Episode-2488- Listener Feedback for 8-12-19 — 7 Comments

  1. Hey! Headwaters Kayak. Something from my town! Use them all the time in the summer as I currently lack space to store a kayak.

  2. Hey Jack, on the Citizens during Active Shooter situations, I agreed with most of what you said however you seemed to have left out Law Enforcement.

    Emantic Fitzgerald Bradford Jr was a Concealed Carry in Georga that responded to an active shooting that happened at a mall he was at, but before he could fire a shot a police officer who was also responding gunned him down, allowing the actual shooter to escape for several hours.

    Also at the church shooting in Texas the shooter was chased off by a man next door responding with his own rifle.

    Im sure there are many more examples however they are not the kind of thing Google and the Media like to make easy to find.

    Anyway thanks for all ya do.

    • I think that was all covered pretty well. It doesn’t matter who shoots you, just that you get shot as a mistaken bad guy.

  3. Just adding some more info to the active shooter scenario discussion. I agree that the likelihood of being involved in one is VERY low. (A George Carlin bit is in my head right now..) However, if this is something we will choose to prepare for, then here are some more considerations.:

    60-70% of active shooter scenarios end before police arrive, for different reasons. (I’ve seen both numbers used in training.)

    What you do in that time matters.  Run, hide, fight and avoid, deny, defend. (the same but different :P) Absolutely! But our mindset and our response to a potential threat come in to play before this.

    In a life threatening situation we always hear about our brain’s fight or flight response, but in reality there’s a 3rd option which is freeze. You don’t always know what your response will be until you’re in that specific situation. Looking back, I’ve done all 3 in different scenarios, I think most could say the same. We can train, and it helps, but there’s nothing like the real thing.

    Here’s an interesting article based on concepts from Amanda Ripley’s book, “The Unthinkable: Who Survives When Disaster Strikes- and Why”:

    Beware of normalcy bias, as Jack’s discussed before. This leads to denial.

    Let’s work on our mindset and awareness so we’re not stuck in the freeze response and can execute run, hide, fight.

    Remember, the body cannot go where the mind has not been. 


  4. “And now for something completely different…”


    Glad we’re talking about kayak fishing, something I’ve been thinking about for a while now. Only my interest has drifted more towards bow fishing. Used to go out with friends on their fishing boats, but have since relocated and have not had the same opportunity yet.


    Sitting is impractical for multiple reasons while bowfishing, so said kayak would have to be stable enough to stand on. My current ‘yak is not. There’s a few videos on youtube of people doing it, but not much discussion on proper yaks and considerations.

    There’s one guy who took an inflatable raft from Amazon and put a plywood bottom in it and attached a swivel chair. Perhaps a SUP is the way to go? Then there’s always those 2 man plastic units that fit in the bed of a truck, like this:


    Would love to hear what people’s thoughts and solutions are to that one. Sticking to the banks until then.

  5. I started with a Catch 120 and recently upgraded to Bote Rackham Aero because I  prefer fly fishing. I’m a large guy and can stand easy to cast on the Rackham. It’s a really stable platform but was not low cost by any means.