Episode-2075- Listener Feedback for 8-29-17 — 7 Comments

  1. Hey Jack,

    The reason Clark Howard says to be sure to use those gift cards is because so many people don’t use them, and lose their value when a store closes, unless there is another one nearby they can go to.

    The retail industry loves it when people forget to use the gift cards, as it is pure profit at that point.

  2. Jack,
    On your views about possession of weapons being legal or not. How do you feel about that issue when the power of the weapon has potential for massive destruction ie bombs, nerve gas and the like? My belief is that there comes a point where the potential of risk to the many outweighs the liberty of the few. Especially with the rise of radical idealists who don’t care for the life and liberty of anyone who might oppose them. How far this goes is above my pay grade as they say. But, I am all for some control over things like bombs and the material to make them. Ammonium nitrate and nitromethane (ANNM) are still one of the most powerful improvised types of AN-based explosives. These are available but if you try to buy a truckload of the stuff I guarantee you’ll have someone very interested people at the department of making you sad taking a look at what you are doing, as they should. I shudder to think what would happen if you could buy nukes at Home Depot or wherever. I also believe that every citizen in our country should be allowed to own freely any weapon which might be used against them by the people sworn to protect them in fully automatic weapons, incendiary rounds, and heavy artillery. It’s a fine line and I’d like to hear where you fall on the matter.

  3. I’m only caught up to the part about elections at school being used to teach kids to pick a side. Interestingly enough, when they did that this year at my daughter’s high school, Trump came in first and Gary Johnson came in second. Yep! The libertarian candidate came in ahead of Clinton. While they all had to “choose”, I was thrilled to see that a significant number of kids were actually thinking outside the box.