Episode-1400- Listener Feedback for 8-4-14 — 57 Comments

  1. OK, haven’t listened to the episode yet.. but the Conflicted has to be the easiest answer ever..

    Hell yeah I’m going to ambush them. Preferably with a mechanical, chemical or robotic device from miles away.

    If I’m fighting someone, there is a life or death reason that I’m doing so. As I’m not a looter, that means they were/are aggressing. Game on.

    • I agree, this is an easy answer. Bring the fight to an end with a decisive ambush if possible. Do give them an opportunity to surrender if they won’t pose a likely future threat.

    • If there is a force of equal, greater, or even lesser strength of people fighting against me and the people I care about, they are an enemy. More than likely all avenues of reaching an accord have either failed, or they have initiated on us for no reason. So, at that point, it becomes a situation of survival of you and your people. Do you continue to waste limited resources (lives, ammo, medical supplies, energy on patrols, guard duty, and improving defenses) or do you do what is best for the long-term survival of your community?

      Personally, an ambush is a smart idea, though I would prefer to do it against smaller forces as that gives you more of an edge and greater chance of victory. If I had to do it against an equal size force, it gives you tactical advantage. You have surprise, and if you initiate properly, and maintain that initiative, the initiator usually wins. It is also a huge psychological advantage, to anyone that was not there, or survived the ambush, that you are willing to do what needs to be done, and take the fight to the enemy if you have to. Anyone on the fence about attacking you again, might just decide it isn’t worth it, and not participate.

      I think as far as honour goes, I think in that situation, honour is a luxury, and if it gets dirty, it gets dirty. The lives and well-being of your community far outweigh a few sleepless nights.

  2. But Jack, Bass have an oppressed LGBT community, isn’t it bad enough that they are technically considered “Sunfish” 😛

  3. Great video quality. Not clear on the dam production why certain actions were taken.

    • Well if we are going to answer that or include it on a future video you are going to have to be a lot more specific.

  4. Conflicted Monday response: Actually had to think about this one for a little bit simply because “survival” means waking up the next morning and any time you put yourself in a fight something bad could happen. That being said, and assuming that the fighting will go on until one side wins, then of course setting up an ambush is an intelligent move because it increases your chances of “winning the war.”

    This isn’t 200 years ago and we’re not going to line up on opposite sides of a field just to keep it “honorable.”

    And a little fun for Monday evening….Can ants save earth from global warming? article link:

  5. Conflicted Monday response: If you are in a fair fight, your tactics suck. An ambush in this scenario puts the decision of mercy in your hands, not someone else.

  6. Re: History segment, ‘the best among us’

    Regarding the ‘best among us’ leaving (one way or another) in the present day…. I honestly don’t consider myself among ‘the best’ (hell I’m still working on just being ‘good’). But when I look at all the people around me it’s so frickin’ rare to find people of solid, strong character that are examples of what I want to improve in myself. I feel like Joe in Idiocracy…. being among ‘the best’ merely because the bar is set so low.

    Anyway, with all that I can’t help but feel somewhat selfish about relocating overseas to pursue our own financial interests at a time of growing crisis (or rather, crises). Logically I know there’s not a lot I can do if I remain here spending most of my energy just trying to run faster in the corporate hamster wheel, and I know that it’s best to get our own resilience and financial independence quickly in order before beating myself up trying to help everyone else. But some of those doubts remain.

    Ultimately however, the decision is already made and we are charging ahead with it, and I’m trying to have faith that these are just the normal sort of doubts that come with any big life change. And Jack, I just want to thank you and others like you for being an example of those who have left the hollow ‘corporate success’ lifestyle behind to forge their own path, and giving me a little extra inspiration to do the same.

    – Nick in Colorado

    • “Regarding the ‘best among us’ leaving (one way or another) in the present day…. I honestly don’t consider myself among ‘the best’ (hell I’m still working on just being ‘good’).”

      And that is likely why you are part of the “best among us”. Those who truly do great things for others have a few things in common.

      1. They are actually selfish, they know sometimes only internally that they must be happy to help others. They are positively selfish in the best way possible.

      2. They are humble and never believe they are as good as they are, certainly they know they are not as good as they could be.

      3. Due to two above they always keep working on being what they consider good enough, though good enough continues to elude them. Mostly because they continue to raise the bar on themselves, often without knowing it.

      4. They are quiet in their lives, they just do shit, get it done then do it again. In their doing they inspire others to do. Hence their actions are multiplied many times, as those they inspire, inspire others and so on.

      5. They are likely unaware of all of the above.

      Thanks for being one of them Nick.

      • Thanks Jack. It’s just funny to think that the actions driven largely by my desire to just be left alone to do my own thing MIGHT be inspiring to others…. 😛

  7. I am very excited about the launch of Permaethos TV. Not only because of the promise of the forthcoming content, but because you are using a sustainable model to do it.

    I’ve started feeling what I call “kickstarter fatigue” from the volleys of permaculture crowd funding efforts, and the feeling sucks. Not because of the quality or content of the products which have been great, but because they were “one and done” efforts. Thanks for breaking that cycle.

    • Yep that is our plan, we want to keep growing, developing and inspiring. We offer value for value and hope the market continues to see that.

  8. Regarding the comments about debt and “making a penny scream.” I love the saying (may need to steal it), however if someone has the willpower to pull themselves out of debt, I believe credit cards can be used very wisely to help save small amounts of money. Our Amex card, for example, gives cash back and at the end of the year we get a check which averages about 2% of what was spent on the card. We use that card for EVERYTHING – bills, gas, groceries, travel…you name it – and its paid in full each month, NO exception (obviously if we got dinged with a finance charge the cash back would be pointless). It did take some self control to manage month to month in the beginning, but when you realize how many thousands of dollars are spent across all your channels, that 2% adds up quickly and is a nice check at the end of the year. Now I completely agree that to some, a credit card can be like putting a beer in an alcoholics hand – for others it can be a great tool.

    • You said it SMALL AMOUNTS OF MONEY and it ain’t fricken worth it. All the time you spend shitting around with a credit card for 2% would be better spent elsewhere.

    • We get an avg of $60 return each month using our Amex rather than our debit card. Bills are set on auto pay. Our accounts are linked and it takes 5 minutes to go through the bill in order to make sure the charges are correct and pay the card. Granted we might be spending more than some, but this includes all business expenses as well. Sure, if you don’t spend much and get $5 back each month, there’s little point. But I’m happy to spend 5 minutes for a $60 return.

    • The key is to never use it just for the rebate and never use it for things you would not use it for otherwise.

      I have to pay $6 a day to park, plus gas and tolls. Call it $20 total. By the end of the year you are talking $50 in rebates. So I set my bank account to send in $20 daily and the money never effectively goes on the card. $50 is a dinner out, tank of gas, or what I do is use it on Amazon directly to buy something I need.

      It is an extension to couponing to me.

  9. I think the GMO argument needs to be reframed. Everyone is yelling no GMO, but I personally think the argument needs to be redirected to the downstream effects of the GMO and not the GMO itself. See I think the verdict on the actual genetic modification is still out. If you want a GMO plant that’s more drought torrent, that might be great! But it’s when the modification of the crops allow it to be doused in round up and other $h!t that cause tans gender fish, extra pollution in the water, and the chemical laced food we eat that GMOs become very bad. I think framing the argument this way would be much more accepting to the general public instead of just a blanket all GMOs are bads.

    • But dude, that is the argument I have been making for years now. It is not just that they are modifying it, it is what they are modifying it to do.

      Do I care if pigs are having spontaneous abortions and cow stomachs are red and inflamed and chickens have cardio disease from the direct GMO or from the herbicides in the GMO, not really but I do always make the point that you are eating toxins and we are putting them into the environment.

  10. You do that for sure, Jack. I’m with you. I’m talking more in general and more to, as Paul Wheaton calls them, the purple people.
    I hear so many people say GMOs are bad but they don’t qualify why. What if we had a GMO apple that could fix nitrogen? That might be good. I believe the science is still out on that type of scenario. But don’t spray my apple with a chemical cocktail that would normally kill it.

  11. I’ve got a few episodes archived on my podcast where you (and John Pugliano) discussed the coming energy boom pulling the US up before the coming crash:
    Episode 1082 – (For those interested, 42:04 is where Jack starts talking about the Natural Gas/Energy Boom)
    Episode-1281 –

    I’m also pretty sure that there was also another show (don’t have the podcasts on my iPod right now) that was a 2-part one with John where the energy boom was discussed as well.

  12. The reason that Sun Tzu is famous should be clear of what the answer for conflicted Monday. And if the ‘best of us’ made A’s in school, which is a broke system with a lot of people who want an easy job with a decent pay, then we are screwed for the future. By the way, I am only trashing a broken system and a group of people, those who copy the textbook for teaching or use information cards and can’t get their legs out from their desks. I hate information cards because if you actually teach then your students would not need to use a textbook or an information card for a test to make an A. The reason is because the only two things I learned in Chemistry was not to eat Twinkies ever again and the first 8 elements of the periodic table. The teacher allowed information cards, never allowed lab experiments, like professor Umbridge, from Harry Potter series, without the power hunger.

  13. Conflicted. If the other group is actually hostile then your survival is the honorable thing to do.

  14. Ambush, if we have to win and be in that conflict, then use anything that gets you an advantage. Better yet, do what the politicians do, give another tribe all the weapons to Ambush them (oh wait that never works out ) 🙂

  15. I don’t see it in the show notes here, does anyone have the link for the online eyeglass place Jack mentioned?

    Also, how do they size the lenses? When I go for glasses I look into this thing that looks like an old slide-projector toy from way back and they measure the focal point or something. Does this matter much? For “emergency” glasses probably not, but what about your “regular” set? If it matters my vision is horrible uncorrected so they need to be right as they can be.

  16. you are going to need a prescription from a optometrists to get the measurements they require. You can go to Walmart, Costco Sears etc. They want to sell you glasses but you don’t have to buy them there. You pay the $60 for the exam so they should give you the prescription. That’s what I did.

    • Be sure and ask the optometrist to put the PD (pupillary distance) on your prescription – frequently they only put the correction and leave it to the optician (person who sells and fits the glasses) to measure the PD. You can measure it yourself (zenni has instructions on their web site), but I’d rather have the optometrist do it to make sure it’s accurate. Particularly with progressive lenses it’s critical to get it right.

      • It isn’t critical, hold a ruler up and look at the persons eyes, make a guess to the distance between the pupils and it is more than good enough. You do this in millimeters. This simply lets you know if a frame size is too big or small, one or two mm’s off won’t matter. They actually send you a little plastic tool with all glasses so you can measure your own in the future.

        Many eye docs leave this off.

        Also note you need your prescription so you know what to order, they don’t require you to provide it to them though.

        • With regular lenses you’re right, however with progressive lenses (aka no-line bifocals) it’s more important, and for those you really need a left and right PD since faces aren’t symmetrical. I think that not having the PD right is probably why some people just can’t get used to progressives. Having said that, I love Zenni – I just got a pair of sunglasses from them … wire frame, amber, gradient, progressive lenses with highest level of coatings, all for around $70.

  17. I am wondering and can’t seem to find the email to wich I can email my questions for jack? Can anyone please point me in the right direction

  18. The situation where Dave Ramsey is against Debt CONsolidation is when you take no or low interest debts (a bunch of medical bills from several hospitals as an example) and roll them into a loan that has higher interest rates to make it “easier” for the person because they would have just one payment. I highly doubt that Dave would take issue with the situation that you described Jack.

    Do you really think Dave would have had a problem with reducing your total monthly payment and total interest paid? We know you don’t care for his investment advice but don’t make it sound like he wouldn’t agree with that situation you described of taking high interest debts and consolidating them down to lower interest there by reducing your monthly payment by a few hundred dollars.

    People can also find a ton of resources on Dave’s website or radio show for FREE without ever having to buy a book, however, it would require a person to invest their time to listen and search his website. His books can be found in libraries.

  19. You said, “Do you really think Dave would have had a problem with reducing your total monthly payment and total interest paid?”

    Yes I do because I listened to him run his mouth about not doing it for years while listening to him at lunch time. OVER AND OVER AND OVER. and no not just about rip off consolidation companies, YES over home equity loans used to pay off consumer debt again OVER AND OVER.

    Dave Ramsey on debt in most instances gets an A plus for the basics on elimination of it and staying out of it.

    On money management Dave gets a C at BEST, I mean at absolute best!

    I remember an exact match scenario. Man has about 30k in debt, mostly credit cards and a bit of student loan debt. His total payments were about 800 a month, no interest was tax deductible and by scraping up every extra penny and spending almost nothing on fun he was able to make about 1000 in payments total, only 200 extra. This barely moved his balance. Two of the cards had interest rates of over 18 percent, Dave stuck to “the interest rates don’t matter”.

    The guy could have gotten a home equity loan, it was what he was calling about, a 10 year second mortgage with an interest rate of about 5.5%. The payment on this would have been about 330 a month. At that rate he would get to zero in 10 years, paying what he could on the cards he said it would take 20.

    His plan do this deal, pay the 1000 on it each month, be free of all debt except the house in about 2.5 years. Pay only about 2300 in interest, all that is tax deductible by the way.

    Dave said no, it was “too easy” and the guy would only end up back in debt and the average person that followed his plan was debt free in 2 years.

    He went into his bullshit, “sell everything you don’t need, sell so much the kids are afraid you will sell them next, get a second job, deliver pizza, you have more money then you think, rice and beans today, beans and rice tomorrow, etc.”.

    I wanted to punch him in the face! It was one of the shittiest pieces of advice I have ever heard. It made no financial sense and this is what happens when you spew bullshit long enough, you believe your own bullshit.

    Dave has made most of his non broadcast and non book money in REAL ESTATE, he claims it is paid for in full real estate I am calling BULLSHIT on that one. He is likely far less leveraged then many but real estate is the optimum place to leverage OPM.

    Dave should never give advice on money management or investing. His investing advice is complete and total shit! People had to NOT retire by following it in 2008, that is a FACT. That was when gold was about 800 dollars and he was crapping on it. The Dow was at 1300 and he was screaming buy, buy, buy, it is on sale.

    12 months later the Dow was at 10K, and gold at 1200. Duh!

    It then took until 2013 for the Dow to get back to where it was when Ramsey kept saying it was “on sale”. That is FIVE YEARS, five LOST YEARS!

    By that time gold had topped 1700 dollars. There was a mountain of time to sell gold and make a huge profit, not a as a “trader” just as a person with a brain paying attention.

    Yea just buy mutual funds and invest for the long haul!

    Dave is a perfect example of a person no one will call out on his bullshit, just because he does so much good in other areas. Well not me, I will call the man out, when millions listen to you and you give completely shitty investing advice, someone should.

  20. Like you say all the time eventually you will say something that I won’t agree with.

    Student loan interest is tax deductible. So what you just said was false.

    • No my point was the bulk of his interest was not deductible, your just being a Ramseyite! Note what I said, “30k in debt, mostly credit cards and a bit of student loan debt”. Technically yes that BIT was tax deductible but it wasn’t significant.

      Also anyone with a brain would move student loan debt to real property debt in a nano second if they knew anything at ALL about debt liability and bankruptcy law.

  21. On debt:

    Jack’s comment about ‘attacking the debt’ made me think about Sun Tzu. The ‘debt snowball’ is standard tactics.

    Attack the smallest enemy force with your entire army. When it’s destroyed, attack the next largest force. Repeat.

    ‘Attack’ is a good word in this case, as you need to be aggressive and active in destroying debt. And attacking the smallest debt first builds confidence in your ability to do so. Many people are literally AFRAID of their debts, they need to learn/see that they can be defeated.

    If your smallest debt is too large for you to imagine its defeat.. set a smaller goal, like: I will destroy 10% of that debt in the next quarter!

    Be aggressive, but be in reality. Setting goals that you don’t really believe are possible is demotivating. If you want a better way, look at MTO goal setting.

    Also.. after you get your budget in order, its time to think about INCOME instead of expenses. Put the expenses on autopilot and start thinking about expanding your contribution (earning more money).

    Plugging the holes in the tub doesn’t INCREASE the amount of water (money) coming in.. it just keeps anything that IS coming in from being wasted. For a lot of households, that’s not enough.

    Some debt comes from spending mistakes, but some comes from income deficiencies.

    • Sun, also said, “take the swiftest and most assured route to victory”. That is my advice. If you can consolidate debt, pay less interest on it, pay it off faster, make all interest tax deductible, better leverage the money you are paying against it and get out from under it with a redundancy during an emergency then yo do that.

  22. Dave also says to not just take his word for it on investing but to continue to learn and to not do anything just because he says so. To me that’s his out, oh wait who uses that very same out YOU DO!!! You tell people all the time to think for themselves like he has.

    You can call BS all day long Jack but unless you can prove it you are like those yellow journalists in my mind. – student loan interest is tax deductible per your example above where the guy had some student loan debt.

    • You can call BS all day long Jack but unless you can prove it you are like those yellow journalists in my mind. With regards to his real estate acquisitions.

      • I would add about the real estate I feel the same way about it as my assertion that he likely didn’t get scalped the way his followers did in the crash. There are only two possibilities to both situations.

        One he does own free and clear all real estate he holds. If so he is honest about it but you are a fool if you follow his advice. Anyone in real estate that fully owns 100% of all property (if they have more than say 2 properties) with no use of leverage is a TERRIBLE REAL ESTATE INVESTOR and doesn’t know what they are doing. So he is either an honest fool in regard to real estate or TWO a liar. It is one or the other.

        Same with investing and the market! If he stayed his own course and lost his ass from 2008-2009 then waited 5 years to almost get back to par, well then he is honest but an idiot investor. No one with his money manages their own money, no adviser worth the salt in his body allowed a large investor like Dave to get beaten down in this crash. The rich lost NOTHING in the crash, they gained. So on his investing, Dave again is either a liar or a fool, one of the other.

        You choose to believe he is dumb enough to follow his own advice, I think I actually think more highly of him by saying he is a bullshitter!

        You know why I really think he had to say “stay the course” in the crash, his ass is OWNED by the networks that is why. He could not have told you the truth if he wanted to.

        Again if he did tell the truth, if he did loose 50% of his net worth in stocks in 2008, that is actually WORSE, it means his advice is that of a fool.

    • Some and it was not the bulk. It is clear that you are one of the devotees of Ramsey and NO I don’t use it as an OUT when I say think for yourself, I actually mean it.

      There is a difference between my advice is and NEVER DO X. Ramsey is a made man, made by marketing an image.

      Dave uses the word NEVER a lot, he beats up on callers like the one above.

      He has said over and over “gold is a terrible investment” with no justification for it. He practically scolded and mocked callers that called in Mid 2008 with concerns about the market, practically berated them if they used a word like “crash”.

      Was there a SINGLE, “I was wrong” after the CRASH well, CRASHED, no, no there wasn’t.

      Ramsey is nothing but a salesman, selling one product, debt snow ball.

      His entire body of work could be put on 7 pages and that would be that.

      Am I ever wrong on the air, damn strait and you know if you listen what happens when I am, I come out and say so do I not? Can you send me one audio clip of Ramsey ever doing this, once, even one time. We can point to time and time and time where he was wrong, has he even once admitted so, once said hey we have to change our approach on this, no, never.

      If you follow Ramsey you are buying into major corporate marketing, nothing more.

      Do you really think Ramsey sat and took it up the butt with his investments from 2008-2012? Do you really believe that? Do you really think he wasn’t holding hedge funds while screaming to you and others to BUY the market while it was on sale?

      The facts are in 2008, Jack Spirko told you OVER AND OVER AND OVER,

      “Get the hell out of the market, do it now, go to cash if you don’t know what to go into instead but get the hell out”.

      It is all on record and all recorded. Over and over.

      Ramsey said in the same time, “there is no crash coming, the market is on sale, just keep buying for the long haul”.

      Do you want me to tell you why I have so little respect for Dave over all. Here is why.

      Give me any question the guy gets on a given day, I will tell you precisely every single time 95% of better to the LETTER what he is going to say. Same shit, year after year, no adjustment, no acknowledgement that he was wrong about SO MANY THINGS.

      The economy changes, investment risk changes and he says the same WRONG crap over and over.

      The advice in the example was WRONG, no one with an open mind could defend his advice to that man, no one. Well no one with an understanding of mathematics and money that is for sure.

      Dave on basic debt – A

      Dave on money management – C

      Dave on business management D

      Dave on Investing D –

      Dave on Marketing an Idea Consistently so it is Believed Even When Proven WRONG with FACTS A +

    • I think you have to understand WHY Dave says no to debt consolidation. He has to sell mass customization and the masses that call him are 9 out of 10 times absolutely horrible at managing debt and are probably not well enough equipped to leverage the secured debt of a HILO against unsecured credit card debt. And those people probably shouldn’t do that.

      But to Jack’s point, it’s marketing and mass customization when in fact there are plenty of people who Dave should tell “yes take out a HELO and pay off your debt faster and cheaper!”

      Jack qualifies most of his advice with “it depends” he says he can only give general advice because he doesn’t know your climate, soil, prepping stage, means and abilities, etc. All which play into how each individual should attack any one thing. Dave plays to the lest common denominator and so must put everyone in the you don’t what the hell you’re doing category.

      Just my two cents.

      • “He has to sell mass customization and the masses”.

        No he doesn’t, that is what he chooses to do. He talks to people like they are all morons, he is sure that no one can actually think for themselves. Bad advice is bad advice, period.

        • Technicality on my words. I’m writing from my phone so the print is small and it’s hard to type!
          You’re right though he chooses to and doesn’t have to. I just meant to convey that’s what he’s doing, selling to the masses and the least common denominator.

  23. Its clear that you gave an absolute that wasn’t the truth and you ignored your own mistake and go after him some more. You still haven’t admitted that you were wrong on the interest deduction.

    I remember in 2008 him being on TV and his show stating that until it had been 2 consecutive quarters of flat or negative growth it wasn’t a recession. You made the same statement the other day on your show. AT THE TIME it had not been 2 consecutive quarters…once it was I do remember him saying it was a recession and yes I heard him say everything was on sale and everything was on sale. By and large his advice to get people out of debt and start saving and teaching people is far better than 95% of those financial liars.

    Is he a sales guy of course he is.

    Most likely that guy would have gone back in debt after doing the home equity debt consolidation. After doing what Dave has been doing for 20+ years I am sure he has seen it happen time and again. Dave is trying to break a psychological pattern and by paying off the debt the hard way might be what people need. That doesn’t mean that I agree with it for every situation.

    Because of him more people are getting and staying out of debt and are investing (I don’t agree with everything he says but he is getting people moving in the right direction), should they stop there and never learn anymore? no. Do people stop there of course they do.

    • Now you are just defending Dave to the level of being a blind follower and lying. You said I didn’t admit to being wrong about the student loan debt interest and I did, I also said it was insignificant.

      You have done this before and run on and on about Dave this and that everytime I bring him up.

      I will waste no more energy on you. Got get a Dave bobble head and put it on your desk and feel good about it for all I care. Dave is a shitty investment adviser and often gives terrible and costly and flat WRONG advice. Defend that if you wish, just because he “gets people moving in the right direction”.

      • Bluntly, F-OFF! This is my show, I will damn well discuss what I want.

        I may do a whole segment on why Dave sucks next week, if I choose to and you get no say in that. As for you “simple solution” I have another one, head for the door if you don’t like what I do and by all means, please allow it to hit you in the ass on the way out.

  24. I hope you will accept my apology Jack I had missed where you acknowledged you were wrong about student loan interest. I have been known to suffer from foot in mouth syndrome.

    If it weren’t for Dave I would be in a far worse financial position with regards to debt, budgeting, retirement, and life insurance. In light of that loyalty I can be blinded to things that doesn’t mean it is fun for me to see my loyalty skewed.

    • Again not exactly wrong, just as I said it was insignificant because the majority of debt was credit cards.

      Frankly I don’t care if you have a Ramsey shrine in your closet! I don’t care if you disagree with me till the cows come home, that is fine.

      My problem is your fing arrogance about telling me not to mention Dave or my opinion of him on my show.

  25. Conflicted – This is one of the easier questions that have been posed in the conflicted scenarios. If the force is a hostile group of “Bad” guys then I think the honorable thing to do is eliminate them with the least amount of possible damage to your own group.

    If you know the other group is intent on doing your group harm, how is it honorable to put your own people in harms way just so the other side knows you are attacking?

    • Of course that isn’t the exact scenario, no one said they are bad, just an oposing force to you, in effect YOUR group could be the “bad guys” in this.

      Though I don’t think it changes the answer, in force on force conflict an ambush is a valid tactic, and one of the most effective as well.