Episode-1822- Listener Feedback for 7-7-16 — 18 Comments

  1. Wow, I am honored that my story was on the same show as a reading of the Declaration of Independence and the words of John Adams. Thanks.

    I had an internal debate after submitting the story to you to add the phrase “we might always need a monster” to the old man’s speech, but I did not want to change it after I sent it to you, but you went right to a very salient point as always.

    Again thanks for including my story on your show.

  2. The monster isn’t going to be killed, or chained back, or replaced by another better monster.

    The monster is going to be fed, people will be desperate to feed it, people will willingly, desperately, flock to the barn, and lock themselves inside with the monster to feel protected. They will bow to the monster, tear off their clothes, give up their weapons, their food, their souls, to feed the monster.

    This is really just an eloquent way of saying my generation is a bunch of pussies who feel righteously indignant at someone like me who dares to question the validity of being a pussy.

    • I agree. It isn’t just the Left that does this, it is the Right as well. Both sides are driving us to a monster that will control all, the only thing that will differ is the shape the monster takes depending on who is in power when it finally gets too big.

      The left feeds their monster with what they call “justice” (economic, social) and the right with religion. Both are more than willing to feed the monster that agrees with them in the name of greed, power, and corruption.

      The freedom that we make for ourselves is at best fleeting, as eventually they’ll get to that freedom and gobble it up as well, and we’ll either be forced to acquiesce, or spend our time fighting to keep it. Which again makes us prisoners.

      • Thanks for the observations, we all dedicate our lives to something (pleasure, a career, a homestead family), is that enslavement. If so then we should go into our choices a well informed and as best we can.

    • Great post. I have two early 20’s daughters and two great (soon to be) son-inlaws. I think it’s just that the entitled Millennial’s are all we hear about. I see plenty of them even here but I see just as many great 20 somethings.

      We need all you Millennials who love the use of Reason to keep holding strong against the ones who’ve been trained to hate the truth & love the Monster.

      Keep shining light on the Left. They grow like mold if not.

  3. I’ve been using the transplant comfrey cream for about a year now for my eczema. I found it in a local natural store here in state college. It works very well.

  4. Maybe they used the robot lawyer for Hillary.
    Prompt: What is your name?
    if (fullName = “Hillary Clinton”)
    guilty = false
    guilty = ExtensiveLegalProcess()


  5. Jack, can you fix the link for “Article on a safe Comfrey Cream?” I have tried several times and it is a duplicate link for the robot lawyer.

    I really look forward to reading it. Thank you.

  6. About hitting a ‘reset button’ for America, what we need to reset is ‘we the people’, then other things like politics will fall into place. No politician is going to change America. As a people (not TSP listeners of course), we are terribly ignorant, we’re trapped in the 21st century, we don’t really know where we came from or how we became such a powerful country. What we know of the past is what the elites say we can know and it aint much. 1st step, read biographies (like John Adams), especially ones written a long time ago. 2nd, 3rd, …. steps: read old biographies and you’ll see what they are.

  7. All,

    There is no saving this country.

    Get your soul right with God and plan accordingly.

    There are not enough of this type of audience (who listen to TSP, Oathkeeper’s, Matt bracken, Karl Denninger, etc, etc, etc.

    That last statement is a vast understatement too!

    That last part Jack true.

    • The question you should be asking is does the America of today deserve to be saved or is it a Monster?

      This will be today’s ending song (7-12-16)

      Take a gander at the lyrics and realize it was written in 1969. As to Oathkeepers don’t know if you are aware but when Stewart took them off the rails with all the hype around the non event of Jade Helm and many leaders tried to correct it and he ignored them, many including myself resigned.

      OathKeepers is a great idea but the founder has turned it into a joke, a business of collecting dues at any cost rather than a group of sane men and women pledged to protect others. Call it the Alex Jones effect. This was such a problem that some new groups formed such as Pennsylvania Oath Keepers who simply defected and reformed, the entire fucking state man.

      Stewart did a good thing but lost his way in the end, he refuses to listen to anyone, or appoint a board with real power. Hence I won’t support the organization at this point. As a founding member I say that with a heavy heart.

  8. As ever, lots of amazing points, but the earth shattering one for me was ‘bernie supporters just want a chance, and they thing free shit is the only chance they’re going to get.’ It went along , in my mind anyway, with the questions we’ve heard lately ‘government gives funds to people in //my xyz// situation, should I accept that money from them?’. There may be more hesitation from this ‘side’ but I think ultimately the real difference is that bernie guys want government to take MORE from ‘the rich’ and give it to them and we are willing to take what government already stole from us. Ultimately I think we have more in common with them, certainly than I though, and I think that’s a good thing. Once you find a point of commonality, you can build from there and as he alluded to with the garden / political discussion metaphor, you can plant seeds and patiently watch them grow. Just my thought.