Episode-1604- Listener Feedback for 7-6-15 — 41 Comments

  1. Jack, it is stretched more than a little on the welfare thing. My mother-in-law had 3 different doctors tell her she could not work anymore. And, even with appeals, she was denied disability. She died penniless and still trying to get disability. The only reason she wasn’t homeless was the fact that my wife and I supported her by stretching our budget to its thinnest.

    • FWIW – my experience tends to validate both your and Jack’s POV: good people who find themselves in a position of needing the safety net all the sudden tend to find it near impossible to receive benefits.
      Meanwhile, there is an entire network of people, that tend to do all business in cash so they can keep up their government benefits. And these people know every trick in the book, not because they are that sophisticated, but because they talk to each other and have “adviser’s” that go to the same church etc. They are never married, show no reportable income, and literally get free everything, and usually do things like declare their friend as the daycare provider of their kids just to split the money etc.

  2. Jack,

    I liked your thoughts on the idealist people that refuse to get a permit to carry because of their strong beliefs against the laws in place… In Texas a recent law for CHL is in affect that I believe to be a more major govt overreach. They now want you to submit to an iris scan among other things to get a CHL. I think the trend to make up new rules and regs as “gun” (tongue n cheek) violence rises, will make people question how far they are willing to go to carry a firearm.

    The requiring of your Biometric data to carry gun is getting into the realm of too much intrusion. Of course now in Texas, to get your DL renewed, they are now requiring both sets of fingerprints. How far is too far for you Jack? Just curious…..

  3. Jack, you asked from feedback from a Law Enforcement Officer on the Eminent Domain issue. For a short background on me I am a 25 year old LEO in Central Texas. I have been in the field for 3 years and I have honestly become disenchanted with the profession as a whole. I won’t get into all of what I don’t agree with because the list would be too long. However I will say that the taking of property owned by someone else simply because you want it and would use it differently than they do is theft. Theft committed by the city without question. It is one of the reasons that I am looking at getting land and homesteading. Simply leaving a profession I no longer believe in fully. Dont get me wrong, I love what I do, I love catching those that hurt and take advantage of others. However as a whole I do not agree with what laws the law makers really want the enforcers to enforce.
    Sorry for the length of the rant, and thank you for your service to this country and community.
    A. Evans

    • Greetings A. Evans.
      Make sure to focus on what YOU can do. If you focus on anything else, you’re fulfilling somebody else’s agenda whether that is in law enforcement, a job, or anything else.

  4. Jack, I know you were coming from the anarchist perspective with your statements on liberty and a businesses right to refuse business.

    I will add my thoughts, I make the distinction between personal liberty and businesses, namely the constitution protects the inalienable rights of “the people” not “the people and entities owned by the people engaging in commerce” so when a person owns a business they retain their personal liberty however it cannot be excercized through said entity while in the public service domain.

    The reality of one group having different access levels to open to the public buildings and services doesn’t pass the liberty smell test for me. I think the cake baker should be able to have their personal opinions and speech about gay marriage, but if they can’t bring themselves to serve that group I don’t think they should be operating a business to the public. That’s where your right to swing your fist ends at their face.

    But as you said, the free market does decide, and this cake shop and the pizza place are both out of business now not due to the fines but due to public response to their positions and loss of business resulting from it.
    This is a big gray area for me and I’m still feeling out the boundaries of law, human rights, and liberty involved. Thanks for what you do I enjoy the show.

    • Look it works this way.

      I have a building I own or pay rent for, THIS IS NOT A PUBLIC BUILDING. Got it?

      Now if public money pays for the building and public dollars are spent with the business, OK, yea, now your point applies.

      If I build a restaurant, a bakery, a farm, a shit house, a frog ranch, a barbershop, a garbage dumb, a massage parlor, a opera house specializing in yodeling, etc, infinity, with my money it is NOT PUBLIC.

      I may have a policy of allowing public access but I can restrict it if I choose. Try shopping at Sams or Costco with out a membership.

      Just because the public generally is afforded access doesn’t make a place PUBLIC. Where the fuck did we loose our minds on this issue?

      Why is your house not a pubic space? Why don’t you have to allow public access to your yard? Why must the “public” picnic in a park vs. your yard?

      No store is a “public place” unless they provide “public services” paid for with “public dollars”. A store is owned by an entity, whether a single person, partners, an LLC an INC, etc. doesn’t change property rights. Doubt that? Try climbing the fence down in Fort Worth around the Lockheed Plant.

      • Fair enough, there are exceptions for membership clubs like SAMs or Costco in the 1964 civil rights act, so I think that’s a separate issue. Like I said it’s a grey area for me, I’m not claiming I’m right, I just don’t agree with barring access to a store or business based on skin color, sexual orientation etc.
        I agree the free market would handle this problem.

      • While I agree completely with your stance, Jack:

        As I understand it, US anti-discrimination laws are applied to all “public accommodations.” That is, nearly all–privately owned–businesses that open their doors to public customers. Retail stores, cafes, etc…

        And “where people lose their minds” seems to be, from reading people’s comments, that they don’t want it to stop there. I’ve read comments saying that, even if your business uses the “private club” allowance, it should still be required to do business with anyone because, you know, even if you’re private you benefit from the roads, the police, the fire department, the education system…..

    • On the surface you appear to be correct. I would need to check further to make sure the property itself doesn’t need pre approval. Likely it does.

      I know my Sister In Law is going to get government housing in Colorado and for her situation that she gets to look at three properties and if she doesn’t take one she goes to the bottom of the list again, what ever that means.

      • It does require pre approval, the property owner has to apply and qualify for the program before they can accept section 8 renters

    • yes Travis, it works that way in Minnesota too. When I advertise the house I rent. I almost always have at least one response asking if I will take section 8. Over the years I have had 2 section 8 tenants. I agree to take them, then an inspector from the local housing authority looks at the house, if there are deficiencies you have to correct them. Once the inspector signs off you have a section 8 tenant.

    • Travis, I figure at this point I’m not really hijacking the thread by sending a personal note…I’m also in Jacksonville, Mandarin to be exact. Always nice to connect with like minded people. E-mail me at if you’d like to ever talk local preparedness….

  5. Jack,

    Hearing your comments about the lack of a coherent argument against gay marriage, I felt compelled to add two cents. I actually comment here occasionally, but I think it’s important to stay anonymous in writing this.

    The fact that I feel like I need to remain anonymous is precisely the problem. It’s less to do with “Adam and Steve” than it is with the fact that my relationships and even my employment might be in jeopardy because, suddenly, I believe the wrong thing.

    I’m not an Evangelical, I’m not a fundamentalist, but I am a Christian and I believe that people should abstain from homoerotic acts. Note, however, that I don’t believe that others who don’t share my beliefs should be held to the same standard. I don’t believe the law should have codes against sodomy. I also believe that Christians should abstain from many other things that can be just as damaging with their relationship with God: treating the poor like dirt, divorce without a *really* good reason, starting stupid wars, watching porn, overeating, etc. So I don’t think “Adam and Steve” hold a special place on the scale of, dareIsayit, sin.

    I like to think this is all a fairly careful and considerate position, but to social justice warriors I am a bigot. My employer might consider my beliefs to be hostile to others. My church and my donations may not be tax-exempt for much longer because opposition to homoerotic acts is akin to racism now. Whether or not churches should have tax exemptions is something I just don’t know enough to have a position (I actually think removing them could strengthen churches), but the mission to root out dissent on this issue is in full-swing.

    And that’s the bottom line is this: from what I’ve seen so far, this isn’t about ‘live and let live’. It’s about, for whatever reason, using state and social pressure to force me to call something I find harmful to be good. If I try to delicately teach my children that it’s harmful (just like I’ll teach them about starting stupid wars, treating the poor like dirt, etc.), the message they get from any school they attend (or any media/social media they consume) will drive a wedge between us.

    Note again that I’m not trying to tell Adam and Steve that they can’t do whatever they want. But should I be forced to say “Yes, that is awesome!” or risk losing relationships or maybe even employment? I think what Darby was trying to get at last week is that appears this snowball is starting to roll downhill.

      • Like I said, I’m not sure they should be. The best argument I can think of for maintaining tax-exempt status is the fact that the vast majority of funds they receive have already been taxed at federal (and state where applicable) levels. Yes, that goes for a slew of other entities as well.

        But the fact remains, they’re not going to lose tax-exempt status out of some fairness in tax structure, it’s because they rather suddenly believe and teach the wrong thing.

        • Here is how I feel. A church if they want to be exempt should form a true non profit like any other. Of course I am opposed to taxing income in the first place. But I don’t feel religion itself should be non profit just because it is religion. Have ya seen Joel Olsteen’s house?

        • Your position is consistent, as you are more often than not.. but it’ll be very interesting to see if this line gets drawn between ‘good’ churches/religions and ‘bad’ ones. People like Osteen and Creflo Dollar and all the other charlatans get away with it by claiming “Hey, my beliefs are just as valid and just as Christian as Mother Theresa’s!”, and no one can really prove otherwise.

          But now the state very well might get into the business of declaring which beliefs are to be tax-exempt and which aren’t. The churches that toe the line are going to claim something like “Hey, we’re Episcopalians! We helped start all this! You can’t take away our tax exemptions!”, while the mosque down the street that hosts a soup kitchen on Wednesdays will be screwed.

          It’s going to get very interesting! It’s just unfortunate that, as I said earlier, there is no ‘live and let live’ on the part of the social justice warrior. My beliefs must be corrected or punished.

        • Personally this is what will happen as it relates to actual churches, NOT A DAMN THING but talk. If you doubt that try to get married in a Catholic Church with a divorce and see how far you get.

      • Churches shouldn’t necessarily be tax-exempt, but, absolutely, ALL churches should be tax-exempt, or NO churches should be tax-exempt. This idea of belief-testing a church on whether it should get tax-exempt status is WRONG, WRONG, WRONG; it goes completely against the whole idea of the First Amendment to the Constitution.

        • Agree or not that is the question?

          If how you mean it, if being a church makes one churche exempt, it should make all, yea, I agree.

          However, different churches do different things. If a church would qualify 501C without being a church, there would be no issues in my mind if some were and some were not, based on that criteria.

          But based on saying gays are sinner or not, no, hell no.

          But again NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. Nothing but a bunch of bullshit to distract and rustle jimmies.

  6. “Why aren’t you standing in front of somebody’s house this like…..”

    Real simple answer to that one. There is no community in the land of the “Free”. Only the many tyrannizing the many and few tyrannizing the many. It’s definitely also fueled via the media and the internet. (Alternative media and otherwise). People have more invested attention and focus on “problems” located elsewhere rather than right in front of their faces.

    If we can’t stop local corruption how on earth are going to do it at the larger level?

    “More traffic to the mall”. Hilarious (and sad). Who shops at a mall anymore? It’s obvious where their focus is. Money and legal guns get to choose what is and what isn’t. Consumerism at all costs.

    • Good someone said it so I didn’t have to! Why do you think Panama and Costa Rica rated so high as to happiness?

      Note people in Mexico are happier than we are, they only come here for what, money!

      Some days I really vacillate between staying here and just fucking off to Costa Rica or Panama, you will hear me admit that I always side back with the US on the air today, but at times I wonder why.

      During my years in Panama I spent a LOT of time in Southern Costa Rica. I met a person who had family there, we went up most weekends. I was treated more like family by the entire damn tiny town than I have ever been in this nation EVER, infinity.

      People always say these places are dangerous, and they can be, it depends. I never once feared for my safety surrounded by dozens of poor Panamanians in Cerro Azul, ever. All they ever did was treat me like they treated each other. Every fucking night these people got together and found an excuse to share food and beverage and celebrate simply existing.

      I have felt a hell of a lot more in danger having made a wrong turn in Dallas or Houston I can tell you that.

      • It’s actually kind of hard reading this because its really an acceptance of some truths that are very hard to swallow. To me this brings up two beliefs in going forward understanding that we are a nation composed exclusively of individuals, completely fractured with no connection other than “we all want to ‘make money'”.

        1. Going CLEARLY against the grain and establishing a beachhead of community in the US and getting as many people to join in as possible. In some ways, I wonder if this is harder than we think it is. (Less today, WOOO internet)

        2. Going to where community already exists and finding our niche in it by providing value.

        In order to accept 1, you have to get exceptionally focused and ignore what is VERY clearly all around us, to include in ourselves. I keep talking about wanting privacy. More and more and more privacy. (hedges etc). On the same token I lamented that our outdoor kitchen we are planning is going to be in the backyard and its not inviting to neighbors.

        I fully admit, as a born and raised “american” I have problems, and I can see when others have that same problem and cling to it like glue. People on my street could be harassed right now by the police, and I wouldn’t even know it.

      • I had the same experience in Thailand.. Really thought I’d like to live there someday.

  7. I am not a Christian, but was raised one, I have very strong Christian Belief people on my facebook, and I have 4 gay ones. That I have known for a long time.

    The problem I see is that the most vocal Gays, and all Christians can not budge. You have the trolls on fox that preach gays rights, but except for one they dont care, my Christian friends are hard core.. The problem I have seen for a long time is that Christians think everyone is Christians, just Like ISIS all thing everyone has to be all about Islam.

    You can speak to a certain percent of gays that agree with common grounds, but hard core Christians and Islamist, will never budge.

    It seems evident at some point the two parties are going to have to kill each other and see who wins. I’m in nether party. looking in from the outside it seems crazy.

    religion seems to breed hate.

  8. I have another reason to wash store-bought produce: that guy who doesn’t wash his hands after using the facilities and touches all the peaches before putting a few in his cart.

  9. Regarding the concealed carry question:
    I too have an office job, no enemies, stable family life, and live in a good neighborhood. So, I too theoretically live a low risk lifestyle.
    Last month, I had left the office a little earlier than usual, and before I got home I received a call from the police asking me to return to the office. Turns out a man was killed outside my building and the first shot missed, going through the door, through the lobby, and into the ceiling in my office. “There but the grace of God…” You never know what could happen, you just have to be prepared for what you can and not worry about the rest

  10. Regarding debt. (just now getting to this part)

    This makes me really think about Mark Shepard pushing me to dig deeper and to think about debt just a little more and seeing the system for what it is. I think we need to make sure to clearly identify THIS system as something slightly different than other systems and not just get so bogged down with “OH ITS DEBT IT HAS TO BE PAID BACK”. Because if debt REALLLLLLLLY is money, then who can get access to the most debt, has access to the most resources. They COMMAND and CONTROL resources. Debt is a topic Insidious and I talk about often.

    Understanding this has made me completely 100% undo my opinions about government debts. Its paper, its numbers, its math on excel sheets (or now managed by computers really). It’s just the way the system is constructed, whether its some big plan to own the world, or just is the system that we currently use, it is what it is and what most people don’t see it isn’t what most people THINK it is.

    Ponzi scheme is right because so long as we use their money, they have the ability to print it and control and sway access to resources. Let me note, OUR produced resources. What I think is going to break this ponzi is when excel math no longer meshes with the real world, and large enough institutions are unable to continue playing the game. I kind of think of this as a spinning wheel that is getting faster and faster, and its tossing people off of the wheel, first at the fringes then more towards the center.

    What’s interesting to note, at least as I see it, is how this number printing game, is actually moving to where more money is needed to meet the systems needs particularly in other countries, is only strengthening. In some ways, the US dollar is showing itself as the KING of all global currencies.

  11. Regarding big food:
    This is actually how I feel about organic valley (sorry Mark S). Especially all organic milk. All you have to do is look at the shelf life on it and compare it to the regular ol plastic jugs. Forever. In the past I’ve had milk sit there for months, no problem. Why? It’s just more bulk milk ULTRA pasturized, but now it has a nice little label about organic and a cowie and a barn on it. Even regular milk that comes in plastic containers isn’t like that.

    You basically look up every one of these “organic” brands and even if they used to be “good to go” they’re completely co-opted at this point.
    Like you said jack, where I see the “danger” is luring you in with decent things and then well they have switcharoos all around them. If you buy juice (for example), get ready to see white grape juice everywhere.

  12. Regarding Big Food:
    1. A large company like Campbell’s buying a much smaller competitor that is showing signs of growing is hardly news. That has gone on for A LOT longer than this new trend of Americans shopping the periphery of the store.
    2. If you’re a large consumer goods company (of any kind) and relying on shelf space for where your product gets purchased, you already have a problem if the consumer doesn’t go down that aisle or doesn’t notice your product when they do. Again, this is nothing new.
    3. The best strategy regardless of consumer trend is and will always be to find comparable items people are buying anyway and then try and get them to notice your product at the same time. If online, this would be the equivalent of the “People who bought this also liked…” and if it is a physical retail store, this would be setting up a permanent display of chips and sodas next to the Barbeque supplies, or Oreos next to the milk etc. Again, this is nothing new, but you’d be amazed as to how many people work in this industry and don’t get it.
    However, for good or for bad, there is now a trend of implementing 6-Sigma in these corporations and 6-Sigma analysis has no patience for an employee who doesn’t understand these concepts. So, expect a lot more of this going forward.

    • Even more about #2 is when people don’t even go to those stores anymore. The wife and I go to the store to get a handful of things and 85-90% of the other things we get locally. The things we get inside the grocery store are exceptionally hand picked, and over the years its going to be less and less. After reading more up on this yesterday, I’ve renewed my belief in finding ways to get around buying juice at the store. Even the “good stuff” I get, really isn’t.

      • That’s where the future is headed. Organic burgers and fries at McDonald’s, Organic soda etc.
        it’s only a matter of time, and like you said it will all be “good stuff” that really isn’t, but will cost more.

        • Organic burger and fries. I’m curious what the word organic will REALLY mean at that point.

          I have wondered how long it’ll be till we see an “organic” version of different things at fastfood. Like the “organic” bigmac. Still have the old one, but also have the organic version.

  13. Jack. Bangup job on the “should I ccw?” Question. I’d like to reference people off to nutnfancy’s “obligation of carry” video. I carry daily so I don’t someday have to ask myself, what if.

  14. Quick note on the water softener salt, I used to service water softeners at my old job. The salt is used to clean the filter media and is not put into the water supply ( The salt/saltwater goes down the drain with the impurities) . It is basically on a timer or water meter The machine automatically backwashs (down the drain) the filter to clean it out then the filter media is washed for a long time with freshwater potable water to remove the salt from the filter media. So if the system is working correctly the potable water would never come in contact with the salt. Who knows what that 2% is, It could be heavy metals for all we know. I don’t believe it’s a food safe product, in my professional opinion I would not use it for food Unless it was an absolute emergency