Episode-2293- Listener Feedback for 9-17-18 — 12 Comments

  1. Jack,
    On the concealed carry insurance, it took me several minutes to remember how to spell Massad, and the link wasn’t there. Episodes 22 and 1094 are the ones. I’m only posting because of your request.
    Thank as always.

  2. Great episode,

    It occurred to me that could it be an the agenda of the corporate elite scum (who control a huge portion of the worlds wealth now), is to set the conditions to increase the percentage single parent families (single mothers) so to produce docile children which grow up to be weak, conformist and easy to manipulate ?

  3. When growing up we had a problem with our dog raiding the eggs !

    My Da’s solution was to bore a hole in some, drain out the liquid and replace with mustard.

    You should have saw the faces the poor dog made when he bit into the mustard.

    Problem then was that if he saw someone crack an egg into his bowl he wold not eat his dinner.

    The egg had to be mixed into his dinner out of his view.

  4. 100% spot on advice on the ducks evg life today. We keep them until the end here. Most aren’t worth the effort and even my old girls lay pretty well. The molt came at a strange time this year.

  5. DTube uses IPFS which relies on people allocating part of their computer storage to store parts of files and serve them up.  There are several copies of each file part, but if enough nodes are offline then the file cannot be served up, or in this case, the video watched.

  6. Some Coinstar machines offer to give vouchers for online vendors, one of which is   You get 100% of your money’s value, but yes, it becomes ‘Amazon money’ which is sort of its own currency. As with many of your listeners, I shop there all the time anyway…


  7. I did not see it in the show notes.  What is the name of the online youtube downloader mentioned.  I remember it as something like WWW SS youtube .com, but I can’t find it in a search engine.

    • yea just go to some advice,

      1. When the download is ready don’t click on it, right click and save as to download.

      2. DO NOT install the extension they try to get you to put in your browser. Youtube detects it and screws with you if it is in your browser. Clearly they hate things like this.

  8. I use the Coin Star machine frequently, and I get an Amazon gift card balance from it, so there’s no percentage taken out.  One time a few years back, I had such a backlog that I had over $700 of change to put in, and took 2 sessions with the machine to get it all dumped in.  I have never found a local bank that is willing to count change, and yes I’ve asked.  One bank even advertised that they provide the service, but of course my local branch said they don’t have one there.

  9. I haven’t had much luck with D-Tube. More often than not, videos won’t play. It doesn’t seem related to the browser. I’m guessing no one’s seeding them or something.  I have much better luck with BitChute, and most of the content providers I regularly listen to now are on there, so it works out well.  It is rare that a video on BitChute fails to play, although sometimes it happens when it says “peers 0” or “peers 1″… but if there’s a bunch of peers, it works well.  BitChute even works on my phone’s browser (I installed Brave), so I’m not tethered to the PC to see streams using alternative sites.



  10. Drip irrigation from rain barrels is doable without a pump. You need flag emitters. They work with gravity pressure just fine. I’ve found that it also helps to have some drip tubing running vertical to allow air to escape (it needs to be higher than the water level in the barrel).