Episode-2270- Listener Feedback for 8-13-18 — 10 Comments

  1. To caller Jeff who was looking for developing entrepreneur eyes.  I recommend another podcast (gasp!  blasphemy!)  The Side Hustle School is a daily podcast that is only 7-10 minutes long.  Each day the host features one person who has successfully started a side business.  Some ideas are mundane but profitable, some are unique and creative.  Most are somewhere in-between.  The point is not to copy someone else (but you could) but to get inspired.  There are 590 episodes so far.  That’s a lot of inspiration!

  2. Tire Plugs:

    I have not only used two plugs to fill a hole, numerous times, but I once double plugged a side wall and it lasted for as long as I had the tires — not that I would recommend doing that 🙂 but they do work really well. ( fyi – before I get hate for plugging a sidewall – it was mainly an off road jeep with giant tires that were really expensive to replace )

  3. Jack,

    Thanks for answering my questions on the chickens. No offense was taken at all, everything you said was spot on and affirmed what I thought about the whole situation. I’ve never killed a dog, and don’t plan on starting. Even if you had said that it would have been justifiable (which I never believed you would) I couldn’t have done it, I’m too much of a dog person. We’re looking at all the options you suggested, working on a solution, and looking forward to getting a few new chicks to rebuild our flock.

    Thanks again for everything,

    Travis in Kentucky

  4. For Travis: Take a look at Premier electric poultry net, 45″ tall. Although some of my chickens are active fliers, so far they haven’t gone over and I think it’s because the net is a little floppy. The openings are small but chicks, ducklings and probably bantams could get through so be aware of that. The floppiness would also increase the likelihood of a predator that tries to breach it getting a shock. The cost is much less than the two-wire system and you can reconfigure your paddocks pretty easily.

    And for Jack and the family looking for “therapy” chickens, I’m so delighted I could help! That’s what’s great about the TSP community. It’s terrific that they found a 4H event right away where they could see the different breeds, talk to owners, etc.

  5. As far as autonomous vehicles one very significant challenge is that most computer systems are subject to certain failures or need to be rebooted from time to time. Every time a new software release occurs there are potential for bugs. Hundred percent certainty that there are no bugs in software is not possible and that therom can be proven mathematically. The ass self driving cars can be subject to failure and accidents.

    • They may not achieve 100% certainty but they can achieve above humans. I’ve been in industrial automation for about 20 years now and the number one failure I have seen is the human aspect. A large portion of my programming is preventing humans from screwing up.

  6. To the gentleman looking for entrepreneur mindset. I’ve got a couple questions you can ask yourself. What am I good at? What are my hobbies? What am I interested in? Will do I know?

    when I first started listening to Jack in 2010 I was the president of a back country Horsemen chapter in Central Oregon. I was investing a lot of time and money into horses and related gear. My uncle was shutting down his part-time Carriage business in Portland Oregon and I took it over. That allowed me to have a lot of write-offs for my hobby and I was surrounded by people that could assist me in getting the business started.

    a second business I started was because of my passion and my wife’s skill. She works for a publication business in Bend and has been laying out magazines and newspapers her entire career. Because of my upbringing in Michigan on a small hobby Farm with different kinds of animals, a huge Orchard and lots of different types of animals we started a small, local magazine highlighting farmers and teaching people how to grow and cook with food that is grown locally.

    In short, figure out what you like to do and surround yourself with those type of people. Join local business meetups. if you need to learn something, do the same as any high school student should and intern for free somewhere. It starts slow but eight years later I am surrounded by some of the largest business names in my area and city council comes up and talk to me well I am hanging out downtown giving carriage rides. You don’t understand the opportunities that this allows you until you’re in the situation. Your first business will only be a learning experiment. 10 years from now you will be a whole new person!

  7. Kids fishing (I think this segment got skipped but was on the intro):

    Our the kindergarten class at my kids school takes a field trip to the MO conservation department fish hatchery.  They supply all the gear and they fish in an artificial pond that is wheelchair accessible.  It’s an hour of touring the hatchery, hour of fishing, hour of lunch, an hour at the playground, and an hour at a nearby state park.  It is a popular “parent participation” trip and at most there are two kids per parent.  I’ve been twice.  It works and they have a lot of fun.  Switching things up helps with the attention span. 

    How to calibrate eyes to make more $.  Here’s a good place for some ideas.  They offer both blog and podcast.  Seeing a variety of things others do gets my gears turning.  Maybe it will work for you.