Episode-1068- Listener Feedback for 2-11-13 — 34 Comments

  1. In Texas we have a state sanctioned militia or CDF who reports to the Texas Adjutant General. Our commander in Chief is the Governor. And as a veteran of the US Army I was not keen on Washington’s foreign policy so decided to join the third branch of the Texas military instead as we can’t be deployed outside the Republic of Texas.

    I like it because there are a lot of vets..combat and cold war. Oathkeepers.

    We still need you Jack. 😉

  2. Is anyone else having issues playing this episode? I’ve tried on several devices now and it just says “cannot play audio file” I’m going through withdrawal =:|

  3. And you are not totally wrong about the TXSG….but I think it would full fill most of what you desire in a militia. If you want to talk about it privately and honestly I would love to do that.

  4. I don’t know anything about the steam pump but I just moved to the Dallas area and had a small mound of fire ants outside the front door. I put a kettle of water on the firestove and when i heated it up i poured it over the mound slowly. It took a couple of times but took care of that mound. I was concerned about how I was going to get rid of the them in planned woody beds and so I will purchase some fuego today.

    • Diatomaceous Earth works on ants also. They are natural enough you can eat them. No harm to pets or other animals.

      Diatomaceous Earth works on all bugs with exoskeleton.

      • I’ll concur with that, I’ve used it for a few years now for pest control. I know some people that drink some mixed in with water too.

    • Yeah I have found boiling water works really well on fire ants as well (here in Louisiana, they are every where). Keep in mind though, this will kill those fire ants for sure but it will also cook your grass or any plants you really drench with it).

  5. Last down turn in the market happen because people could no longer service their debt once energy costs took off. I see the same thing happening again. The market goes up and everyone becomes confident and begins moving from the bond market to equities. Then the amount of debt starts to rise and finally a big increase in inflation. Energy costs will rise to the point in which another recession will occur. Shorting long term US Bonds and investing in Russia are areas that Jim Rogers has talked about recently.

  6. On the fire ants and steam. We use to have a man who did this with a steam pressure washer and a long rod with holes going down the side.

  7. Germany and I believe UK were recalling their gold. I am not quite sure if they purchased more, or just asking their depositors to give them gold instead of fiat currency.

    This has happened several months ago.

  8. The U-Haul rates have been that way for at least a decade. I remember using them as an argument to my wife to try and talk her into moving to Texas back in 2005. California has been able to keep a steady population due to immigration while the natives have been leaving in droves. The immigrants don’t make much money to pay much in taxes so California’s budget problems will continue to get worse over the long run and money will continue to leave.

  9. Typo: in the today’s resources links, you have instead of The link redirects correctly though.

  10. My brother owns a tree waste dump near the Houston ship channel. With all of the dead trees from the drought he is overloaded with 100 acres of trees. He found a big buyer…the Chinese. They fill the empty containers going back with hard wood stumps in order to make palates.

    If you are in the area, I have free firewood for all my TSP buddies 🙂
    Mulch too, I just got my 10 yards for the year.

    • Damn and I could use that as hugul bed material so badly right now but the cost benefit analysis doesn’t work at 245 miles.

  11. Jack,

    RE: Producers leaving high tax, etc states.


    I live in east Phoenix. In 2008-2009 I noticed lots (I mean LOTS!) of CA plates on lower-middle and middle-middle-class cars. In the past 10ish months I have noticed a HUGE (like every 15-20 car if not 2 in row sometimes) increase in middle-middle to upper-middle CA plated cars here in the nice area’s of east Phoenix and most of Scottsdale.

    On my way to work for the past 10ish months I very routinely see a nice new or upper class car with CA plates and I look over and I see a business man, lawyer, doctor, etc. in other words A PRODUCER.


    • Yup, as I mentioned below in a comment, seeing the same thing here in the Northern Nevada area. Probably outflux from Northern CA, whereas you & Vegas are probably pulling out of SoCal. I wonder how long their 1500sf “cute bungalows” built in the 1930s will go on selling for $900k given the rate of exodus? lol 😉

  12. State militias are an idea whose time has come… again. People forget that it’s in the Constitution. And notice, the STATES, not the Fedgov, get to pick the officers:

    Article I, Sec. 8, clause 16:
    [Congress has the Power] “To provide for organizing, arming, and disciplining, the Militia, and for governing such Part of them as may be employed in the Service of the United States, _reserving to the States respectively_, the Appointment of the Officers, and the Authority of training the Militia according to the discipline prescribed by Congress;”

  13. I liked the finish to today’s show Jack. Turning dollars into hard assets. Best advice ever. As I was listening, I was updating my spreadsheet of items to purchase. And I always turn to the “100 top things that disappeared in Sarajevo”. I use that as my baseline and fine tune it to my lifestyle.

  14. Jack, California also cannot halt climate change by doing a cap-n-trade song-and-dance, but that will not stop fools from trying.
    I cannot move away for the same reason you must remain near DFW. We might muse about other reasons, but there is really only one. And she’s worth it.

  15. I know the CG of the Texas State Guard. I’m sure he’d be willing to talk with you about the role the TXSG plays in Texas today.

  16. Hmmmm. I thought I posted this yesterday, but don’t see it, so here goes again.

    On my scrubby acreage in central Texas, I use Green Light Fire Ant Control for fire ants:–lb/dp/B000LO2WQA/ref=sr_1_1?s=lawn-garden&ie=UTF8&qid=1360778238&sr=1-1&keywords=Fire+Ant+Control+W%2FConserve

    It’s a bait, so you just sprinkle a bit on and in the vicinity of a mound. During fire ant season, on a dry morning I walk around with a bag of this stuff and a spoon. It kills the entire mound, so they don’t pop up a few feet away a week later.

  17. I need a little more facts to embrace the “they’re going to load the tables up one more time” proposition, beyond “I just know it,” though certainly acknowledging that you’re a credible source. I’ve embraced Chris’s mantra “Listen to all, follow none.” Are you saying they’re going to dump so much fiat money into the economy that we have a false boom? I see a lot of precariousness out there as well where the wrong event could conceivably send the economy the other direction.

    • Yea well I have given you many reasons over the years have I not?

      Central banks buying gold, the bail outs, big money moving into ag, QE1, 2, 3, Infinity. The coming gas and oil boom, again dude they are widening the Panama canal right now for gas freighters, we are the only nation who would use that. This is the biggest construction project in the world all so Japan and China can buy cheap US gas.

      Am I saying they’re going to dump money into the economy? Really? They are dumping 80 billion a month right now just with QE Infinity, just one program. Trillions of dollars of private money has already been funneled into mid and long term US debt via the 401k restructuring scam and gee as far as I know I am the only person to point that out.

      Yes I said “I just know it” but for almost 5 years (beginning before the first crash) I have told you why and I have evolved the how all along the way.

  18. The Reno newspaper every Sunday does a few little write-ups on new businesses in town or coming to town, and very very often they are coming from across the Sierra in P.R.Kalifornia. So thanks, Kali, for being so stupid in your policies & with your finances that you drive your businesses out as refugees!

  19. On the topic of migration of labor force, here in Oregon in the trucking industry, in the part of the industry which is THE most sought-after for drivers–day-cab jobs that pay very well, we can’t find qualified drivers. Also, in a parallel path, Wal-Mart, which is the other Holy Grail for drivers, can’t find qualified drivers. It is if there in an entire demographic missing in a huge economic downturn, in one of the more depressed state economies in the nation.

    Where did the workers go? To other states? To college instead of in to the blue-collar labor force?