Episode-2069- Listener Feedback for 8-21-17 — 8 Comments

  1. Jack,
    I took the first Bleeding Control class offered in Texas here in spring not too long ago. It was extremely eye opening. I bought a few tourniquets immediately after and showed my family how to use them. I also took the CERT class not too long after, and I start my EMT class tomorrow evening.
    The quality of the Bleeding Con class is excellent, they go through tourniquet, wound sealing and wound packing. Highly recommended.

      • I can’t disagree with the medical issues. They ARE teaching a sweep and clear, since it’s geared towards civilians helping out neighbors after a disaster, and they do have the “benefit the many” mentality. That being said, ours was taught by Paramedics, firefighters and a couple DHS terrorist experts. They all agreed having CPR and traumatic bleeding control would be a good idea, but because it’s a FEMA /DHS course, they HAVE to follow the course objectives. Wink wink, nod nod.
        It was a good class for learning a lot of basic techniques in search and rescue, quick site surveying, basic medical, situational awareness and and overall peek into how governmental agencies view terrorism prevention and response.
        The test at the end gave me a whole new appreciation for first responders. We had to clear a mock disaster, basically consisting of the VFD building and a single room full of victims. Triage, while screams, fire, sparking electrical, and all in the dark with no flashlights was very intense.
        Overall, it was directed at civvies with zero response, think neighborhood watch on steroids. Worth taking just for the organization skills and getting to know your local responders and like minded neighbors.

  2. I loved hearing about your father in law. What a story. Man, would have loved to hear that from him directly.

    So, I’m listening your take Jack about “Tony” and his plight. And I’m thinking, as I’m sure many others are, that something has got to be done. I mean, we can’t just sit here and let our sons be banished to the back of the bus.

    Then it occurred to me, sort of along the same lines as you mentioned before; the best way to end this nonsense is just not to play the game. And I think that’s happening now. The source of all this is the academia. And academia is collapsing under its own weight.

    Why in God’s name would I want my two white sons to go to college in this environment? They are hated there! Why spend ANY money sending them through that crap? If they want to go to college and study Math or engineering, more power to ’em. But the day of the liberal arts degree is over. And I for one can not freaking wait until the universities collapse.

    Just don’t play the game folks. To have your son graduate with a liberal arts degree with 50k or more in debt simply makes no sense, especially how much he is despised on campus.

  3. Oh by the way, I had to add my two cents on white privilege. In 1992 I was a few months away from getting out of the army. I wanted to go to college and use my GI Bill. I took the SAT on the same day we got back from a 15 day field problem. I was still in my BDU’s, cammied up, stinking to high heaven the whole thing. But i did well enough to get into college.

    I cleaned carpets in the morning, went to school in the afternoon and bartended in the evenings and weekends.
    This was back in the early 90s. And even then, white men were bad. I remember going to a class and some idiotic professor telling the students how easy white men had it and all that tripe.
    Ironically, that next morning I cleaned the carpets of very prominent black guy’s house in Mclean VA. Let’s just say there ain’t no Po folks in Mclean VA.

    his wife was very nice, gave me a fat tip too. But I will never forget. packing my truck up and just chuckling at the irony of it all.

    I was displaying my white privilege apparently! HA

  4. The political correctness on the left and constant harping on white privilege is driving a lot of this stuff. Have a listen to the latest kunstler podcast which is sort of funny in some ways