Episode-2246- Listener Feedback for 7-9-18 — 14 Comments

  1. Thanks for your list of supplements.  I will listen and reevaluate my list.  I think you should talk more frequently about health topics.  They’re key to survival!

  2. Hot dog! Someone finally told the right that they can’t tell others what to do if they don’t want to be told what to do! Someone finally told the right that forcing people to defend the nation is indeed slavery. Thank you! (Also, I’m an anarchist so don’t call me a liberal.)

    Also, I don’t see these states as bad states. They’re just different and not what you want. People have the Universe-given right to have more government if they want it. But we absolutely have the right to have no government if we don’t want it. The key is to figure out how to have self-determination in a manner in which everyone can coexist.

    Jack’s idea is how it SHOULD work. As an urban & transportation planner & engineer, I studied planning & zoning, along with transportation, and other concepts (and practice it) and what he states is it how it SHOULD play out. The problem is exactly as he states as well, people cannot restrict themselves from controlling OTHER people, so they make all these amendments and subsections backing out of adhering to the law. Decentralized  government is the key to minimal global and national influence on individuals, short of no government at all.

    • “Hot dog! Someone finally told the right that they can’t tell others what to do if they don’t want to be told what to do! Someone finally told the right that forcing people to defend the nation is indeed slavery. Thank you! (Also, I’m an anarchist so don’t call me a liberal.)”

      Finally?  I’ve been saying the same thing for over a decade.

  3. I’m not talking about you specifically- I know you have. It’s a blatant indictment of the supposed republican ideals.

  4. On the U.N. breastfeeding thing….
    This entire thing to me is stupid. This mandate is sponsored by some of the poorest nation’s on earth. No matter what the U.N. says on the matter, infants there will continue to receive breast milk because people in 3rd world nation’s don’t have the money to buy formula even if they wanted to.

    It’s kinda like if the U.N. issued a mandate saying, the best thing on earth a man can do is flap his wings and fly. Well, that may indeed be great; but since I can’t do so the issue moot.

    The U.N. issues a mandate saying breathing is good for you but the US declined to support it!!! How dare they!? Come on.

  5. I see all the supplements except for ALA.  Did you leave it out by accident or on purpose?

  6. I was surprised when I found a recipe for a turmeric/ginger/cinnamon herbal tea blend that it included black pepper (freshly ground).  I was tempted to leave out the pepper until I heard it helped the turmeric.  After taking it a couple weeks, I stopped for a week and could feel the difference.  It is stout, not so easy to drink, heavy on the turmeric, which you have to be careful not to stain things.
    Tempting to use the pills instead.
    My daughter-in-law from India drinks a lot of turmeric. She cautions those who have not been in the habit of drinking it to take it slowly at first.  India is way ahead of the US on use of herbs, easy to find in little stores on the streets, and many things I have never heard of, nor did I hear anyone hesitate to claim what they were good for, of course you would need to do your own research.


  7. Regarding companies are addressing the student loan crisis.

    I work for a company that provides voluntary employee benefits to participating businesses. In this sector, the idea of “financial wellness” is a very hot topic. Naturally, student loan debt has become a one of the key issues under the umbrella of financial wellness.

    While there can still a “shell game” component to this, there are third party voluntary benefit providers whose sole purpose is to either renegotiate student loan debt on behalf of their client’s employees or straight up refinance student loans. Having the employer involved in this helps minimize the calculated risk of default and can help give the employee a much better rate than they might be able to get on their own.

  8. I’ve been a teacher for 15 years and it boggles my mind the hatred and disdain everyone has for a group of mostly women who try every day to do what’s best for kids for very little money. Yes the system sucks, I hate all the testing and encourage all my parents to contact their representatives and complain. My years of experience with homeschooling is the kids are way behind their peers academically and socially (weird kid to the extreme).

    I wish it was better, because they come to us and now my job performance is based on a kid who is two or three grade levels behind. Most education starts at home and the kids who are taught respect at home display it in public. I know I don’t have time to teach morals, manners, or ethics while teaching the curriculum set by the state, nor do I want to.

    It’s the parents job. Homeschooling is only as good as the person administering it, and let’s be honest, could the average person teach someone calculus, French, and how to write a paper at masterery level. I know I couldn’t. I teach science. I take 30-50 hours a year of professional development to make sure I’m the best at my job. I am a highly trained in my craft and am good at my job, why would you not want me to teach your child.

    • First, get over yourself, nothing in this was anti teacher it was ALL anti system but you know what, self martaydom crap like your comments above, does not help.

      Frankly I am tired of some shit from teachers.

      1. I am tired of hearing how underpaid you are when you get 3 months a year off.

      2. I am tired of hearing how much of your own money you spend on “supplies” which seem to amount to decorations and tissues.

      3. I am tired of the whole bullshit phrased many ways but specifically as you said it, “could the average person teach someone calculus, French, and how to write a paper at masterery level”

      Here you go on #3. First, if the average person can’t teach those things and those are core to high school YOU CAN’T TEACH THEM. Seriously if everyone goes to school to learn these “important subjects that you are going to need” and the average person can’t do them, they never learned them, they just were able to repeat them just enough to pass. They are now out earning the salaries you people say you deserve, unable to do the things you claim to have taught them. May be if you started using the trivium as the core of what you teach, you’d see the flawed logic there.

      Let’s add that while there are some advanced subjects that some high school students take because they are on specific paths that actually require them, all the way up to about 9th grade, anyone that got As and Bs in the previous grade is likely qualified to teach it.

      What I am saying is a kid that is in 9th grade that got all As and Bs in 8th, could if simply a bit more mature and a better baby sitter teach the fricken 8th grade. And it amazes me the uniformity you guys want in pay and then you turn around and talk about calculus. Really, flawed logic much? Okay then why do teachers advocate for a system devoid of merit pay? Why is a person 10 years in who teaches 2nd grade paid the same as a person 10 years in who teachers AP calculus, can you explain the calculus behind that?

      Okay also what is up with the “mostly women” comment? Don’t people that say such things usually complain about equality and such? Should you get special immunity to criticism because you are “mostly women”. I also think you must be one of those people getting calculus pay for teaching non calculus levels because that statement of “mostly women” is pretty skewed to the elementary level. Because at the High School level and collegiate level men are damn close to half of all teachers. Let me ask you why that is, why do more women choose to teach the less complex subjects but demand the pay of those that teach the most complex subjects.

      I mean really should we not pay a person teaching advanced math, computer science, AP economics, etc. higher than one teaching “see spot run”?

      In the end 90% of you will in time be replaced by technology, it would have already been done had the state not hooked parents on “mandatory daycare that includes education”. The schools are at this point minimum security prisons, the only reason there isn’t more death, injury, etc in them is people are generally good, but even the best are damaged and turned by a system that sees them flatly as dollar signs.

      And yes the system has created this, but as a group teachers seem to be one of the most spoiled groups in society. Constantly told they are underpaid heroes, they have taken the pill and totally believe it by and large. Now to be fair a LOT of you are really good at what you do, and you should be compensated better. However a lot of teachers bluntly SUCK, I have done enough parent teacher nights to know it is about an even split. I have met teachers that I honestly believe could run a company or could go from teaching 5th grade to teaching at the Master’s Level in a university tomorrow. Likewise I have met teachers I would consider barely suitable for busing tables at Denny’s.

      My problem with teachers is they want special recognition for simply being in a group we call teachers as though all are amazing and special and wonderful heroes. If you have listened to me for any period of time you know I find this to be bullshit with any and all groups, including the worst one, military.

      I get sick to my stomach when we refer to all military personal as heroes. What a bunch of nonsense. The military is made up of mostly solid people, a big group though is just there to do a job and while they do it well they are not special in anyway. There is a group that are outstanding in what they do, they are exceptional and become the best leaders, their men will follow them any where. There is also a group called shit bags, and we the military personal ourselves are the first people to say “this guy is a shit bag”. They are not the majority but there are a LOT of them, and a LOT of the people who are just there for a job too.

      I have found in any relatively protected bureaucracy this always happens. When you have a job where you almost have to rob a post office to get fired, this is what always happens. I doubt you ever got upset when I said this about the military in the past, so why now, too personal. Who do you think is better paid, the lowest paid starting teacher in America or an Army Private First Class with two combat tours?

      Lastly you take 30-50 hours of education a year in? Well holy fuck, teachers are the only ones that do that right? I mean the way you guys always bring that up as some sort of silver bullet, well yea I get 3 months off but I have to go back a week early and set up my class room, we have meetings on some days the kids are off, I have to buy bullshit to decorate my classroom and OMG I even have to take classes every year in some of my off time.

      Well, welcome to reality! My wife as a practicing LPN with 20 years of experience had to take 60 hours per every 2 years to maintain her license. That is 30 a year. She was paid far less than a teacher in Texas with 20 years on the job and she had to take her 30 hours WHILE WORKING FULL TIME, because unlike teachers she worked full time ALL YEAR. There are hundreds of such professional requirements with additional education requirements. When I mantained my RCDD, OSP and LAN credentials from BISCI I was required to do 20 hours per three years for the RCDD and 10 each for the LAN and OSP certifications.

      Oh and I had to maintain those education hours while working on average 80 hour days with only 2 weeks a year off, not 12. And while I made a LOT of money doing this it was 90% incentive based, my base salary was only 24K a year and if I didn’t make my incentives I would have been fired. Also my “benefits” where shit compared to even the worst states to be a teacher in.

      Oh and due to the fact that they are highly specialized they were very expensive and I had to pay for them out of pocket. My understanding is teachers get their additional training paid for by the state and some even complain that they are not paid extra for attending it. Wow! Talk about a reality disconnect.

      Starting salary to teach kindergarten in Texas is fricken 51,000 dollars, with 3 months a year off. And I am supposed to call someone that does that job a hero and weep for the construction paper and Kleenex they bought? Almost every profession with certifications has this requirement for additional education and about 90% of people have to do it while working full time and pay 100% out of pocket for it. Everything from lawyers, to ACE Mechanics, to Sig Sigma, to medical professionals (some MAs that earn on average 11 dollars an hour), telecom professionals, counselors, etc. But what the world is supposed to be shocked that teachers do and by the way most get it 100% paid for with tax payer money.

      Not to mention most of you guys can “retire” with pensions that average over 30K a year with only 20 years on the job. Meaning you have 40 year olds that can draw a reasonable wage for the rest of their lives, most of course stay a lot longer, because I mean it is so bad it is like “working in a war zone” and all but yet they stay, must be total dedication right?

      Don’t get me wrong, in spite of all that, I do have respect for teachers as a profession and a group. I am just absolutely sick of the self appointed hero status and the self inflected martyrdom anytime any teacher hears anything critical about their work.

      Lastly while I am the last one to correct grammar or spelling in most debates, if you are going to lecture on the burden of teaching “how to write a paper at masterery level” you might want to spell mastery correctly. And I may just be a red neck duck farmer that barely passed high school but I would think you would phrase that “how to write a paper at a masters level” for greater clarity. But again what do I know?

  9. Jack,

    You mentioned the Amazon multi-vitamin you liked listed the absorption rates, where did you find that information?


  10. Jack,

    I must have misunderstood the podcast, I thought you said Amazon listed the absorption rate of this multi-vitamin.  I went back and listened, I was mistaken, you were talking absorption on the turmeric.

    Thanks for the help