Episode-2064- Listener Feedback for 8-14-17 — 9 Comments

  1. I’m reading through a book right now called *The Hungry Brain: Outsmarting the Instincts That Make Us Overeat* by Stephan Guyenet. It basically goes into what the current science is behind what makes us overeat, it’s well cited and has good caveats when the science is disputed. The biggest thing is just the abundance a satiating food that has just the right mix of fats and sugars that makes us gain weight – which really started taking off in the 70s – if I remember correctly. He talks about how grains aren’t really that bad for you, you just need to recognize that that slice of yeast bread has a lot of calories in it – so don’t eat a lot. It goes into how our brains work and makes decisions (why some of us struggle more than others); what hunter gatherers ate and how they ate and much more. I’m about half way through it and have to say I love it. It is very informative. I’m going to have to go back and reread it. His blog is also great, just wish he published more on it!

    Another great book on obedience is *The Lucifer Effect: Understanding How Good People Turn Evil* which goes into the psychology of obedience and social pressure even when it doesn’t make any sense. I think I original heard about it from listening to Larken Rose (caveat I do think Larken is on the extreme side for me but he does have some interesting insights).

  2. What was the book on the Civil War? I was hoping to see it in the show notes. I guess I’ll have to listen through it again. Unless someone caught it.

  3. I find in Ulaanbaatar that the obedience to technology is more mixed compared to the US. Street lights? Here the key mantras for drivers seem to be “better to ask forgiveness than permission” and “if traffic police didn’t see it then I didn’t do it”, therefore red lights are treated as a guideline (if even that) rather than a rule. And with electricity being less reliable and most machinery & gadgets tending towards being in rougher shape and prone to breaking down, Mongolians seem to be more flexible in adapting or doing without. But mobile phones and social media on the other hand… those have got the majority of the population grabbed tight by the short and curlies just like the U.S. It’s an interesting contrast.

  4. Just my luck I’d run the light, and find out later that some podunk police department had a camera hooked up and were using it to up the town’s revenue… LOL

  5. In an Environmental Studies class in college back in the early 70’s we went to the Okeefenokee Swamp in South Georgia for several days a couple of times. We had some quality Ranger time, and remember they did not allow dogs in boats or canoes because a gator just might come in the boat after it.

    After an afternoon of floating a couple of miles on lifejackets and boat cushions along a slow moving stretch of shallow black swamp water, we attended a slide show that evening.

    The Ranger told us the main reason they did not want you in the water was in the picture he was showing of huge Alligator Snapping Turtle that usually lies on the bottom with his mouth open, ready to chomp off a couple of dangling toes…

  6. Hi Jack, great show today. It was informative and inspiring. Two quick points. I’m a listener from Guelph. The town is pronounced “Gwelf”, the surname of some of the British monarchy.

    Also, I love Alan Doyle’s music. Previously, he was in a band called Great Big Sea. They were very successful and had many hits and awards. Their sound is “Down East ” or maritimes. Look up the song “Ordinary Day”. You’ll love the lyrics and you’ll have a better idea of his musical roots.

  7. When I worked with the Dutch Military they gave me a brief about their culture. One of the first fun facts was “A traffic light doesn’t mean much to a Dutchman in a hurry”.

    I love lifes little seeds that it plants inside our heads. “Waking Up” often doesn’t happen overnight like it did for Neo in the Matrix 🙂

  8. Thanks for your feedback on my side hustle article, Jack. One point I’d like to highlight is your comment regarding the NEED for the money. The cash flow from my side hustle is designed to be reinvested into my property in the form of animals, fencing, plants, water catchment and so on, all with the intent of some day making my property profitable, rather than an expense.

    Also, I’m already seeing the growth in social capital from my involvement as a vendor at the local Farmer’s Market.

    Dig the show. -Matt