Episode-2730- Listener Feedback for 9-14-20 — 20 Comments

  1. If you were told to design a new US city (or redesign an existing one) based off of what you expect of the future (more remote working, more autonomous vehicles, diminished wealth/income for the average person, etc.), how would you design it and what type of infrastructure would you prioritize?

    I’m sure you’d agree that cities won’t go away but they WILL transform. Lately I’ve been pondering what the most adaptable cities will look like in 20 years’ time, what entirely new kind of cities might come about, and what kind of big opportunities will come about from all this. I’ve been going through this mental exercise to better plan for the future, and just thought I’d throw that out to you and everyone else…

  2. I know that this comment won’t get to you soon enough for Tuesdays podcast, but I am writing to you for the first time since I have joined. My 7year dream has been to be a full time rv traveler, basically going wherever I want to, staying wherever I can (I’m in a 41’motorcoach pulling a Jeep behind) and using my skillset as a contractor who specialized in kitchen designing/remodeling/cabinet sales and install wherever I go. What I want to know, has there ever been any conversation about “fulltime” living on the road, having domain in Texas or South Dakota where there’s no state income tax and using companies that are the domicile for your mail, health insurance and auto insurance/registration. I realize that it is a little harder to be totally self-sufficient in the fact that I can’t have a large garden unless I have my own land to park on.
    Just planting this seed for input from you and others who have experience, opinions or warnings about this type of lifestyle

    • I am delayed today so yes it did. It became the final bullet point in the 14 steps, I made it a bit more broad by stating it as, Dare to dream and to design your dreams

    • @Steve Eisenmenger There is another source for living on the road full time, Bob Wells has been teaching people for 15 or more years how to live with less to make the most of their life. He also has videos on how to establish a home base even if you don’t live there. How to get your mail. How to conduct business, and even make money if you need to. BTW your skills may come in very handy in the Nomad circles. Once you get in it you will find your tribe. Bob Wells is the founder of CheapRVLiving, and even though he gives most of his energy to people who find themselves homeless and are in crisis mode, he is very smart and can help you find what you need to live your version of the adventure that is the Nomadic life.

      Good luck to you on your adventure. I am leaning in that direction myself, but in a much smaller vehicle than you have.


  3. Oh S***! It just hit me. The ramifications of this is going to hurt people who were previously untouchable. Some of those landlords are high rollers with all their money in their real estate, depending on big money corporations to keep their pocket full. They blew really big bucks to dress the buildings in extravagant but really useless, in a practical sense, designer style. Looks good, but it doesn’t matter if no one is using it. I hope they diversified at least part of their money.

    This will eventually hurt a whole lot of people all the way down. Yes I know you’ve been saying that, but for some reason I had a blind spot where the Real Estate Kings were concerned.

    • If I had to bet money, I’d bet that the BIG real estate high-rollers will get bailed out by the Fed to some degree. Their political connections plus the Fed’s almost single-minded focus in keeping asset prices from crashing makes at least a partial bailout of the industry very likely. But given the Fed’s past actions it’s also likely to heavily favor the biggest companies & owners. So my guess is the smaller landlords will get much less, if any, bailout assistance. If you’re not part of the ‘big club’, you’re on your own.

      So yeah I expect the mega real estate kings will experience SOME pain and loss of overall wealth, but the Fed is almost certain to intervene and prevent them from a total wipe-out. And I expect this will hold true regardless of who wins in November… at this point such priorities are an embedded feature of the system that neither big parties will fight.

      • @Nick in MNG, But if there isn’t a reason for their buildings to exist on their previous level, it seems to me that it’s going to start a slow implosion almost invisible, or on the edge of a dimension. Eventually pulling the whole thing in on itself.
        I read somewhere a long time ago that New York is some of the thickest bedrock on earth, probably why the giants chose the location for their super structures. There must be something else special about the area though, no I know about the sea ports and trade, I am thinking something more ethereal. No not the aliens like all this hype stuff, but something to do with the energy there. The thing is though that maybe the energy is changing, physically too.
        Did you ever check out Dutchsines, he tracks seismic events, and has developed a prediction theory that is correct way more often than it’s wrong. I am speculating, seeing the world through the eyes of a poet, and haven’t found a way to put what I see into words yet.

        Any way it’s something to ponder.

        • Oh I have NO doubt many buildings will sit empty and that the bailout won’t slow the dying of said cities. Someone will get holding the bag of losses, and that will likely be the Federal Reserve (and us to the extent it may affect inflation) and less so the real estate magnates. Based on their actions, the Fed’s real mission is to bail out the big banks and anyone else sufficiently powerful and connected. I’ll even bet within five years there will be scandals popping up showing current & former politicians with big real estate portfolios getting preferential bailouts while average citizens are left hanging.

          It won’t be fair, but it is what it is. And on the bright side, maybe there will be distressed-property buying opportunities for those with a good vision to adapt said properties to the new reality…

      • I think Evelyn is making a great point, you an bail out some of them to some degree but you can’t fix the actual problem.

        My story of seeing abandoned buildings to the horizon in Chicago during a train ride to the airport springs to mind.

      • I’m not saying that’s lazy, just that maybe there’s a way to watch it slightly faster and still get the information without not trying. It actually contains sited sources and numerous counter arguments to climate change denial. Sure the format isn’t for everyone, but completely dismissing it seems dishonest to yourself.

        • It is retarded, the 30 seconds I gave it was too much. I don’t use Ben Shapiro to justify my postion on climate change, I use facts this asstard is in total denial of. Strawman fallacies are logical fallacies not logical arguments.

      • Did you at least look at the sources he provides. Also, if you only saw less than a minute of the video you really wouldn’t have a clear picture of the arguments he makes. Ben wasn’t the only example. I could link the sources he provides if you would rather that instead of pulling up the link to the video again.

        • This is why I say climate change is a religion. Why the fuck are you even bringing this up with me here? Please go do something more productive like run your hand up and down a cheese grater or something.

        • Did you or did you not talk about global cooling? Maybe I’m wrong, but global cooling is about the climate. You’re hostile tone adds nothing to this and you could easily just say you don’t want to see the facts that were presented. Even if there were a global cooling it would not be enough to reverse the clear problems that are being caused by man made climate change.

        • More productive then this discussion ideas for you….

          1. Pounding sand
          2. Counting grains of sand
          3. Long discussions with a mushroom
          4. Braiding grass like a 12 year old girls hair
          5. Voting harder
          6. Etc, etc, etc

          AGW tards always think they can just represent the same shit over again and people who already have heard all their bullshit will convert. It is a fucking religion based on total bullshit.

        • I can see this will go nowhere, but you can’t prove the actual science wrong. I guess we will just agree to disagree.

        • I have done this so many times, again it is a religion. I am not going to keep debating this over and over and over. You AGW tards feel entitled to have unlimited debates. I quit doing this years ago, announced it and all.

          Again it is a religion, you are the pain in the ass people that keep knocking on my door every Sunday and then putting a tract under my windshield wiper after peaking in our window.