Episode-1643- Listener Feedback 9-14-15 — 48 Comments

  1. Backstory:
    I used to listen to TSP religiously on my ipod when I worked in the manufacturing plant at my company. This was about 2 years ago. Jack, you used to tell people that you were a Libertarian.
    Since then, I’ve moved into an office environment, and can’t listen as frequently, mostly on road trips on sometimes online. So I’m not sure when it happened…
    But today you said “I’m an anarchist”. Twice.
    Maybe I misheard you. But I have always suspected that you were an anarchist. And I’ve hoped for a long time to hear those words come out of your mouth.
    It’s a welcome change, if I heard you correctly.

      • Yep. Thats what I was saying. I was sure I missed the episode where you dropped that on us.
        I miss my old gig sometimes. I built stuff, worked with my hands, and saw the fruits of my labor. And I had my daily TSP on my headphones.
        I’ll mark those episodes for road trips and down time at the office.

        Just curious, what was the final push over the edge into anarchy? Or is that covered in the episodes?

        • It wasn’t a push it was an understanding. There is actually a lot about it in some of those episodes.

          The big thing was realizing that, well hell here is a comment I left for Larken Rose on youtube, it may answer a lot and save me typing time

          I think this is the sticking point for many who are libertarians, I know it was for me. I am over it but again this was my biggest hold up. Anarchism, what is the point, because it will never happen at least not in my lifetime. See anarchists would say to me when is it okay for government to take your property?

          I would respond with never. They would say see, then you are already an anarchist. My response was always, look, we can’t get this nation of sheep to ever see a world without a state, but we can get them to see a smaller state and start an incremental approach to tearing it down to the bare bones.

          Do I realize how stupid that really sounds now? Yep.

          Do I realize working in the system is pointless, it is nothing but running on gerbil wheel? Absolutely.

          Have I fully moved to an anarcho voluntarist philosophy, yep. Do I now advocate the same? Yep.

          But I am also an honest man, so when people ask me if it can even work, I say, I believe it can. The next question though, do you think it will ever happen? My answer is yes, I see it as a natural evolution of the human species.

          However, my honestly also makes me say, I am in my mid 40s and I don’t honestly believe the US will become an anarchy in my individual lifetime. This leads to then what is the point? To me there are a lot of points.

          1. I consider it 7th generation thinking. What we do, stand for and get accomplished today is passed down to a next generation and so on.

          2. It is the only moral choice. If stealing via the use of force it is wrong, period. A badge, a title, a uniform, an elected office does not change that.

          3. It has and does work. Here are 5 examples of anarchy working,

          4. To the person objecting, it likely isn’t what they think it is, they don’t even know what they are rejecting.

          5. As it is the highest form or morality all the people you fear under anarchy are actually opposed to it, afraid of it and would be in deep shit if it happened.

          6. You can live as an anarchist in your own life and if you do so you will be more productive and useful to society than any other way.

          That is just a start, but Larken I would like to hear more well known anarchists such as yourself talk more about PRACTICAL ANARCHY, what people can actually do and why it works and how it works. What say you on all of this?

          Video where I left that comment

    • I LOVE the insurgency series, I’m hoping there’s more episodes to come. And here’s the irony… I seem to be able to share those episodes with people who will NEVER in a million years consider themselves to be an anarchist, and they love them, and say things like “Finally, someone gets it!”

    • Me too!
      A really good Kick-us- in-the where-it-counts!
      Very eye opening.

      What I especially like is that he think’s it through and offer’s some solutions that he would recommend, that helps kick-start out own creativity to come up with ones that may fit our own situations. I may not be in the position right now to follow through on everything, but I have the series set up in a playlist for reference when I need a refresher.


  2. If you are buying meat at the supermarket, go to the butcher counter. They do strap the meat in butcher paper. And, often they have a better price per pound than the prepackaged meat.

  3. Well, a Trump presidency is probably worse than a Sanders presidency, IMO. So, the idea of them both winning the nomination, and running against each other, is not exactly reassuring. Both those guys seem like types that would somehow create a World War 3, destroy the economy, increase cronyism, and dramatically increase our police state, so that’s exciting.

    • I actually see Trump as way more dangerous than Sanders. Sanders is really likely to pull back on US military aggression, that I agree with. Sanders is also extremely ineffective, no way the congress will work with him. In all his years of being a senator he accomplished the square root of fuck all.

      Sanders is actually a socialist, a true socialist. The democrats are fascists not socialists, sure all fascists are socialists but not all socialists are fascists. So Berny won’t cause a major war build up and won’t get much accomplished.

      Trump will get shit done, he is a full on fascist. He knows the system, he is happy to channel funding from buddies to get shit done. His message so far is everyone in America will love us and the rest of the world will fear us.

      That is bad voodoo!

  4. No factory pork for me. My neighbor and got two pigs this year and just loaded the second one in the trailer for slaughter. We were having problems getting her loaded in until one of the locals showed up with a five gallon bucket, got it over her head and walked her up the ramp backwards and into the trailer.

  5. Jack- to your question about my politics…I’m agnostic…BUT I don’t think it’s the government’s business to issues license for marriage, guns, hair weaving, or anything else…so I guess that makes me an anarchist.

    • A good first place to start is with this John,

      Right now I would call you a minarchist libertarian. Nothing wrong with that, except that it won’t ever work.

      If a government is given one power it will use one power to make two powers and then those two to make four, the four to make eight and so on. As an economics guy you know what doubling does.

      As for restrictions in a constitution they don’t seem to do much any more do they? Why? The two preceding sentences answer that.

      Unlike most anarchists I don’t bash libertarians and minarchists because I realize it is a step of political evolution. I know that the people that talked so poorly of libertarians and minarchists VASTLY DELAYED my understanding of anarchism.

  6. Hey Jack, I’ve heard you tell that Monsanta oh story about the township before. I’d look for articles online about it but can’t seem to find the story about the lawsuit let alone the quote from the CEO. Can you help me out here?

  7. Jack

    Sounds like an awful lot of work to transfer gas. I have tried Steven Harris’s method and it is OK, but it is slow and forget it in winter, the bulb often lacks flexibility to be effective. Manipulating the can may work, but it is a lot of work for multiple cans. I use the safety siphon, it works anywhere, anytime. I have seen some cheaper ones with a plastic ball bearing, but get one with the glass bearing and it will serve you well. I have attached an amazon link just for an example, I don’t endorse any specific one nor do I profit from any of these.

    Safety Siphon – Safe Multi-Purpose Self Priming Pump

    Thanks a lot for the diversity of the show, this was one of the best one in weeks, in my opinion.


    • I use the safety siphon with my jerry cans, much faster than pouring with the nozzle.
      Also as far as the carb compliant cans go, I have found that the “No-Spill” brand work perfectly and for small aplications (weedeater/ chain saw/ push mower) and I actually prefer them over the old school cans. They are about twice the thickness in the body and don’t bloat in the back of the truck like the old ones.

  8. Jack,
    Regarding the psychopath/surgeon subjects that you brought up. While you were talking I was reminded of a book that I had not read but have heard discussed in a three part series on the “school sucks project” podcast

    The book is called “disciplined minds – A critical look at salaried professionals and the soul battering system that shapes their lives” by Jeff Schmitt

    The book explores the amount of trauma endured by many professionals while going through their 20+ years of schooling and training. How we get “scientific consensus” so easily from these professionals who are expected to fall in line. It talked a lot about all these “psychopathic” like traits that are found in these individuals now, and the author assigns much blame to the training That they have to go through in their academic, and certification parts of their careers.

    It might be something you’d be interested in listening to when you have some time after God answers my prayer to extend the day length to 30 hours.

  9. I could be wrong. But I think that Trump may be our entertainment for the time being and another contender will be taken more seriously after Trump rides the media wave for awhile. Frankly I don’t care because it’s not going to make a big difference. Too busy launching a business and making a difference in the lives of my family.
    I enjoy the show Jack!

    • Exactly what I said but this is damn weird, he isn’t falling at all in the polls, the fricken guy is getting more and more popular.

      The key will be where do votes go as candidates drop out.

  10. Jack, correct me if I am wrong but in the episode where you discussed the presidential race, you did predict a Trump/Sanders race only for the next presidential race and not this coming one.

    • No I said that is could happen this time, but I doubted it. However, it is looking more and more likely. I also said if you put a gun to my head and made me vote for one, I think I might just let you shoot me. LOL

  11. It is good to see that it does happen, but it is rarely reported when officers come forward to have their bad employees/co-workers removed. It is generally an “internal complainant” and unless some charges are being filed, rarely brought up to the public very often. The article above is a rare example, where either a lot of officers were ticked off, charges are forthcoming or somebody in the media caught wind of it somehow.

    • But that shit has to stop man. Bad cops need to be called out, thrown out and hauled the hell out if you want to be respected and trusted again man.

      The days of the thin blue line covering each others asses and when someone goes they go quietly are coming to an end.

      Too many cameras, too much proof and frankly the right wing talking head are doing too much damage control and apologizing.

      Law enforcement officers really need to start being the check on the system they are supposed to be as well. Not hooking people up for a bit of pot, why even write a ticket, don’t you guys have some scum bag to nail for stealing, assault or some other crime with an actual victim?

      No more night time no knock warrants on people for non violent offenses, getting the wrong house and killing some guy defending his home or getting shot and saying the home own had no right to shoot you.

      You break in my house at night you get your ass shot, cop or not. If the cops want to talk to me all they have to do is ask.

      No more shooting people’s fricken dogs just because you can get away with it.

      Time to clean up your own back yard dude. And I ABSOLUTELY know you are one of the really good guys, I really do. I also bet if you see something you do say something but you and I both know how many do not.

      Why don’t you guys start leaking to the press when a guy is getting his ass canned and what for? You guys have no issues calling in the press when you execute a drug raid for the “prevention value”.

      We need more people like Dallas Police Chief David Brown. Get caught for abuse in his department you don’t just get fired your ass gets fired on twitter!

      You know I have good friends and family that are cops, I WANT to believe the “most cops are good cops” line, I really do, but the % of what constitutes most could be 95% or 51% and still be “most”, what I keep seeing is beginning to tell me that while it ain’t 51% it damn sure isn’t 95% either.

      FWIW most sheriff’s deputies seem to be about the best of the mix over my years of talking to officers. While mileage on that may vary by state, in Texas it holds true. All the Tarrant county guys I talk to are the fricken salt of the earth. Sure there could be bad apples but they don’t have attitude and don’t seem to be out to write tickets just for the sake of doing it.

      The small towns around here are a nightmare, Barny Fifes with visions of leading swat teams and settling for fucking with people who they pull over for minor traffic infractions. Austin PD, well don’t even get me started.

  12. In general you are probably correct about the “majority” of deputies in Texas. A big reason for that difference in my opinion is that their boss, the sheriff, is elected. Plus in Texas, many of the deputies don’t work a lot of traffic enforcement, which they leave to DPS, who also work the accidents in the deputies’ jurisdiction. Weird I know, but the way it’s done. On the “no-knocks”, the good news is they are fairly rare because of incidents like the above link.

  13. These No Spill gas cans aren’t cheap compared to other poly cans, but they are the best I’ve found in recent years. The push button is very easy to control flow and the nozzle is designed to allow air in the top so there is no vacuum. It’s faster than siphoning too, though I do like that method as well because I can stand and watch once it’s started and don’t have to hold the can.

    • The big thing with a siphon is that you can just walk away. If you are putting 5 gallons of fuel into a vehicle, surely you are not “filling it up”, I just toss the can on the tool box of the truck, start the siphon and when I get back only about a quart is in the can. Tip it dump it and into the bed it goes, next fill up, new can, fuel rotated and ZERO work.

      • Yep I completely agree. I think even more importantly, the hose goes into the tank, and you’re not holding 40 pounds the air at the perfect angle to fit the short nozzle into the tank. The no spill can isn’t much better in this scenario. I only have one no spill can which I use for lawn car mostly to avoid the mess and hassle of regular cans. I might try modifying them now thanks to the links you posted.

  14. I know your done with the Kim Davis county clerk thing but just wanted to say that our county clerk (Pendleton county KY) is always in the office giving out tags and she actually issued marriage license.

    There just isn’t a lot of traffic in these low population counties to have large staffs. I don’t take a number and there has never been more then one person in front of me.

    Believe me.. Your right just not with that fact. I’ve always said your marriage is between you, your partner and your God. Not you, your partner and the state… That’s just a contract and Kim Davis isn’t a preacher.

    • I believe you, I also know Kim has a full staff of sub clerks and her district is not as small as yours. Why? I saw news footage of her staff issuing said licenses which is how her fat bigoted ass got out of jail.

      If she was the only one to do it, she MIGHT have a leg to stand on. But again if you take the states money, you are obligated to either quit or obey the orders you are given. It really is that simple.

      As to her claim about Kentucky law, it was a KENTUCKY COURT not the federal court that tossed her fat ass in jail. So anyone making this about states rights is really and I mean really picking and choosing.

  15. Well thanks to you I haven’t really watched any footage or haven’t gotten and real news on her. I’ve gotten flakes from Facebook only because it’s close here.

    I did follow the local news channels on fb only to say “ugh” enough that the light pops in my head and I unfollow.

    The bottom line is the use of the word marriage. If they could change that word we would save a lot of heart ache… But that wouldn’t keep us fighting would it?

    • What makes you cling to your desire to tell others what word they can use to describe their relationship?

      • I meant change the legal word marriage. So you and your partner get married at church and then go to the courthouse to get your unionship license. I’m not wanting to tell people what to call their relationship.. Just don’t want the government to call it something to keep people divided.

  16. In Canada we get the chance to select (No Vote or None of the Above) is there an option like that in the US to show your lack of support?

    • No but let me guess it accomplishes the square root of fuck all?

      The libertarian party (the official one) proposes this on their platform but they take it a step further, stating any candidate for any office should have to get at least 51% of the vote and that none should always be an option.

      If candidate R and D run against each other and none is an option, and none gets say 10%, then R gets 44% and D gets 46% then no one would win.

      Both candidates would be ejected and two new candidates would be run in a special election.

      Sounds great but you know what would happen? The already awful incumbency rate would go up!

      Of course at least at the federal level they also propose term limits. Three for House members (6 years) and 2 for the Senate (12 years).

      Of course this is saying hey Mr. Fox, please look after my chickens and expecting it to work out.

  17. We have a majority gov after 51% which isn’t much better because if you’re running a minority gov you’re always too scared to do anything that may create waves and have the other parties team up and throw you out.

    The only reason I like the no vote option is it at least gives a voice that we’re pissed and think they’re all morons vs hmmm… why are the voting numbers so low. Must be them there kids that don’t understand how lucky they have it that they are granted such an opportunity…