quit making us listen to your pet peeve obsession with vegans.