Episode-2501- Listener Feedback for 9-3-19 — 4 Comments

  1. Re: “Leap and the net will appear”

    Got quite a laugh out of “120K earning aerospace engineer quitting your job tomorrow to be a butterfly catcher” as your example. Because I AM the aerospace/systems engineer that quit my good paying job…  to be (among other things) a FRICKIN’ CARTOONIST! (my mother and stepdad still frequently drop hints about moving close to them in Washington “because Boeing is hiring”. sigh…)

    Granted that’s only PART of what I do, and that transition was years in the making. But it’s still a funny parallel…

  2. Have you seen the show “person of interest” Jack? Totally sounds like your AI computer cameras!

  3. Yea I watched it when it came out. In spite of being total state propaganda (get you used to the idea) it was pretty good the first season, by mid season two I lost interest, went down hill so fast like so many shows.

    You are spot on though! They didn’t have the equipment yet when the show came out but they new it was coming. The entire season two of Quantico “Think Bay Watch Babes and Dudes” meets 24 “actual interesting terrorism story lines” is about rogue CIA Agents (referred to as the AIC because no one can come up with a decent idea anymore) acting as terrorists who have the goal of saving the world by proving the need for this type of surveillance. They are clearly the bad guys but I am betting by the end they will be the bad guys who were also right.

    The scenario is the G20 were meeting to discuss disbanding advanced surveillance, the rogues take them all hostage, set up bio weapons, pretend to be Arabic, etc.

    Its on Netflix and if you can get past the BS (Baywatch Nature) it is a decent watch.

  4. Oh the best part! This was being done while Hillary was running for office so even though the new president is a dude, his VP is a woman (seems to be one of the bad guys too). It was clearly an assumption that Hillary would win. If you watch season one you will see what I mean.

    It is clear that Obama was in the White House when it starts and the coming election is then won by the Democrats. They never show or mention the POTUS in season one, only the VP candidate. By season two Orange Man was in power. LOL