Episode-1207- Listener Feedback for 9-16-13 — 27 Comments

  1. Did I just hear jack say he was working on a movie project for Glenn Tate?

    “I’m currently working on projects like this, that are similar, for David Crawford of “Lights Out” and one for Glenn Tate of 299 Days…”

  2. Jack had David Crawford on a previous episode about the movie lights out. It was within the last three weeks or so check it out.

  3. Don’t forget that Obama has more Ex-Monsanto executives on his staff and in appointed positions that all other Presidents combined!

  4. Chuck Smith is a bad-ass Texan! I’ll watch and then share the video as well. The thing is – we’re the choir here, how can we get this type of message to the Sheeple? It should be a link on – the homepage of so many people – instead of all that celebrity crap.
    Thanks for another great show Jack.

  5. The article about generation Y leaves out one huge component. You are now responsible for your own happiness and blaming it on someone else does not fix the problem. If you read the comments you will see it constantly. It is not my fault.

  6. Hi Jack,
    Because we are concerned about the government forcing us to fund them by confiscation of IRAs and 401s have you investigated Self Directed LLC IRAs where the client can have control AND POSSESION of the asset including metals? This seems to be the next logical step unless people are willing to cash out and pay taxes and penalties. Your thoughts…

    • Self Directed won’t matter if they take over IRAs, you can’t just not do it, though it MIGHT buy you more time to liquidate if that becomes the nuclear option.

      • Yep. Self-directed IRA’s you have to store your ‘stuff’ with a third-party custodian. ie. You do not have it in physical possession. If you cannot touch it you don’t own it!

        • Now that isn’t exactly true, you certainly can do something like keep a safe in property you own or control and keep property in that safe. You much file the location of the property and be able to prove it is there if audited and prove that it is safe and secure. That isn’t my point. If they go after IRAs, even if you do hold it in your hand, what are you going to do, say no you can’t have it? The problem with all IRAs is the paper trail that leads back to the money. Sure you can liquidate it, hide it and they can and will arrest your ass and hold you liable for the funds. They might prosecute you for defrauding yourself for that matter.

          It isn’t about can you touch it, it is about do you have to tell them how much and where it is.

  7. Dude, the first interview you did with Gary V was the first time I heard of him. Y’all are the reason I started my blogs. His book Thank You economy really put into words the way I always felt about taking care of your people.

    I can’t wait to hear him back. Seriously Jack, thank you doesn’t even come close. Next time you are in NC, beers are on me.

  8. Jack,

    I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the little “historical short” segment at the beginning of each show. I love how the only thing that really changes is the date, lol.

    Keep up the good work bro!

  9. I don’t even consider myself a redneck but daaaaaaayyyyyyuuuummm!

    Regardless of your throat issues, this show was FANtastic.

    Okay. That was a little overboard. Sorry.

    Chuck Smith’s speech was flawless. Finally, someone who says everything perfectly, in one sitting, without putting some kind of over-zealous tin foil hat conspiracy theories or some sort of religious association intertwined with it.

    Thanks for sharing.

  10. Jack, yet again, another great show. Thanks for all you do and the community you’ve built. It truly is amazing to watch a simple preparedness oriented podcast take wing and become it’s own living entity.


  11. Your thoughts on Voyager don’t seem very thought out or I simply misunderstood you.

    The common public has always been of the mindset you spoke of, and I don’t expect the ‘how did they do that?’ awe or blank stares to change in the future either. It is the constant battle between people and machines. This is were luddites and people that don’t believe we actually landed on the moon come from.

    But I don’t think they need to as some level.

    As an engineer, I have been taught many of the magic tricks that science has to offer. I think society as a whole, accepts on faith, that I will apply these skills to help society, and they don’t need to understand how it is done because people like myself are handling the details. Everybody has a job to do, and believe, that we are all working towards mastery of whatever our skill may be. And because of that, we don’t need to comprehend, understand, or fathom the ideas of what may happen or be created.

    I am not making a case for the Wizard of Oz (pay no attention to the man behind the curtain). I guess my point of view always assumes good; not evil. But much like the impressive salvage operation of the ship off the coast of Italy, engineers and scientist can do some impressive things these days that most people that are not involved with science in a day-to-day lifestyle will never be able to grasp. Much like the huge gap in financial wealth we are experiencing today between the rich, poor, and super-rich; there is a knowledge gap between science and common knowledge.

    If you don’t immerse yourself in science/engineering knowledge, chances are what you know will become dated, the gap will widen, and the imagination that makes things such as Voyage a reality starts to dim into a black dwarf star. If your occupation in life is a scientist or engineer, that is a bad thing. If you desire to be something else, it isn’t a big deal; just don’t lose the drive to constantly learn and keep your imagination churning for whatever you do want to do.

    Just make sure you are working in the correct units before your touch-down/big show 🙂

    • I think you are the one that doesn’t get my point.

      My point isn’t they will stand with awe as to the engineering and physics how, not at all. I think they will look at US, you know the people of this era and say how the hell did this idiots that poisoned their own food and water, bankrupted their own nations, poisoned their children, fought wars that were pointless, etc. take the time and energy and intelligence necessary to do something so amazing for their time.

      Is it amazing that the brightest minds can send a craft into interstellar space with 1970s tech. Amazing no, impressive yes.

      However, what if a bunch of muppets did it? Not the actual puppets but people you thought of as useless muppets. People like you see on Jersey Shore and Big Brother. Say they took a bunch of those morons, put them in a room with some books, gave them all the materials they asked for but no help and said muppets did it? What would you say then?

      Well my friend in 200 years as society rebuilds from the ashes we have created what do you think their image of us is going to be, geniuses or muppets?

  12. Jack
    I read an article on the CO. floods and one of the preppers said he had enough food and water to last a year if need be and probably enough BEER to last that long too LOL, now that’s a real prepper!

  13. Jack you knocked it out of the park on why electing the lesser of two evils is not working. When the same group of insiders controls both parties, continuing to partake in the political game of R vs. D is akin to running on a hamster wheel. It gets you nowhere. The less we rely on the government, the more independence we build into our lives, the less relevant the government hags are. The funny thing is, the hags seem to be slowly waking up to that reality themselves and they don’t like it one bit.

  14. Jack,
    This is the third or fourth episode that has mentioned a topic that I’ve wanted to stop the playback and post a comment on. The first topic of the episode was about a “gen y” story on Huffington Post, just listened to it.

    There is a book called The Fourth Turning. This book is the most fascinating read related to generational differences and similarities, with repetitive “seasonal cycles” repeating about every 4 generations or 100 years give or take. It breaks the generations into 4 archtypes Heroes, Nomads, Artists, and Prophets. If you pick it up you won’t put it down. They wrote it in the 90’s and it’s had additional chapters added recently. Much of what they predicted has come to pass since it was written.

  15. I’m a gen Y’er and must say Jack that every time I hear you talk about my generation and those growing up today, I nod my head in total agreement. I read the article you posted and it rings true about most of the people I know who are my age. It always amazes me how completely blown out of proportion these people’s expectations compared to reality and how they try to pump that reality up using things like Facebook or Twitter. I often wondered why I never “fit in” and went with the crowd on most of this but the article pointed out something interesting that struck a chord…my father was born in 1930 and mother in the 40’s. I’m in my early 30’s so they obviously had me much later in life, but its given me the perspective that the previous generation has of working hard and building something from nothing. I don’t expect anything to be handed to me if I haven’t worked my ass off for it. That said, its difficult working in the “professional” world around peers who expect that people will coddle them and they will get automatic promotions. As I continue to push past them, it creates animosity but only serves to prove a point.

    • Joe, I am a baby boomer that works in the engineering world. I have been hiring newly graduating engineers for about twenty five years. There was a huge swing into the intitlement mentality in about 2005 in my industry. I am glad to report however, that I am seeing a change over the last two years. The present graduates that lived through the 2008 crash and wtched parents and older siblings go jobless for months or years seem to appreciate the fsact that they were able to find a job after graduation. I am also seeing a stronger work ethic in these engineers. I sincerely hope that we have seen the bottom of this cycle and it will swing up from here. I am going to buy The Forth Turning book referenced above it will be interesting to see what it shows the cycle should be.

  16. Years ago an older person looked at me and said, “no offense, but what’s wrong with your generation”? I said, “oh, my generation, we were raised by a bunch of f**kin idiots”. I think it’s generational delusion and each generation just gets better at it. Yet I’m optimistic because every time a bubble bursts a bunch of innovative people wake up and do amazing stuff. One awake person is more powerful than a heard of zombies, especially with today’s tech.

    Also, this self esteem inflation helps fuel delusion and is based of half ass science. Self esteem is important but is a personal responsibility, a skill to be developed with effort like anything else. In my youth I was told I can do anything I want if I put my mind to it. I imagined flying, failed, and became cynical. I was told I was special too, but I was already cynical by then.
    Peace out.