Episode-2493- Listener Feedback for 8-19-19 — 6 Comments

  1. One of my favorite things about the Ark team is their active project updates. Not just a general roadmap, here’s the projects we’re working on and here’s how far we’ve come in a percentage value:

    I wish more projects did this, and have pitched this model to other development teams. After all, how many times can a team say SOON?!


    Jack, you said you switched delegates from the Foundry to Ark World(?), was that strictly based on payout or for another reason? I honestly haven’t checked the delegate list in months.

  2. I have the same question.  I remember listening to the interview with the Foundry guy.  I picked up some ark and voted for thefoundry.  Been with them ever since.  Listening to this episode, I thought the same thing “Why did Jack switch?  What’s the  rationale?  Am I missing something?”

    Looking at the delegates list, both are pretty close in rank, identical in payout, but the fees seem to favor thefoundry  @ .005 vs .03 for arkworld.  Of course, you’d have to have a shit-ton of ark for either fee rate to even register on the mouse-fart scale.

    The Foundry (37) puts out quite a bit of information and seems very active in promoting the Ark ecosystem:

    Arkworld (40)… not much info:

    Now that I think about it, I don’t know if I ever heard Jack say that he was actually voting for thefoundry.  I just assumed.  I’m still with them, and don’t have any plans to change for now.

    • I did and about a few months ago I did a check to see if payouts had changed. Turned out, they had. I increased my payouts about .2 ARK a day just by switching.

      You can check payouts here

      Every once in a while I audit who is paying best, if the change is enough to quickly pay back the cost to unvote and revote I do it. I also watch the numbers a few days before I do it. Some delegates will jack up payouts for a week or so to get new votes and then start reducing them. Right now Arkworld seems to have dropped quite a bit. #1 is Kolap, but I will wait a day or three to see if it stays that way.

      Arkworld actually slid to #10 in the past few weeks but they have been consistent so I am riding it a while to see what happened. Since you have to pay to switch you need to do the math on the payback time. I figure with ARK so cheap and the cost to run a delegation some have cut to remain profitable, and I respect that.

      I love what the foundry is all about but in the end, MONEY IS MONEY.

      Right now today 4000 ARK voted will pay out as follows as of today

      Kolap 1.15 #1
      ArkWorld .97
      TheFoundry .96

      Since it is an ark to vote and un vote if no one changes and IF you have 4k ARK switching from ArkWorld to Kolap would take only 5.5 days to pay back and get ahead.

      As I have a significant amount of ARK the time is even shorter for me. The more you have the faster the less the longer. In the end watch for stable delegates don’t just chase the one at the top this very second or you burn more than you earn.

      • HOLD ON, apparently right now it is only a quarter an ark to vote or unvote, so I am switching for a whole to kolap, we shall see what they do. More is more.

  3. Jack, I’d love it if you and the Harris spent an episode brainstorming ways to make life uncomfortable for cockroaches and two-legged varmints. That’s always a fun mental exercise.

  4. I was raised by people like Carlton described. Yay me. They dont care about lights like streetlights they are so gypsy-brazen it just gives them light to work by. However motion sensing lights and cameras well thats was uncomfortable to them. The cockroach metaphor is pretty solid.