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    • Thank you Insidious. I am Mike, Dominick’s dad just got the surprise when I check out todays show. Dominick is so happy to be on the show and I am proud of the job he did making the video.

  1. Sorry I am a new member just what am I to comment on? your web site is a little confusing, is this real time or archived?

    • Shows are published daily but noting is steamed live. All episodes are on demand.

  2. @Jack,

    I think that Ron Paul being VP is much less meaningful than being Secretary of the Treasury. While both are subject to the Whim of the President (Constitutionally not so, as President of the Senate (a lot more to it than voting for ties as “Presiding Officer) but practically true), the VP has very little actual “power” in government. He is as much or as little as the President allows him to be.

    The Treasury Secretary however…in the hands of Ron Paul…imagine the possibilities there. Would a President Romney let Ron Paul do what he would want in that position? It would be interesting to find out.

    I don’t think either of these things will happen. I think Romney (should he be in the position to do so) would offer Paul a Platform to speak at the Convention and have a final (in terms of this race) chance to make his message heard.

    Some others have speculated that this is about some position for Rand Paul. If Ron Paul is the person I think he is, I’d not see him going for something like that.

  3. I read the EO twice. Seems to me that what constitutes an emergency is the issue. Virtually anything can be declared an emergency by the executive alone and then through the vast machinery of the various agencies set in motion demands of performance under threat of penalty (with no due process) from private business and individuals alike. This includes the taking of private property without compensation and without any due process.
    Just because most of this was already in place does not mean that this new EO doesn’t add to the incremental dismantling of our republic.
    It’s just more incrementalism.

    • @Tony it simply doesn’t add anything. Yea it sucks but no worse than it did last week. The “what constitutes an emergency” is the same as the previous version. I mean don’t get me wrong I don’t like the broad nature it just isn’t ANYTHING NEW.

    • One thing to keep in mind is that the Defense Production Act of 1950 was an attempt to correct the abuses and corruption that happened in WW2. Remember that the Fed Gov took over the economy of the nation in 1941. Singer did not call up the DoD and say “Hey, we are going to stop making sewing machines and start making M1 Carbines”. They were told.

      My Grandfather was told he would plant X amount of Corn, Y amount of hemp, and have at least 43 milking cows at all times, more if he could. This was in exchange for rations of mo-gas and kerosene. (and permission to keep 1/4 of all meat he butchered.) He did not complain about it, he complained that they would not let him join the military.

      Rationing was a major part of life in WW2. You ended up with lots of “extra” money but no goods to buy with it. Goods were not being made, only Fed Gov directed production was. And in ’42 you would not find much non-military production. Later in the war you did, but not much.

      The Act explains what an “emergency” is, but as we know, that is subject to lawyers and what the definition of “is” is.

  4. I have to throw in a +1 for the internet!

    Because, as pointed out in this episode, those executive powers already existed, we just DIDN’T KNOW ABOUT IT.

    The Fed, the Bilderberg group, etc. Old News, but not commonly understood or available information.

    Now we have thousands (tens of thousands) of people, researching, sharing and publishing information, that is available for free(!), uncensored(!) to anyone with access to the internet.

    It is truly awesome, and I’m truly grateful. Particularly to all the people that take the time to put together informational videos and blogs. Thank you all.

  5. @Jack,

    A clarification about the “Bubble” I talked about in the other thread. It wasn’t really about THIS community going away. It was about the larger community (my nation and even the world) being damaged by this hype. The average joe on the street isn’t likely to discern between “Doomsday Preppers” and TSP—it will all be “that survival stuff.” And the failure of the hype to come true will be projected equally.

    My point is that Bubbles/Hype/speculators ALWAYS inflict collateral damage, and DO bring down good people/organizations (like your sponsors perhaps), and make spreading a beneficial NON-hype message harder.

    My interest is not limited to the TSP community, but also to my Town, State, Country and world, even though my influence remains small to non-existent as you go up that scale.

    What happens when someone is sold overpriced “survival food” or buys a generator they don’t know how to operate or whatever–that’s not going to directly harm me, but it will make it less likely that people ever get to the point where they become modern survivalists.

    That’s why shows like “Doomsday preppers” makes me cringe–because it ISN’T a representation of what Prepping is. Heck, its not even an accurate representation of the people on that show.

    There’s always someone just waiting to exploit people’s fears or even their well-intentioned concerns. Not much that can be done about this, but I think it is a real shame.

  6. Thanks for the added input on my weight loss situation. I wasn’t thinking about the increase in fat. I’m so programmed!! I will add coconut oil but I cannot stand to cook with it…..I love coconut but cooking with the oil just isn’t palatable. I do see there are coconut oil gel caps that can be taken orally. I’ll try those. But I wonder how many I should take???
    I do eat a lot of (free range chicken) eggs. Average around 2 doz per week. The yolks do have a lot of fat. Sounds like I’d better do some homework.

    Thanks Jack.

        • Mmmm… me some bacon. Especially my bacon! I would encourage you to find a local farmer and get some fatty cuts. I’ll also most promise you that you will feel better and begin losing more weight. When talking food, consider the source.

          Check this site to help you locate someone:

    • Ronnie, I hate the taste of coconut and even worse, the smell. I use refined coconut oil only. It’s completely flavorless and odorless. From what I’ve learned, so long as it’s mechanically refined and not done with heat or chemicals and you’re good to go.

      Most groceries carry the Spectrum brand but I order mine online from Tropical Traditions. No affiliation, just good service and decent pricing.

      • Oh thank you LJ! And thanks to Darby too! This is such a nice family to belong to!! I’m so anxious to get the weight off of my joints. I have very advanced osteoarthritis. Nine (orthopedic) surgeries (12 all total) and another coming up. *sigh*….so tired of it. I lose weight then have a surgery and gain gain gain. The older I get, the harder it is to get it off. I did not arrive on this planet in a user friendly unit!! >:- (

  7. Its sad but here in Buffalo housing violations will wind you up in jail too. Laws made years ago to try to get rid of slum lords don’t seem to help the problem.

  8. Instead of building a pipeline from Canada to South Texas, why not build a refinery along the Canadian border?

  9. Jack, a big thanks for reading my son, Dominick’s letter on your show, he is so excited. As I was doing chores he was running around with the camera wanting more pictures, I told the big movie director to go feed the rabbits :). Thank you for the show and making my son’s day. Mike (Uberman on the board)

    • @Uberman, you should be proud, the boy is clearly proud of his old man and what more can any man ask for?

  10. Paleo diet and the FDA
    FDA Quotes
    “The thing that bugs me is that the people think the FDA is protecting them. It isn’t. What the FDA is doing and what the public thinks it’s doing are as different as night and day.”—Dr Ley former Commissioner of the FDA.

  11. I would not vote for Romney even if Ron Paul is on the ticket. I love Ron Paul, but not enough to eat a Romney crap sandwich.

    Keep up the good work Jack.

  12. What’s new on this EO is that the current NDAA did not exist as it does today when Bush 43 was in power or other presidents before Obama. Under Bush and previous cabinets we did not have Lindsey Graham yelling on the congressional floor that requests by American citizens rounded up without trial and jury should shut up.

    You essentially have gasoline with the NDAA and a match with the current EO.

    We also have one of the most radical kitchen cabinets surrounding a commander in chief that declares he doesn’t have to answer to the constitution, and has surrounded himself with enemies to our republic.

    We have Eric Holder that in fast in furious attempted to make a fabricated event blaming the United States’ second amendment on violence in Mexico in order to destroy the second amendment.

    Then we have Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta in a congressional hearing proclaiming he answers not to congress but to the United Nations Security Council.

    So to say this EO is nothing new, I have to strongly disagree and simply state as preppers we should all be on high alert, calling our state representatives, talking to our local communities, and raising awareness as much as possible to what these enemies to the republic are doing.

  13. Regarding Jack;s commnets on the US Bank Stress Tests, the situation is all too familiar for us Europeans.
    What cheap money (1% rate from the ECB) created was easy (loaned) money to the consumers. When the sunny days were off someone had to cover the bill.
    It is a sad fact that all the EU countries that are on the verge of destruction are the ones that rescued their banks in 2008-2010 by supporting them with money taken from the state budget.
    Excluding Iceland which 2 years latter is back on the upwards track.

  14. Question on the paleo/fat topic: does anyone have any suggestions on good fatty cuts of meat, and places to find them? Since the average American tends to look for lean meats, it seems like that’s whats more prevalent in grocery stores. I’ve been trying the paleo diet since roughly the start of 2012, and am having what is probably a less common problem with it: I have a fast metabolism, and despite 30 years of eating whatever I felt like whenever I felt like it, I have basically zero weight that I can spare to lose, and since going paleo and cutting all grain and most carbs out I find that I’m rarely satiated, and generally hungry all the time. I gotta imagine at least one problem is a failure to get enough healthy animal fat into my diet. Perhaps I need to find an online source of good organic lard and just have myself a nice ice-cream-scoop’s worth with every meal? Honestly, I’ve heard lard described as a super-food, but if I had a tub of it in front of me, I wouldn’t be sure what to do with it. Thoughts, recommendations? Thanks

    • @Justin, how about the answer of ALL OF THEM. Seriously fat is fat as long as it is good fat. If you can see marbling and if the meat is of good quality, eat it.

      The “lean is good” lie is pervasive. Why do you think Ribeyes are so dang good?

    • maybe you’re just hungry and you need to eat more.

      ghee is yummy. i like to save all my bacon fat and use it to cook other things in. lamb chops fried in bacon fat are extra good. so is spinach.


    • Personally, I’ve been doing Paleo for about four months now, after being inspired by Jack and others to give it a try. I’ve eaten more fat in that time than at any other time in my life. Result? Lost 25 lbs effortlessly, ate the most decadent of foods imaginable (yes, lots of bacon was involved!). I’m now back to the weight I was when I finished USMC active duty 16 YEARS AGO and I feel better than I can ever remember. Paleo works!
      One of the great ironies I’ve noticed at the local grocery store and farmer’s markets is that the fattiest (read: tastiest) cuts also happen to be some of the cheapest. It’s where the all-too-pervasive “fat makes you fat” lie really works in the Paleo camp’s favor. I was at our local farmer’s market last week and the free range pork guy and I were having a chat. I told him how ridiculous I find the whole fat-phobia thing and he literally GAVE me (free) a $10 slab of naturally smoked pork cheek! The thing was so loaded with fat that I think he just figured he would never be able to sell it. I’ve been enjoying it ever since…absolutely delicious! (And it’s hard to beat “free.”)
      Here in Australia, the lamb forequarter chops are also loaded with fat – and tend to be some of the cheapest cuts available. As I understand it, most of our lamb is essentially free range as well.
      If you have a local butcher or free range farmer, I highly recommend letting them know you WANT the fatty bits. You might be surprised at the deals you can score. I think a lot of them just assume that evertyone wants the lean stuff, and they are more than happy to unload the fatty cuts on someone who will appreciate it.

      • I got my bacon and refined coconut oil today. I eat mainly chicken and eggs (free range). I appreciate your input on this diet as well as the other suggestions. I saved my bacon grease to cook with too. It will work nicely with a roast in the crock pot. Now that I’m getting my aging female health issues attended to plus getting my blood sugar straightened out I should see more positive results.

        • Excellent! We never waste a drop of bacon grease around here either. Liquid gold. I was chatting with my wife’s grandparents, and they were telling me that 50 years ago, everyone had a “dripping tin” on their kitchen counter. This was back before we all got so stupid about consuming fat. When you cooked your bacon, you poured all the grease into this tin and used it later in the day for cooking other things (or later than that even…apparently the stuff lasts a LOOONG time even sitting on the counter at room temp). My wife and I have resurrected this practice, and it’s fantastic. Why waste precious, delicious, nutritious fat? Just about anything that would taste good sauteed in butter…tastes FREAKIN AWESOME sauteed in bacon grease!! 😀
          We also eat a ton of eggs from our own chickens (free range), and there is never a time when there isn’t a huge jar of coconut oil on our kitchen counter.
          I love hearing from folks all over the world doing similar stuff. Jack has created a truly global community here at TSP. Wishing you all the best from Down Unda!

  15. also, olive oil on your greens is a nice way to add some fat to your veg (very simple to make dressing with olive oil, balsamic vinegar, salt and a touch of honey)

  16. Re; Executive orders.
    Since nobody else mentioned it. The difference between this and previous orders is
    Section 201(b) of the new version, the words “under both emergency and non-emergency conditions” have been added.

    Unless Someone can show me where previous EO’s gave these powers even in a non-emergency, I’d call this a pretty huge difference.

  17. Was just listening to the podcast and the call regarding where to save your gold and silver. In Denver we have a company called Colorado Vault and Safe which is strictly a safety deposit box company. They have no ties to a financial institution and went up against the patriot act in court where it was ruled that they do not fall under the patriot act. They also (for a significant fee) will send out security personnel and vault company personnel and open the vault up for you any time day or night, may be worth the fee if you need to catch a flight overseas at 0600 hrs and forgot your passport in your box. I have heard from them that there are other companies like them that offer the same service in other markets but do not know any of the company names or locations.

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