Episode- 368- Listener Feedback for 2-1-10 — 10 Comments

  1. In the last part of the podcast there was a commentary about the possibility of just not having enough income to do much of what TSP endorses. I would have to say that one should run the numbers and actually try even just a little, because it does save you money. Just the little things build into big things if you give them a chance, and the money starts looking like its actually worth something again as you start using it better and improving your life with it. You can’t afford not to.

  2. I have a husky and a Malamute.. my husky did everything under the sun to escape my yard. Finally I installed an invisible fence. It was super easy and only took a few hours. Just zip tied the wire to my existing fence. I have 1000 feet of fence line and this works great for me. My husky will not approach within 5 feet of the fence line, he is trained very well with it. I would say the combo of the shock collar and the 6 foot fence is just enough to contain a husk 😀

    I have zero concerns with varmits eating my harvest with these 2 killers on the prowl, they pretty much exterminated and in most cases consumed every varmit on my property.

  3. @Nick,

    I am happy that worked for you. With Lakota it did not. His fur was so think under his neck I had to shave it for the collar to work, with in a few days it would stop working. He would just stand there with it going off doing nothing with that sarcastic husky grin on his face. I gave up and went back to keeping the fence as secure as I could and trying to reason with an unreasonable dog.

  4. I heard that those fences don’t work on huskies so I tried everything under the sun before trying the collar. I had buried the bottom of my fence about 6 inches into the ground… he ate through the fence.

    I put up a hog wire with a solar charger, he figured out that the gate didn’t have the wire and just ripped the boards right off the gate.

    I had to line the gates with cinder blocks. Finally the wife left the gate open by accident and the dog was gone for over a day. He came back and I thought nothing of it until the police came by the next day. Apparently he had been hanging out in the woods by my neighbors house making meals of his chickens and harassing the dairy cows and rolling in their poop of course.

    Of course I replaced all of the chickens and then some, but I was desperate to try anything that might work.

    I would advise anyone considering owning a nordic dog that if you can’t commit to letting your dogs get many hours of exercise a day consider getting a female dog rather than a male one. If you can’t let them run free then get yourself a dog backpack and load them down with weight while you walk them. They are well behaved when properly exercised, not an easy feat in the winter.

    My female malamute would never leave my side if she had a choice. I could probably have a 2 foot fenceline and she would stay in the yard. I have a friend with some female nordic dogs and they are the same.

    Don’t get me wrong I love my boy, but he will never go off leash again. In general he is good off leash when I’m hiking or backpacking, but he has a tendency to find trouble, whether it is chasing down bear cubs or attacking a porcupine, he seems to be a magnet for it. Last time he was off leash I was up all night in the middle of nowhere dealing with porcupine quills, not fun! Despite everything he is the sweetest nicest and most affectionate dog I know.

  5. Another great show!

    I keep chickens and live in a very hostile environment in terms of wildlife predation. The best method I have found was one I learned 30 years ago on my grandfather’s farm. We had the coop surrounded by a secondary fence and had a section of the structure separated for Geese. Geese are extremely aggressive and fearless. They will go after something as large as a coyote and drive it off. The Goose enclosure completely surrounds the coop/run and keeps everything out.

    We keep dual purpose chickens and find it is a great way to be sustainable and also a great icebreaker when promoting preparedness.

    Frank from Canada

  6. A husky rescue guy once told me that they are \"free spirits\". And that no matter what it is… They will always want to see what is on the other side…

    Separate subject… I decided to play the podcast through my stereo system and had to turn it off because Of my two daughters… LOL! If there is anyone out there that can edit… I would be cool…. But again, I\’m not complaining… I like my podcast very much thank you…

  7. Great show Jack,but one thing. The current nickel is 60% copper and 40% nickel. At the current market value of the component metals it is worth $0.0450633130863. So it’s ‘almost’ worth it true value.

    A good place to check the value of base metal and precious metal coins is

    Take it easy…

  8. @Ben, I have recommended coinflation so many times on this show they should be paying me as a partial sponsor, ;>)

    On the current “value” of the nickle it is only due to the current drop in copper, not long ago a nickel was worth 7 cents. Your point is the exact one people made about quarters in 1964 by the way. By 1970 finding silver in circulation was already hard to do.

    Sooner or later they have to change the nickles composition. The dollar is going to spiral over the next decade and building in China and India will drive up copper. The plan is already in Obama’s new budget

  9. Back @ Jack…

    Yes sir, you have mentioned, but I was aiming the comment at those who are newer to TSP then you…Oh Mighty but Humble Guru…;-)

    I did read about Obama\’s new budget proposal for coinage.

    I’ve been culling my pocket change for years. I started looking for silver dimes, quarters and halves in the 70\’s and then copper pennies in the 80\’s. Three years ago I started saving \’all\’ my nickels. (One of the other survival guys who goes by three names put me onto that.)
    Every thing else goes to the change counting machine at my bank and directed to my bank account.
    Who knows if they will be worth anything more then face value in the future. I live by the old saying, \"It\’s better to have and not need, then need and not have.\" It ranks right up there with, \"Two is One. One is none.\"

    Take it easy…