Episode-2510- Listener Feedback for 9-16-19 — 10 Comments

  1. I’m really curious about how you’re able to write off your health insurance.  I did not see this option anywhere on Turbo Tax.  100% of my income is now 1099.

    • I see now that John’s response was to this and specific to insurance.

      Can you write off your insurance just by being 1099? No. May you be able to? Yes.

      In my case I run a business, 100% of our income in our house hold is from said business. This is why accountants are worth 300-600 a year by the way to do your tax prep over things like Turbo Tax.

    • It depends, with the new tax plan even many contractors may find it is not worth itemizing. It will depend on if they have any significant deductions outside of the standard deduction. Most will but plenty won’t. Most that would could create a lot of them, most of those won’t though.

      I am referring for instance to the many contractors I worked with at Lockheed. They sat in a desk like employees all day, no tools, not special anything. They drove to one location each day from home, no mileage etc. If it was me you know I would get really creative. But most of those types will just drop it it as total wages tips and compensation and move along.

      A 1099 alone doesn’t warrant a schedule C, it should but it doesn’t always.

  2. As someone who works with data, and coax cable everyday. I really support installing structured cable if you can. Having a dedicated wireless access point is far superior to a combo router.

    Think about how many real devices are using your network. 1 cell phone for each member, maybe some tablets, a desktop, couple laptops, a Roku, and 2 echos. You can be at 20 plus devices in a heartbeat.

    A homegamer combo router just can’t take that kind of abuse for very long. If anyone wants any help with what to do just throw a comment down and I’ll link my email.

  3. Jack, I’m sure you have realized, but that SolaWrap is sold by the 5′ length increment.  So you pick 4′, 5′, or 6′ wide, and then each “unit” at Johnny’s is 5′.  So if you want a 6′ wide by 25′ long segment you would buy five units.  I have no personal experience with SolaWrap.


    However, if you are willing to wait a long time, sign up for the FarmTek newsletter, and/or give them a call and ask if they have any greenhouse poly remnants.  I did that, and when they get to the end of a roll they will have some funky sizes left over that they sell super cheap.  When I wanted to try solarization, I picked up a 36′ wide by 13′ long piece of 10 year 6mil greenhouse film for $30!  They had much larger pieces too, so it wasn’t only “short” pieces.  But if you think about it, that’s almost 500 square feet of greenhouse film.  Lastly note, my stuff is traditional single-ply greenhouse film.  It has no insulating ability.  So something like what Jack was talking about would be way better if you are heating the area.

  4. Jack,

    You say “think for ourselves” “Research for ourselves” “answer our own questions”, I am, here. Now I am asking you to take a look at something. I was disturbed by your topic on homeopathy, but I respected you so much that I thought maybe I was wrong and it didn’t work for me at all and it was just in my mind.

    Today a fortunate happenstance, perhaps I was subconsciously searching, I’ll leave that to the realm of spirituality. But I want to share this video about “Water Memory”, please take a look.

    Water Memory (2014 Documentary about Nobel Prize laureate Luc Montagnier)

    I was watching videos from Jeff Walker, I need to make changes in my financial situation, so I am exploring a tip from Paul Wheaton. Like I said this video, literally, fell in my lap while I was on another quest.


    Evelyn Mitchell

  5. Believe what you want, doing a double blind trial on homeopathy would be really easy to do. That is science, show me that, and I will reconsider my position. Anything short of that is conjecture.

  6. It is enough for me. I have a deeper understanding of how homeopathy works and where it works. This video on a portion of the science only helped me see it better.

    My experience should have been enough to begin with.

    Thank’s Jack

    • “Deeper understanding” = Faith. You are entitled to believe what ever you wish. There is no harm in it. But zero proof exists of the efficacy of homeopathy. As a man of logic I personally require evidence and with medicine I require a double blind study with repeatable results.

      If you can show me that, I will change my mind.