Episode-1273- Listener Feedback for 1-6-14 — 35 Comments

  1. Jack has made me feel so strong about planting trees, just this last few days I have planted 3 fruit trees in my moms back yard and have dug 2 Swales by shovel. I am nowhere near being close to done.
    Thank you jack

  2. Your right Jack times have to be really good like low unemployment, high real estate prices, all time high in the stock market, and high commodity prices before we reach a top. Next fall will be from much higher point. Check out 10 min video of professor’s view of college education around 6:00 min mark.

  3. Jack,

    Welcome back!

    I’m not sure sending “farmers, plumbers, mechanics, engineers, and doctors” to Washington or the state capitals will help that this point. The unelected bureaucracy that enforces an ever-larger set of Federal and state regulations, that have the force of law but were not made by lawmakers, along with local tyranny, is largely what is responsible for our loss of freedom, money, and rights.

    You are right that not many of the states are trying to hold the line against FedGov. In fact, as you said, most actually ENABLE Fedgov to take our money, freedom, and rights. If a state government declared, “We will no longer simply accept Federal laws, but not enforce unfunded mandates and laws and regulations our judges say are unconstitutional”, I would move there.

    • @Backwoods –

      IMO we’ve got to stop even entertaining the idea of ‘y doesn’t matter because I can’t do anything about x’.

      Its debilitating.. and generally talks us out of doing the things that we CAN do.

      And.. its often a lie. If the federal government was under the control of the people, how long would it take for them to defang/defund and/or eliminate the bureaucracy? It’s damn simple to pass a law that says ‘the department of x no longer exists’.

      Sure its ‘political dynamite’.. but the only person who gives a shit about that is a ‘career politician’. I’d GLADLY do one term if I managed to eliminate a single federal parasite.. and then support someone else for election who had the same intentions.

      IMO Its time to divide and conquer the ‘elites’. Starve them, and pit them against each other for the scraps we give them. And the easiest first move is to pit the FED against the States. State elites will only ‘support’ the FED as long as it allows them to line their own pockets. When the FED elites start picking those pockets.. your going to see ‘State rights’ suddenly become important again.

      🙂 all IMHO of course..

  4. hahaha I really hope one day I see all the neighbors with a front yard garden to tell the “authorities” they “like it that way”.

    About triggers…why not the same ones as before? Small increase in interest rates that kills the housing market rebound?

    • Because it wasn’t rate increases that killed the housing market last time. Very few of the houses that were lost had anything to do with ARMs. Very few of the people that didn’t buy failed to buy because they didn’t like the interest rate.

      Could rates go up to high and hurt the market, sure, but that isn’t going to happen any time soon. The fed is committed to keeping the inter institution rate at 0 for years to come.

  5. “You will do more for our future with a shovel than a petition. ”
    -J. Spirko

    That’s a great quote Jack.

  6. Inspiring final words today, Jack. The quote ” You will do more for our future with a shovel than a petition”, just makes me wonder if you’ve ever read Jonathan Swift’s “Gulliver’s Travels” in which he says:
    “Whoever makes two ears of corn, or two blades of grass to grow where only one grew before, deserves better of mankind, and does more essential service to his country than the whole race of politicians put together”
    Thanks for the inspiration.

    • Wow no, never read that but I think I know where it was taken from in history.

      I believe that had to be inspired by the former emperor of Rome Diocletian. Below is the story of his retirement, note what he says when asked to return to the throne by his people.

      “Diocletian retired to his homeland, Dalmatia. He moved into the expansive Diocletian’s Palace, a heavily fortified compound located by the small town of Spalatum on the shores of the Adriatic Sea, and near the large provincial administrative center of Salona. The palace is preserved in great part to this day and forms the historic core of Split, the second-largest city of modern Croatia.

      Maximian retired to villas in Campania or Lucania.[182] Their homes were distant from political life, but Diocletian and Maximian were close enough to remain in regular contact with each other.[183] Galerius assumed the consular fasces in 308 with Diocletian as his colleague. In the autumn of 308, Galerius again conferred with Diocletian at Carnuntum (Petronell-Carnuntum, Austria). Diocletian and Maximian were both present on 11 November 308, to see Galerius appoint Licinius to be augustus in place of Severus, who had died at the hands of Maxentius.

      Diocletian ordered Maximian, who had attempted to return to power after his retirement, to step down permanently. At Carnuntum people begged Diocletian to return to the throne, to resolve the conflicts that had arisen through Constantine’s rise to power and Maxentius’ usurpation. Diocletian’s reply: “If you could show the cabbage that I planted with my own hands to your emperor, he definitely wouldn’t dare suggest that I replace the peace and happiness of this place with the storms of a never-satisfied greed.”

  7. Yeah I really think sending regular people to government is an awesome idea… I’m going to run for office on the following platform I will return you to your personal freedoms, Were going back to the John Smith days if you don’t work you don’t eat…. oh by the way i’m getting a BJ in my office everyday by a different woman.

    I have this douchbag that lives two houses down from me that keeps calling the cops on me with fake claims and BS so I put video cameras around the house and tell them to prove I did something illegal because I can prove I didn’t. My life has been a whole lot easier dealing with this asshole.

    I also have city ordinace manuals and have handed them to officers and asked them to find the law I broke often times officers don’t even know where to look. Or they thank me and leave.

    In 1986 at the age of 9 I had a Bad ass garden and loved working in it

    My favorite thing about the year 2000 was the absence of “the Real House wives of… WHO GIVES A FUCK..”

    There are many ways to prepare the next generation for me I teach them to be proud of their farts and that a good poop is uplift, and nothing in life can possibly be wrong while your eating bacon!!!

  8. You nailed it on today’s show. Fun to listen to, informative and had me pissed off enough to plant trees. Ha. I shrugged a couple of years ago but had given up on changing hearts. Now is the time.

    long live the Republic.

  9. glad your back Jack, Hope to see you at permaculture voices.
    I will be block away from mag pole. Good move by them.

    bee cool Jack

  10. I have only been listening to your podcast for a couple of months so I don’t know if you have commented on it before but what is your opinion on the nullification movement, e.g. the Tenth Amendment Center, etc.?

    • Great idea, not ready to happen yet. Having a state stand up to the State can only occur when the citizens of at least that state are ready. All I have seen thus far at that level is gun grabbing, pot smoking and gay bashing. At least the pot smoking is a move toward liberty.

      Again this is a republic so it is on the citizen to be its guardian. En mass anyway we are laying down on the job.

      Let me put it this way I would love to see states standing up, spurred on by their citizenry and reclaiming rights constitutionally in huge numbers. Sadly the only people active right now on doing anything like this though are politically polar and simply infringing on more rights from the left of right side of the paradigm. Where as the average Joe in Texas seems just as ill informed, subject to the deception of left right false paradigm, lazy, apathetic, etc. as the average Joe from New Jersey.

  11. Regarding the mom who was arrested for letting her kids play outside, I have a related story to share. (I’ve shared this before, but it’s particularly relevant here.)

    I live on a state highway that’s two properties outside the city limits of a tiny, rural town (about 2200 people.) There are two ways to get into town. One way is to walk along the highway, and the other is to cross a 4.5-acre hay field.

    We have neighbors who’re dear friends. Our families spend a LOT of time with each other. They live “around the corner”, which means if we want to walk to their house, we either go across the hay field and across a main road that feeds a little shopping center and a housing subdivision, OR we walk down our driveway, up the highway for about half a block, and along that same feeder road. Either route takes about the same amount of time, but there are a lot of factors that determine which route we take.

    So last summer, the neighbor’s son (9 at the time) walked over to our house to play. About 10 minutes after he arrived, I got a terrible scare. (I’m blind, and our house is about 300 feet off the highway, so if someone’s on the property, it’s on purpose.) Anyway, there was this awful banging on my front window. Since I couldn’t look to see who was banging, I wasn’t going to come outside, but then I heard a man’s voice yell that it was the police. What the heck? Trembling, I went to my front door and opened it enough that I could talk to the guy but not far enough that it could be pushed in.

    The officer asked me if I was missing a 5yo boy. Since my 5yo was at the other end of the house playing, I told him, “No,”, but he seemed insistent that I was missing my 5yo. It took a minute, but it turned out that the “5yo” to whom he was referring was actually the neighbor boy (who’s VERY small for his age.) Once I realized, I told him that he must have been talking about the neighbor boy who’d come over to play. The officer said, “Well, we received a call about a 5yo walking on the highway, so we came to investigate.” OK… No worries. They’re just checking (or so I thought.)

    I explained that he was the neighbor’s kiddo, that he was safe (and he was BEING safe as he walked over here), and that someone must have mistaken him for a younger kid because he’s so small. I thought that’d be the end of it.

    A few weeks later though, the neighbor boy walked hom from our house, and the police came knocking on my door again. This time, I got a lecture about how he shouldn’t be walking along the highway; he should be walking through the field. I was confused about why they were talking to ME and not his parents when he wasn’t my kid and he wasn’t even walking TO my house this time.

    The cop asked who he was, and I told him. I even gave him the neighbors’ names and address. Then I said something to my neighbor because honestly, I was starting to feel harassed. (Maybe I was being too sensitive, but we’re a small enough town that they KNEW who this little boy was, and they were still knocking on my door and lecturing me.)

    The neighbors eventually went to the PD and talked to the acting chief; the copy who’d come to my house the second time. He claimed that I didn’t give them the right name or address so he couldn’t find the boy’s parents to talk to them. He also went on to say that every time they get a call, they have to investigate it, and they’ll continue to knock on doors if someone reports something. I get that, but a kid walking along the road doesn’t seem like that big a deal to me.

    Even after that encounter, the neighbor boy was stopped AGAIN as he walked back to his house to get something for his parents. That time though, they didn’t come knock on my door, and they didn’t say anything to the boy’s parents.

    My kids and the neighbor boy range in age from 6 to 11.5. They ALL know how to be safe by the highway because that’s where they get on the bus, and that’s where they HAVE to walk if they want to go ANYWHERE (if going through the hay field isn’t an option for whatever reason.) Now, I wouldn’t send my 6yo along the highway by himself, but there really shouldn’t be a problem with my 8.5yo, the 10yo neighbor, and my 11.5yo walking someplace that requires walking along the highway. It’s not like they walk on the road; they walk off the shoulder ’cause there aren’t sidewalks (of course.)

    Jack, you talked about how WE’VE changed, and you’re exactly right. When I was a kid, people wouldn’t have called the police to report a kid walking along a highway RIGHT outside a small town. I suppose it might seem a little odd in the middle of nowhere, but we’re not in the middle of nowhere, and if you want to walk anyplace, you have to go onto the highway. Since I don’t drive, I can’t take them around the corner whenever they want to go someplace, and to be honest, I shouldn’t have to.

    I grew up in a similarly-sized rural town where you had to walk on the a state highway to get to some places, and nobody ever called the cops because a kid was walking to school, to the drugstore, or to karate practice. Nowadays though, people expect that the little teacup kids have to be driven EVERYWHERE else you’re a neglectful parent, and that’s just not always possible.

    I have to admit though… After the lecture I got the second time a cop came to my house, I certainly felt reticent about letting my kids walk to the neighbor’s house, school, or the local general store. I was genuinely worried that I’d get arrested (or get CPS called) because I was letting kids walk the equivalent of a block and a half. Absolutely CRAZY!

  12. “Everytime the solution is engaged based on the actions of someone other than yourself, you’re putting your mind to sleep with a solution saying “its not my fault, so I’m not going to fix it”.”

    That is an incredible quote. Had to write that one down. Like the trash the side of our road up here. The wife said “we should bring trash bags next time we walk.” She’s damn right.

  13. After listening to the story of the mom getting arrested, I just had to research further. Turns old the original incident was over two years ago, and the charges were eventually dropped. But the mom sued the city, the police, and the neighbor because of it and that was over a year ago. The city has been delaying probably because they know they will lose big time if they ever let it get to trial. The mother has a FB page for anyone wishing to follow the outcome.

    • I noticed the time frame also. has some good items but they are always dredging up stories that are older and portraying them as new.

      Nonetheless this BS needs to be addressed at every point.

    • All –

      I work in the area where Tammy Cooper lives. After hearing of the case via the podcast, I investigated to determine if I could help as advocated by Jack.

      The incident happened in 2011. The lawsuit is still being litigated here in 2014. I’m not sure what else can be done at this point to support Tammy, but I will check.

      I will connect with Tammy via Facebook and see if I can help with anything. I also know people who live in LaPorte who can contact the mayor, police chief, etc as the case moves forward.

      • My understanding now is the city manages to constantly delay and push back the trial. In other words they are scared shitless. They should be.

        This is why people should sue all parties involved. Not just the city but the officers individually.

  14. Jack,

    In regards to the hack list that you shared on the podcast, the idea to keep sandpaper on the outside of your match case may not work. Strike anywhere matches are designed to work on many surfaces, most other matches are not. Most match company’s have a proprietary mix in the match head and the striking strip. The result is that the match will only light with that companies sticking strip. Some of the chemicals required for the ignition process are imbedded in the strip and the rest are in the match head, thus requiring you to have both in order to light the match. I learned a lot about matches and practical survival from Peter Kummerfeldt. He was an Air Force survival instructor for 25 years and has some great practical resources that I have used for teaching my family about surviving a wilderness emergency. His page is .

  15. Glad you are back and rested, Jack. You were starting to sound pretty stressed out – glad you took some vacation.

  16. Welcome back Jack!
    You certainly sound well rested and ready to get back into the swing of things. I really appreciated your repeated wake up call to those of us in the low liberty states and you re-energized me and my family to plan our future escape. It was inspiring to hear about that company in Colorado taking a stand and moving to friendlier states.

  17. Just the other day I was thinking about ‘the year 2000’, and how futuristic that was. Then quickly thought about how when I was a kid I looked at the year I would graduate from high school (if all went well) 1984, it was the dark ominous future. And of course from there 2000 was the distant future. Flying car kind of time. And it just arrived and it just left. And I think the expectation of something big is what made nothing happen. Like something was just going to happen. Like something for good or ill would happen without me standing up and doing it.
    That leads me to Jack’s ‘plant trees’ idea. I remember a few years back I saw something on PBS or discovery or something where they talked about some chapel or other building of ‘honor’ in the UK. They built it of the hardest densest longest lasting wood they could make it out of. Wood that would last for at least 100 years before it naturally started to go bad. When it was complete, it was a glorious and amazing structure. When they were done they did one more thing; they planted a forest of that same wood in the area around the structure, that in 100 years would be mature and ready for harvest. Again, none of the people who built it would see its decay, but they still planned and planted for that future. Really struck me.
    BTW, if anyone knows what that structure is or saw that show, let me know. I’d love to be able to access the information more accurately and readily than my memory!

  18. Welcome back Jack!

    I really like some of the 41 camping “hacks.” I’m sure some of you are aware of a site called They have a lot of different DIY style builds for just about any/everything. I found it recently and like the phone app that they have also. I even created a “how-to” for creating firesticks. Check out the website for some great ideas. Here is my link to firesticks:

  19. That bit at 14 mins Jack – just well said. I’m sharing that with a number of people. Hope they listen.

  20. In regards to children playing outside- I am 55 years old, and when I was 5-8 years old, all of the houses on my street were being moved to make way for a freeway on-ramp. Everyday I followed the crews that lifted the homes from the basement foundations, asking questions and generally being a inquisitive little pest. I stepped on nails, got scraped up and bruised and smashed my fingers bad enough to lose a fingernail. I also learned some new words that raised some eyebrows. That experience, and many others like it, is why I have little fear of trying new things, no matter how big or challenging. The only failures I have to my name are the things I have not tried- all else has been my education. I don’t know if that would be true had I not been allowed to be a free little human.

  21. Instead of the 100 mile diet, how about the 100 mile revolution. You could have a website where you make a profile and when govt does something dumb click on a map, see who is within a 100 miles and see how they could help. Daisy chain across the country.