Episode-1648- Listener Feedback for 9-21-15 — 29 Comments

  1. paying cash for something could support “Human Trafficking”….. *FACEPALM*

    Based on that argument, we should eliminate the Federal reserve… their notes are used to buy drugs right?

  2. First off I HAVE NOT LISTENED to show yet. Looking at notes I saw link for I signed up on there over 100 days ago and still have not received any loads. I think its a new operation and they have to start somewhere. I’m still supporting them hopefully the idea will pick up in my area soon.

  3. According to California’s logic…. If I didn’t go to college or got training to get a higher income, I would be stealing from California, because I have the opportunity to make more money from California but I’m not doing it. And closing my business would be theft too.

  4. Hey,

    This is Bryan with Chip Drop. I appreciate you mentioning the service, and glad you’ve signed up!

    I’m sorry you guys have had to wait so long. It is one of the biggest downsides of the service. You never know when you’re going to get a delivery, and wait times can be pretty long, especially in locations where we’re just getting started.

    I appreciate you guys being patient and waiting. We’re working pretty hard to reach out to contractors and tree crews to let them know about the service, which is free for them as well.

    Thanks again,

  5. My grandpa told me a story about having a wart one time when he was a kid. It was in passing while he was being seen for another condition. The doctor told him he’d give him a nickel for it if my grandpa wanted to sell it. He took the nickel and shortly after that the wart went away.
    I have a hard buying it, but my grandpa was not one to embellish a story. 🙂

    • In one of Dr. Andrew Weil’s books he goes over spontaneous wart cures in detail even discussing one instance where they fell off almost at once. A doctor put the patient in an xray room made a bunch of noises and stuff and they fell off the next day. The doc actually didn’t do anything.

      I think it was in his book Spontaneous Healing but if not than it was in Natural Health Natural Medicine.

      • I have been putting propolis on warts. They have been going away. Is it the propolis? Or the mind? Just as long as they are gone…. wish I could make them go away without processing the propolis….

    • MURS Radio with motion sensors and while they are useful for some security applications, you need to set them up right for it to be reliable and there is a learning curve. A strand of hot wire around the top and bottom of the enclosed area will work better and cost less.

      • Hi Jack, I emailed the question in about the ducks. The coop is an 8×8 covered in 1/2″ hardware cloth. Tarp and cloth for the top.

        Could you recommend an inexpensive ac charger for my needs?

  6. Sorry, old question, but one of the podcasts discusses a book on sales that Jack really likes. Does anyone remember the title/author?

    I think he also mentioned “Selling the Invisible” but I can’t remember the other.

  7. Regarding snakes in north central Texas, I second what Jack said about those folks being full of shit. I live 30 miles southwest of Poolville in Palo Pinto county and I have not seen a copperhead this year. I live on a 1 acre tract in the country away from any cities with raw land adjoining my property.

    I also surveyed regional land in the field for an entire year and the only snake I saw was a prairie racer (aka coach whip), twice. Living up to it’s name, those things are a marvel to witness. It basically went from the ground in front of me to the top of a 20′ tree in less than a second (it was deathly afraid of me). Most snakes around here are extremely timid and will not attack unless cornered. The exception may be a water mocassin, which tends to charge toward threats, but as Jack said they are very rare. I’ve swam in local rivers since I was 13 without a single water encounter with a snake, let alone a cottonmouth.

    To the folks who moved from Colorado – I’ve noticed that regional people tend to talk up their areas and bullshit a lot. You will hear the following a lot from locals – “if you don’t like the weather in Texas wait an hour”. This is true but misleading – the weather folks almost always predict the weather correctly (like 90%ish) about a week in advance. I can tell you from my experience leaving just to the east of the Rockies in Alberta that Texas weather, overall, is very predictable and being from Colorado I’d bet the weather you’re used to is very ecclectic. FYI – thunderstorms, although the systems themselves are usually predictable, are chaotic in their location development. That part ia truly unpredictable. And that is probably why that saying is so common here. I think it’s something all locals do because it’s something that an area is known for, a difference, a mark of pride. Snakes are definitely one of those things Texans exaggerate.

    TLDR; expect exaggeration and sometimes locals (particularly Americans) are oblivious to reality in areas other than their own (Middle East, anyone?) – I was honestly asked once – do you guys have ice cream in Canada?

  8. I have noticed since living in the south: it seems like a large portion of the population only “knows” 2 types of snakes, black snakes and copperheads, and if it isn’t black it must be a copperhead.

    I used to own a nuisance wildlife removal company, and in the hundreds of “copperhead” calls I got, only 1 ever turned out to actually be a copperhead.

    • Oh they know more!

      Black snake not near water = black snake

      Snake with any pattern and any brown or orange = copperhead

      Snake of just about any color in water, especially black = water moccasin

      Any snake the shakes it tail in mimicry like rats, bulls, etc. = rattle snake

      Any small snake with red coloring = coral snake unless it is over a foot, then it is a copperhead.

      Any snake with a stripe down its back = garden snake (note not garter, sigh)

      All but the first and last are “dedly poison” and any dog that gets between you and one of them, even if the dog just did it to take a piss, is a “dog that saved my life”. And if you kill one snake you are a hero because “the only good snake is a dead snake” and last but not least, when such a person kills 4 snake in one year they use common core math and at minimum claim the number was “at least a hudred”.

      Note everything in quotes above should be said in the voice of Cleatus from the Simpsons and all misspellings are for pronunciation effect.

      If in nations with high populations of truly deadly snakes like India, their people shared our ignorance of the animals they exist along side of, the global population would be a lot lower.

  9. I REALLY hate to play devil’s advocate on this one (mostly because I completely agree with Jack) but, there is actually a pretty big problem with illegal business activity in California for tax evasion purposes. Obviously, the state cares about not getting “their money.” But, the real problem from a taxpayer’s perspective is that A LOT of these people are concealing their income to make sure they get all the government freebies.
    TRACE is not the answer, eliminating the government freebies is the answer. But, surprise, California came up with a solution of expanding the government in order to solve a problem THEY created.

    • Sure by WHY does California have this problem and for instance why doesn’t Texas even care about this problem?

        • I’m not disagreeing with you. I get why California is doing this, and it has nothing to do with helping me in any way, and everything to do with why Eric Garner is dead.

          However, as someone who has had WAY too many conversations about how they need to receive payment in cash with no receipts because they can’t show too much income or they don’t get their government checks. I’m sick of hearing it. How about NO!!!! I’m not risking an audit in my business to withdraw funds without a paper trail to get you payment on something I should be able to deduct from my taxes as an expense, because you want to make your money, not pay taxes, AND get government freebies as if you didn’t earn anything. I’ll pay you with a company check, I’ll deduct the expense from my income taxes, and if you need to figure out a way to increase your expenses, then invest in YOUR business at year end, and stop making your problem, my problem!

  10. While this was the first I had ever heard about the Quakers shaking, this is definitely not where they had gotten their name from, if they did indeed ever shake. The term “Quaker” came from the trail of George Fox, the founder of the Society.

    “When the morning came he rose and went to the justices, and told them that he and his house had been plagued for my sake. One of the justices replied (as he reported to me) that the plagues were upon them, too, for keeping me. This was Justice Bennet, of Derby, who was the first that called us Quakers, because I bade them tremble at the word of the Lord. This was in the year 1650.” – George Fox’s Journal ( ).

    A sect of the Quakers which had split off from the group in the 18th century was known as the Shaking Quakers and later simply Shakers. They did shake.

    So, was there a period that the Quakers may have shaken, perhaps. This is the first I’ve ever heard about it and I have not read the cited material. But, that is definitely not where they had gotten their name.

  11. Thanks Jack. Super awesome advice. Sadly I run about a week behind in listening. About 10 hours after I sent the question, I heard you basically answer it on a call in show. Still can’t find podpress, but as I’m not sure exactly what it does, maybe they integrated it directly into wordpress… Everything is coming together. Thanks for all the “Turn your passion into a business” podcasts. I’ll ask about how to set up a MSB style thing when I get that far.