Episode-1184- Listener Feedback for 8-12-13 — 35 Comments

  1. I was CHEERING Mr. Finley’s talk. I would welcome “gangsta shovels” in my community. As you said, this man is a DOER as am I, as most of us here are. Making our reality with our hands beats ANY fantasy.

    The DO-OCRACY rises!

    • I recall seeing that TED Talk when Jack posted it on his Facebook page and was really impressed with Ron Finley’s speech. It was a really inspirational talk and I encourage all TSPers to click on the link in the show notes and spend the 10 minutes or so to watch it.


  2. Add ‘protect me from terrorism’ to the long list of things I DON’T need the government doing for me.

    Only the bloated, dead, pointless whale that is the clown house could even conceive of spending $2.2 TRILLION (to date) to ‘protect us’ against a 1:20,000,000 risk.

    Which is not even mentioning the human cost.

    There were 349 military suicides in 2012. Add to that the 295 combat deaths in Afghanistan last year and that’s MORE dead Americans in ONE YEAR than have been killed in every terror attack, excluding 9/11, combined since 1970. And that’s not even getting into foreign civilian deaths.

    Since I’m 4x more likely to be struck by lightening.. how about just passing out tinfoil hats.. they should only cost about a buck a piece. Americans are safer AND we save $2 Trillion.. win-win.


  3. Great point about buying meat locally in large quantities. My family (my father, my sister and her husband, and myself) goes in together on a half a buffalo once every year or so from a nearby farmer. It’s great tasting meat, obviously very good for you, and they’re still raised the right way, without force feeding and tons of hormones and antibiotics.

    • I agree. Turns out one of my sons friends parents raise grass fed cattle. Hoping to save the pennies to but all or part of one of their cattle. They were talking about the taste of their beef and I was drooling!

      Jack… another AWESOME show. Spot on for my family on nearly all accounts. I would love a show with Mr. Finley. I hate cities but if I lived in one I would be meeting him ASAP with a shovel in hand!

  4. I was checking out the permaculture voices website and noticed that there is a spot for “promo code” on the registration page. I don’t remember Jack mentioning if there was one that applied to TSP or MSB. Is there a promo code for us?
    Cheers, Tar

  5. Jack, great show today. For anyone in Texas looking for a great place to get beef, check out this guy who runs a family business:

    He’s doing a discount until August 20th on whole and half beef carcasses.

    Keep up the great work Jack!

  6. Those permaculture cards look AMAZING. Thanks for ruining my budget this month Jack, but hot damn, I just couldn’t resist ordering two packs of those damn things. I’m not always sure what I think of Paul Wheaton’s (often unconventional and sometimes downright strange) ideas, but he hit it out of the park with this one. I hope to see these become standard issue in bugout bags and homesteads everywhere.

  7. Jack,

    I wanted to be mad at you after listening to the part of the show about cops, but as I actually thought about what you were saying — and got over my initial knee-jerk reaction — I had to admit it’s pretty much true. I thought about numerous examples of incidents I’ve seen and witnessed over the course of my career that perhaps didn’t violate the letter of the law, but probably skirted the spirit of it.

    Now I’m not sure about your brother-in-law, but I can say with certainty that they didn’t teach us in the academy to lie when testifying. Alan Dershowitz coined the term “testi-lying” during the OJ Simpson trial and I think that image has stuck.

    However, I’m aware that back in the department, you were shown ways to “arrange” your reports, which then became the basis of your testimony, that made them “flow” better. Sequences of events might be rearranged to make the story read better, and no doubt meet constitutional scrutiny. Some likely did this more thoroughly than others.

    In NJ, for example, you were able to search a car without probable cause only if you got written consent from the owner (the courts have severely limited this practice since). But it wouldn’t be unheard of for an officer to get verbal consent to search, find contraband, and subsequent to the arrest get the actor to sign the consent form.

    Yes, amazingly, people committing crimes almost always give consent to search, particularly if they’ve been presented with the scenario that you think they’re carrying rocket launchers, grenades, etc. The person often thinks, “well I’m not carrying that,” without realizing that any contraband found subsequent to the search for those this is also cause for arrest.

    In reality, the best course of action for the citizens (if not for the police) is to remain silent and not give consent. Be respectful and comply with the orders of an officer — you can end up dead if you don’t — but also maintain control of your individual rights.

    Not every encounter with a police officer is a prelude to your rights being violated. And more often than not, you don’t know what an officer knows (or thinks he knows) when he’s making a motor vehicle stop, for instance. It’s not always a lie when he orders you from your car with your hands visible that he thinks you’re a criminal. You might know you haven’t done anything wrong, but the officer has just been given a description of a car and driver that’s just robbed a bank that matches you and what you’re driving and if you suddenly say I’m not getting out of this car, or I ‘m not stopping for this officer because I didn’t do anything wrong, you can end up very dead.

    About the only criticism I’d have about your show today Jack is that you gave the impression the prevalence of lying and abuse of authority is more rampant than what it is. It does happen, without question, but it’s not as pervasive as you make it sound, so I’d just caution your listeners to realize that more often than not — much more often — there is probable cause for an officer’s actions and they are acting as they’re not only required to do, but also as you’d want them to if we’re to fight crime and prevent the breakdown of society before those in power break it down for us.

    So, yeah, my initial reaction was “You’re wrong!” but on further reflection I had to admit you were right, though perhaps not as right from a pervasiveness standpoint as you made it sound.


    • I sent you an email with more details, many personal so not posting them here. But for everyone else one thing there was I never said trained to lie in court, that does happen but I don’t say that you are trained to do so. I said trained to lie, as in lie to people on the street, the public, etc. Sorry if that wasn’t clear. If I thought cops were trained to lie at the academy on the witness stand, it would be time for some major marches in the streets just to get started.

      I did send you this video, let’s all play count the number of times the officers lie,

      Though I do have to say that in the end they did do mostly the right thing. But how many lies can everyone count here,

      I’ll help and lets count the same lie multiple times if it is repeated these are some facts given not everyone will be familiar with the laws in Texas, Tarrant County and the City of Mansfield

      1. Mansfield Texas does have a noise ordinance
      2. Texas is an open carry state with long guns
      3. It is not a “Breech of Peace” just because someone calls and complains about a legal activity if so can we all call in about saggy pants and fat people in spandex too?
      4. If you don’t let a person leave and using your authority as an officer you are legally defined as detaining them even if you say you are not

      Even with all of this I give these guys a 7-8 out of 10 vs how most cops have handled such things. I love it when the cop says, “I am not doing this to make some point on youtube” and the guy with the gun says something to the effect of, “yea you are”. LOL

  8. Awesome show, Jack. Thanks especially for the great last segment. I’d love to get a few “DO-ocracy” shirts from TSP Gear Shop. Let’s get some designs going!

  9. Jack thanks for introducing me to Ron Finley. We really do need to get him on the show. “Growing your own food, is like printing your own money!” Love that!

  10. Hi Jack, Your wraps ups to listener calls/emails just keep getting better. Making your own reality and taking charge of your future really hit home for me today. last weeks show on the legacy you leave was also very powerful. Listener feedback and calls are my favorites for sure.

  11. Temecula isn’t far from LA, perhaps some of us who are going to the Permaculture Voices event should arrive a little early and lend a hand? Lets plant some shit! Maybe he’ll do an interview while we’re working ;-).

  12. Jack,

    I’m not sure what you mean when you say ‘heritage breed’ in regards to the freedom ranger. Regardless, the freedom ranger breed is a hybrid just like the cornish cross. It’s a complicated and carefully protected hybrid ( that is less efficient than the cornish cross and thus lends itself to keeping on a larger range.

    • Every chicken breed on the planet other then ones running in the jungles still in Sumatra are hybrids.

      Yes they are a hybrid but a natural hybrid made of breeds that are all heritage breeds. The breed is actually quite old having originated in the 60s in France. I consider them a heritage breed.

      There are many stories of people keeping them into a second year and them doing well and many actually becoming laying hens. I was blown away by this.

      My gut is if someone ran say 100 of these in a 50-50 run and selected actually the mid sized vs. largest birds and say keep back 2 roosters and 12 hens and breed them the next year we’d get well on our way to a really awesome dual purpose bird very quickly.

      Every breed you know today originated this way.

  13. Jack:

    Thanks for the info on the correctly named Freedom Rangers. Locally the jumbo cornish are avail in store. I am tired of watching them like a hawk for signs of distress. Next year I will try the Freedom Rangers. Sounds like an ideal meat bird.

    • Here is where I got mine

      They shipped within a week and the birds were awesome, zero losses after the first week. We already have them outside on grass because it is plenty warm out.

      I only have one complaint about McMurray, I specified shipping as ASAP with no idea when that would be. I also asked that I be either emailed or called when they had a ship date. That never happened. Luckily we were only about one mile away from the post office when they called us and said, “we have your livestock here”. So if you place an order I would follow up with a call to be sure of your ship date.

  14. Loved your comment that the “strong taste” is what chicken is supposed to taste like. I gave a couple dozen farm fresh eggs to a friend and his wife didn’t like them because “they taste too eggy”

    • [I gave a couple dozen farm fresh eggs to a friend and his wife didn’t like them because “they taste too eggy”]

      That makes my head hurt!

  15. As a 4th gen cattle farmer with the 5th already coming online who has been raised on our own beef. We have found the best plate experience is with grass feed with a having grain available the last 30-60 days before butcher. This gives a better marbling while retaining the grass feed, pasture raised flavor and texture.

    We have been selling halves of animals and all of our customers have really enjoyed the beef they pick up from the butcher from us.