Listener Feedback for 9-13-21 – Epi-2954 — 2 Comments

  1. You may want to reconsider your comment that the US Const should not have happened. I held that belief, that it was a bloodless coup d’etat, until I recently read Robert G. Natelson essay “The Framers Did Not Violate Their Trust.” This can be found in The Epoch Times Defending America Initiative. July 2021.

    His essay really set me back.

    So I ordered his constitutional books The Original Constitution. Vol1&2.

    Still working on it.

    Don’t agree with everything he says. However I do agree on a lot. Enough that I am reconsidering some of my ideas. Had to eat some ego.

    Oh and the Federal Supremacy point was spot on!!??

    • The constitution either gave the government all the power it wields today or was powerless to prevent it. Either way it is not fit to exist.