Episode-1873- Listener Feedback for 9-19-16 — 25 Comments

  1. Will we get a modern survival AI to replace Jack? 😉 I doubt it, but I think a more predictable content producer like Alex Jones could be easily achievable.

  2. Im very confused about all the recording of police? How many interactions with law enforcement do most people have? I haven’t been pulled over for years and I never have any other interaction with them.

  3. Did Florida eliminte “common core” I don’t think so.
    All the textbooks that our local school adopted were written for “common core” but labeled not “common core” if sold to Oklahoma. In other words they back doored “common core” and people were not told about it.

    • As I said it was something I saw in passing and have yet to vet. If it is legit it like just happened so it won’t have anything to do with existing text books.

  4. I’m also in Georgia and also had my wife thank me for being prepared this weekend. She’s pretty cool about prepping overall and even likes storing food and stocking up on sale grocery items.

    My take on the gas shortage. My mom called me from Oregon Friday night telling me she saw something on the news about it. I hadn’t heard yet but immediately pulled into QT (local gas station) and filled up. Of course I have 10 gallons at home in the garage as well so I wasn’t too worried.

    Most stations around my house were starting to run out by Saturday evening and it was very difficult to find gas Sunday. This morning things were pretty much back to normal. I noticed many guys at work hadn’t a clue about the shortage. Man, I’m so glad to be prepared!

    Couple “extras” I employ with gas storage. Kroger has fuel points which basically get you 10 cents off a gallon for $100 in grocery purchases. They often have 4x points on gift cards. When they do that, we buy gift cards for stuff we are buying anyway. One year we bought $500 worth of Home Depot gift cards and bought a freezer we had been planning to buy. We chalked up $2 off per gallon. If you plan to buy something on Amazon for $50, for example (of course through, you can buy an Amazon gift card at Kroger and boom 20 cents off a gallon. At any rate, the limit is 35 gallons (and max $1 off per gallon per trip). If my wife and I fill up our cars, we only use about 25 gallons (we pull in on either side of the pump) so I’m always sure to bring our two five gallon jugs so we can get the max discount. So not only do I store gas but “discounted gas” too boot. 🙂

    One final note. I like to modify my gas jugs and attach an “EZ-Pour” spout. You can get them at Amazon. Makes pouring the gas a lot easier. Thanks for all you do Jack and thanks Steve Harris. I’ve enjoyed lighting during black outs as well with the gas in the past.

  5. Jack, would love to hear your thoughts on the actual gas pipe leak in Alabama and the lack of news coverage. There are 300k gallons of gas dumped in Alabama and the news coverage only says “absolutely no issues to be concerned about. Everything is perfectly fine”. Seems strange that no one is talking about the environmental damage. It poured on Sunday and the reservoirs must have overflowed. And are there no pressure gauge sensors on the pipelines to alert of a leak or issues? This could have been leaking for weeks.

  6. Jack,

    In the aftermath of Sandy, northern NJ and particularly NE NJ, was largely without power and the fuel storage units along the water were flooded. So even if a gas station had power, they were not regularly being refilled with gas. We wound up going back to that license plate fill up deal from the 70s. This only lasted a few days but the feeling in the air was that it was a matter of time before it descended into chaos. There were sporadic stories of violence but when I went for gas when it was my turn, it was calm and orderly. That might have been due to the police officer directing cars into station. I was not yet a listener to your show but I did fill my car up with gas the night before Sandy hit. Unfortunately, it was all for naught when my car was flooded out. I love the gas storage idea but living in an apartment makes it impractical.

    As far as the terrorist guy, the story is that they found one of his fingerprints on one of the explosive devices. Seems like they ran it through immigration since he was a naturalized citizen. Also, he was apparently found through dumb luck when he was sleeping in the doorway to a bar and the owner called the cops to remove him from there and when the officers showed up, the recognized him. Whether this is the true story or not who knows and you yet may be right about him being an FBI asset.

    • What concerns me is how easy it would be for even dummies(NYC pipe boom guy, i.e.) to blow a hole in these pipelines. I do not think they are protected at all.

      Now if more competent terrorists get in the action – we are in real trouble.

      • Little harder than you would think, the exposed pipes are REALLY thick, chicken boys pressure cooker bombs would likely not do shit to them.

        What should scare you is how easy it would be for one guy with a rifle to just start popping electrical transformers.

  7. I agree many architects will lose their jobs to an AI as well as many other occupations. People will one day do what Star Trek NG to Voyager do in their holodecks. They told the computer what they wanted and the computer would generate what they requested. We don’t have holodecks, but the computer can still show it on the screen.

    • It would be waaay easier when the AI is set up to work with virtual reality. Then it would be really easy to visualize and understand the problems and conflicts. There would still be a space for really great designers, but again a ton of them would be working in a tech support capacity or a permit review/sign drawings type of operation. Some may be willing to work for large corporate size developers.

  8. Back during the gas disruptions in the south east after Katrina we had numerous instances a week of someone trying to steal fuel directly from a gas truck, including holding the driver at gunpoint, and trying to run the truck off the road.

    Even more prominent was the few dozen cars that followed fuel trucks around, and then fought over the gas once it was put in the tanks at the station.

  9. I am the fuel truck driver who wrote in for Monday’s show. I wanted to add some follow up comments:

    First, the morons on Facebook. Many denied that we actually had a gasoline shortage. They claimed it was just a scheme by “big oil” to jack up prices. (I’m unclear on how you profit, when some of our stores will likely be out of gasoline for a week or more.)

    Many blamed the media for creating a panic. Even as station after station was running out of fuel all across the southeast, I guess the media was supposed to ignore this. Others wanted to know why they had been left in the dark for days since the pipeline leak. They claimed “big oil” paid off the media to keep the leak quiet. Now, keep in mind, Colonial Pipeline has been posting updates daily on the situation on their website, and the story broke in the Alabama press right after it happened. So, folks were either mad they weren’t told earlier, or the were mad that the media told them at all.

    Since most stations began running out of gasoline around the same time this past weekend, that became a big conspiracy. “There’s no way we are out of fuel. They just stopped selling it to drive up the price.” One woman in particular claimed all of my company’s tanks were FULL, and we were holding on to it until the price went up. I offered to meet her at the store of her choice, and we’d get the measuring stick out and check the tanks. She didn’t accept my offer.

    And then there were the cries of PRICE GOUGING from those who went to the Hugo Chavez school of economics. Not only did everyone become a petroleum expert this week, but they became expert economists as well. The price only went up probably .20 or .30 per gallon, which in no way reflected the new supply/demand situation. People’s knowledge of basic economics is appalling. Then there were people posting pictures of our prices signs reading $9.99 (indicating, of course, that we had no gasoline to sell), and claiming we were “gouging” customers by charging this much.

    As I said in my email to Jack, the fuel supply chain is VERY fragile. Hurricanes or pipeline disruptions like this can cause shortages. In Greensboro, NC, all of the fuel loading terminals are within a one mile radius of each other. If a storm knocks out power to that area of town, no fuel gets loaded. In a worst case scenario, a tornado on just the right track could damage ever loading rack in town. And I’m sure this is the case for ever fuel terminal area across the country. Fuel loading terminals are by necessity going to located together, because they must be next to the pipeline or port.

    This pipeline shutdown has no doubt cost my company and others like it tens of millions of dollars in revenue. But the ignorant among us think this has been some sort of windfall for “big oil.” I personally have lost two work days this week.

    It has just been SO discouraging to see so many stupid, ignorant comments on social media. A few people “get it”, but the vast majority do not. They are living in states of denial, and they always want to blame someone else for their own failures.

  10. Now that the Pipeline break is fixed or being fixed, it looks like the gasoline shortages will be over in a day or two. The only reason that I even noticed was that the traffic was a little lighter on the roads, and that quite a few people were working from home.

    Yes, I did hear about the break over the weekend. I knew it wasn’t going to be a long term problem, but I didn’t even bother to top off the tank of my pickup while gas was still available. Instead, I just added the gas from a couple of my backup gas cans to top off the tank (they were due for rotation anyway), and marched on. Over the next couple of weeks, once things are completely back to normal, and the prices come back down in the area, I’ll refill them.

    Even if this problem had lasted a couple of weeks, we would have been fine. By following your suggestions for basic preparedness, having food, water, fuel, what would otherwise be an inconvenience wasn’t. If there is ever a real disaster (we’re overdue for another serious hurricane…), it is more likely only to be an inconvenience.

  11. So I have a love affair with yuengling myself, based on my inability to get it till just a couple years ago. I learned about yuengling in North Carolina as a kid, but we couldn’t get it in Ohio (just like the story of coors beer in the history segment). So every time I went out of state I looked for yuengling and drank t with excitement. But a few years ago we got distribution rights here and now it’s as common as Budweiser. It’s not as good as I remember it, but every time I have one I think about being an underage beer-sneaker and smile

    • @Nick, I think the “under age beer sneaker” is part of my love for the stuff. Locally we called it “Pottsville Piss Water” but we all did enjoy it. Kind of like the guy on the sports team that gets a bit picked on by the team but no one not on the team better say a thing about him. That type of a love.

      But yea when I have a Yuengling I am 16 in the woods with my buddies, with my arm around a girl that it turned out liked me after all, we have a fire going, it is cold out, that type of thing.

  12. Jack it might have been you that killed the fish. If you dumped those bags from the fish truck strait into the ibc full of water I would be almost certain the shock of changing environments so quickly is what killed so many. You didn’t mention any procedure you followed for acclimating the fish to their new environment. If you did follow some procedure please let us know what it was.

    • Nope we went that way because they were rapidly dying in the bag.

      Again you have to use LOGIC, we put 8 gallons into about 80 gallons of clean water. It then tested for ammonia BEYOND the ability of a test kit to measure ammonia.

      What do you think then the concentration was in the bags. To put it in perspective all the sun fish from other tanks as in 100% made it.

      And frankly I have seen catfish live in a cooler out of water for over an hour, then swim away. It is very clear what happened here.

  13. I would LOVE to store gasoline!… But how do we make sure it’s done safely? The only place I can think of is my garage, which gets pretty hot in the summer. I work in the same office as my county fire warden, and he says I need A well ventilated outbuilding and a safety rated flammables storage cabinet? (obviously, this adds a great deal to cost and inconvenience) Quality information on how to safely store gasoline would be GREATLY appreciated, thanks.

  14. I remember reading that distilling water will leave radioactivity behind giving you clean water. Any truth to that? I guess you’d have to deal with the radioactive waste leftover somehow too.