Episode-2515- Listener Feedback for 9-23-19 — 15 Comments

  1. Your story about the rotted meat brought back memories.  Many years ago I was security manager at a theme park with a zoo. The lions ate frozen 5lb rounds of horse meat.  The zoo part closed and the animals sent to other zoos.  About two years later, we noticed the smell of death from the old walk in freezer in the animal preserve… over a ton of rotted, liquefied horse meat.  Tyvek suit and SCBA and it still felt like a month before I got over the smell from disposing of it.  I felt sorry for the guy who picked up that dumpster.  Keep up the great work!

  2. Jack, I know you know this about money and I slip and call USD money somtimes too but recently been going down the rabbit hole of money.

    The USD is not money it’s a federal reserve note (debt). It is best refered to as currency. USD is not a store of value therefore cannot be money. It has no intrinsic value other than kindling if they actually printed on linen paper. No fiat has value past what the central bank says what it’s worth. It has built in inflation because it is limitless.

    The USG has perpatrated the biggest fraud. I believe this is illegal based on the Constitution 1) Create Federal Reserve. 2) Took USD off the gold standard.

    Judge Martin Mahoney wrote the following about a case he ruled over, The First National Bank of Montgomery v. Jerome Daly, December 7, 1968: (See 17 Am. Jur. 85, 215, and 1 Mer. Jur. 2nd on Actions, Section 550)
    “There is no lawful consideration for these Federal Reserve Notes to circulate as money. The banks actually obtained these notes for the cost of printing. A lawful consideration must exist for a note…
    “The activity of the Federal Reserve Banks…and the First National Bank of Montgomery, is contrary to public policy and contrary to the Constitution of the United States, and constitutes an unlawful creation of money and credit for no valuable consideration. Activity of said banks in creating money and credit is not warranted by the Constitution of the United States.
    “The Federal Reserve Banks and National Banks exercise an exclusive monopoly and privilege of creating credit and issuing notes at the expense of the public, which does not receive a fair equivalent. This scheme is obliquely designed for the benefit of an idle monopoly to rob, blackmail, and oppress the producers of wealth [you and me and our ability to work and be productive].
    “The Federal Reserve Act and the National Bank Act are, in their operation and effect, contrary to the whole letter and spirit of the Constitution of the United States, for they confer an unlawful and unnecessary power on private parties; they hold all of our fellow citizens in dependence; they are subversive to the rights and liberation of the people.
    “These Acts have defied the lawfully constituted Government of the United States. The Federal Reserve Act and National Banking Act are not necessary and proper for carrying into execution the legislative powers granted to Congress [See Article 1, Section 8, Clause 5 of the Constitution of the United States] or any other powers vested in the government of the United States, but on the contrary, are subversive to the rights of the People in their rights to life, liberty, and property…
    “No rights can be acquired by fraud. The Federal Reserve Notes are acquired through the use of unconstitutional statutes and fraud. The law leaves wrongdoers where it finds them. Slavery and all its incidents, including peonage, thralldom, and the debt created by fraud is universally prohibited in the United States. This case represents but another refined form of slavery by the bankers. Their position is not supported by the Constitution of the United States.”
    Two weeks after Judge Mahoney ruled in favor of Daly, and wrote the above, he was assassinated.

  3. What kind of Mr. Miyagi response is that? 🙂 I think it flew over my head. I will try to provide a less philosophical response.

    Everything ever invented by man is represented by an idea. But an idea can be represented as an object (thing) or a belief or both. The idea was to create a light when it is dark(functional need to solve a problem and the belief in can be done), the invention is the light bulb (object/thing). Money is a man made invention. Money derives it’s value by belif of value and confidence in the market place were it will be exchanged for goods and services at a future value. In general governments make currency. Currency can be given artificial value through threat of violence and manipulation.

    In general – Money = store of value & Currency = medium of exchange. The object can be both money and currency. But if your object used for exchange is easily reproduce it is not money because it does not store value. It is eroded by inflation. The USG and the Federal Reserve (aka Thy Banking Cartel) has inflation baked in based on it’s Keynesian economics smoke and mirrors were they play as puppets mater’s to manipulate the currency.

    When we decided to contract and create a government the idea of money was to mainafest in the form of gold and silver as stipulated in our founding charter. It is not to debate why (historical use or characteristics) gold and silver was choosen as money.

    The current paper currency is no longer backed or redeemable for gold or silver (aka money). So the idea that become a thing, is now a new manipulation of truth (aka fraud). The trust is broken. 🙁

    We created the beast to serve us and protect us. When it was an infant it was weak. We nurtured it and watched it grow. We are proud parents to the beast. But we keep feeding the beast and it grew and grew. The beast grew tired of being the servent. Yet we keep feeding the beast. The beast required more from us in the name of protection and we feed the beast more and the people become weaker. The beast manipulates us and requires more of our posterity in order to serve the “weaker people” and we feed the beast more and more and The People become weaker. The power has shifted. The servant has become the master, and the master is now the servant. (“Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country”)

    We are bonded to our beast at birth, our labor has already been taken..we are indentured servants and our debt bondage is everlasting. The beasts grip is strong. We cannot find peace or freedom in our own mind. We are programed to conform as ideal slaves. The illusion of freedom and the stuff keeps us placated. The illusion of choice keeps us divided and weak. Our liberty and posterity given away, and our legacy destroyed before it is born.

    Now that freedom and liberty has eroded and the beast has its power/ control and has positioned itself as master, those who attempt to stop feeding the beast will be consumed. The beast now has a voracious appetite and has a taste for the flesh of it’s slaves. Then the beast ate after midnight in the dark and bred more and more insidious creatures. There are evil doers that feel they can control the beast like puppet masters but they are slaves to the beast. After all is dead and everyone has been consumed the beast too will die for lack of sustinance. Because the beast is only alive because the people are alive and is nothing without us. We are the beast!

    History is doomed to repeat itself. Their will be suffering and a dark age after. Who knows the speed of the collapse or how much blood will be shed. The egotistical psycopaths (wicked people) who think they have power will collapse the economy and kill our children in war (domestic and international). The seas are rough. Happy sailings!

    Don’t believe a word I just said. I ate lead pant as a baby. I play in the dirt.i bang my head into the wall. And according to the “doctors” I have many Psychological Disorders.

  4. I want to clarify. I am not a all in Gold Bug. I am kind of a Bitcoin Permabull.

    I believe Bitcoin is alternative money. developed not by contract or history but as by market forces in a pseudo-free market place. Somewhere inbetween a true free market and a regulated (manipulated) market. Bitcoin is money and has potential to be the domination money / currency for the world.

    I think USG will start a world war rather than give up as world reserve currency. The ??are that sick.?? ????


  5. No. You are right. Because I don’t understand it, does not make it wromg. But it doesn’t make it right neither.

    It is open for debate. It is our duty to state our positions and make fair and vaild arguments for or against any claims made in order to educate each other or find truth.

  6. But nothing you stated effectively challenges my statement. You are welcome to believe otherwise though.

  7. Because I have listened to your program for so long. I anticipate you will be at odds with my subjugating you to a duty.

    You are an educator. I agree with most of what you say. I believe what you are doing and saying is very constructive & helping people.

    I believe you are influencing society to be in a better position and I would hope everyone will listen to your program.

    However you are engaged in a dialog by vertue of your profession. If someone does not understand or feels your claims are innacurate (in good faith). You have a reasonable duty to elaborate as to clarify your position or acknowledge error. This can only be acheived by communication. That can include debate. But the arguments in debate should be fair and in good faith. I understand your limits on time.

    I am a consumer and a stake holder in your program. You profess valuable knowledge that helps the community and society. I listen to your podcast, I take your information and apply it in my life for the better, I participate in MSB, and I am a funding member of permaethos. I have a vested interest in the information and education you disseminate (seeds you sow). I have a duty to engage in constructive criticism, to reasonable object(not frivolous) and to supplement in the discussions. All for the betterment of TSPC and society.

    Onwards and upwards! 🙂

  8. I am under no such obligation to make everything I say understandable especially when it appears the person not understanding it does not wish to.

    I don’t know what you are talking about with subjection and other such shit. Bluntly though don’t tell me that I owe you jack shit. I have dedicated 11 years of my life to this work, I have given of myself constantly. If you don’t want to do the work to understand what I said here, that is your problem not mine.

    I will give you this though, time is also not real.

  9. Sensei your hand is faster than my mind. I cannot snach the pebble from your hand because the pebble is not there. Or another possibility is I cannot see the pebble because you have hidden it in your mind.

    I cannot refute nor accept your argument because your counter argument was not directed at my counter argument.

    Great teacher I am not ready to leave yet.

    Things just got scary crazy.

    • I require no smoke blown up or even toward my ass. Ponder the concept and perhaps you will figure it out.

  10. I am Sorry Uncle Jack .

      I  have made  an error  in the words I used to describe a requirement or a duty to your audience and freely profession.  Maybe I am completely wrong on all my claims.  I know you have put in a lot of work. I know your passions and frustrations. I get it. 

    Maybe I am just having a off day or two. I will not place any unreasonable expectations on you. I will just be a silent participant. If I get what your saying than  I get, if not that will completely be my own fault. 

    Thank you for your service.