Episode-1854- Listener Feedback for 8-22-16 — 14 Comments

  1. I’d like to throw in my 2 cents on the rifle questions.

    Maybe Tim would be interested in an AR in 6.5mm Grendel or 6.8mm SPC as a hunting and tactical rifle. It’s light, can take big game, and can have flip-up sights and either a red-dot or a QD-mounted scope. Unfortunately, they are oddball cartridges and magazines.

    As for Bob’s Rem. 76 carbine, I just have to say I think it would make a helluva hunting gun for deer on up to moose in wooded and semi-open terrain if chambered in .338 Fed. It wouldn’t kick hard and has a good selection of bullets for taking any big game at practical ranges. That would be one slick rifle.

  2. Regarding the natural tendency for people to regiment themselves, you can’t get rid of it. You can only be aware and watchful for it and try your best to resist.

    Personally, I practice resistance by standing the wrong way in an elevator. People usually laugh at me, but exactly why they are laughing I cannot say. It does help me, though.

    There is a story of a Rabbi who ran a seminary. He knew after they graduated that their communities would come to them to resolve controversies. But if the people are coming to the Rabbi to resolve a problem it is likely that they couldn’t resolve it themselves without pissing off half the community so they come to the Rabbi and let HIM piss off half the community! (See how that goes?)

    So… to prepare a student, the Rabbi would send him to the hardware store to buy eggs. The people would point and laugh at the poor fellow. Then the Rabbi would send the same student to the grocer to buy wood and nails. Again the people would point and laugh at such a foolish boy who didn’t know the difference between a grocery store and a hardware store.

    By this method he made a student callous to laughter and the opinion of his fellows, so that he could make the right decisions without worrying about people criticizing at him or laughing.

    Two books to read regarding this tenancy to want to fit in are…

    “The Wave” by Todd Strasser. – This is a novel based on an experiment conducted by a California High School teacher who wanted to demonstrate to his class how an otherwise intelligent and sophisticated group of people (namely the German people) could be herded into supporting (or acquiescing to) the horrific things done to fellow human beings during World War 2.

    The other book is philosophy of sorts, written by a longshoreman…

    “True Believer: Thoughts on the Nature of Mass Movements” by Eric Hoffer. – His analysis of how mass movements work is spot on, and frankly frightening. If this book doesn’t piss you off, you are not paying attention.

    Alex Shrugged

  3. Jack,
    I am in the “Millenial” generation and I do play video games and a few other millennial stereotypes and you sometimes like to beat the horse on how millennials feel self-entitled and whatever else you say. Finally this you said if you listen to this show you might now be that though. This made all the Millenial rants all better.

    • My daughter-in-law is just barely a Millennial and she is a teacher for Millennials. In comparison to what she has told me, Jack has been holding back a little.

      Alex Shrugged

    • Adding to what Alex said I don’t blame Millennials for how they are, I blame Boomers and Xrs who raised them for how they are.

      Not the rest, TO A POINT. By the time you are in your 20s you can bitch and whine about your mommy and daddy and what they did or did not do right or stand up, man up and get shit done.

  4. On the yoga bag thing, it reminds me of something I’ve talked about before – using a beat up old SpongeBob or Hello Kitty diaper bag creatively spattered with yellow ochre acrylic paint (close color match for the “by product” of a kid with a stomach bug), for a bug out bag instead of some fancy MOLLE getup. Which do you think would get stolen first?

    • Well there are 10 round mags and there is its brother the 7400 or 740 which is the semi auto version, they no longer make it with the advent of the R-15 (because Remington is STUPID) but go to any gun show and you will find 740s and 7400s, for now anyway.

      • Hold on that, looks like the 7400 became the 750 with some nice upgrades. I don’t see it on Remington’s site, so not sure if they are still making them but plenty of places still have NIB 750s. Is another icon being retired, if so I may have to put the 750 on top of my buy list.

  5. OK Jack you said it so lets here a show about the 30-06.
    I agree with you on this cartridge.

  6. Another option for the rifle is an ar in 25 Sharps. Google it, they are getting very good efficiency out of it. Be careful scoping an air gun. Many are notorious for destroying good optics. It has to do with the backwards recoil impulse of many air guns.

    • Given the 392 and 397 are variable pump strait air guns there really is not recoil. What jacks with scopes on break barrel is the forward recoil of the piston mechanism.

      Simply using a scope made for airguns does a lot to deal with this as well.

      It isn’t the recoil is heavy just that it is different. Considering they kill scopes that do fine on say a 30-06, and die on an airgun. I mean can you image a forward recoil of a 30-06.

      Hence only spring piston and nitro guns have this issue and nitro guns are WAY less problematic. PCPs are strait air as well, with very little but all reward recoil.

  7. To comment on the yoga bag, one thing that some people recommend for people living in NJ is to use a toolbox to transport your guns. Of course, in NJ, you were more likely to get hassled by the cops going to/from the range but it was a good way to be incognito.

    Glad to be out of NJ!