Episode-2054- Listener Feedback for 7-31-17 — 18 Comments

  1. Jack,

    Thanks for all the great info on the lemon car. Unfortunately our situation is even more complicated than I let on. She bought the car when we still lived in Minnesota, then moved to Montana last year. So I can’t stand out front of the dealership with a sign; although that would be a good way to get a tan on my weekends 🙂

    I’ll have my wife listen to this segment and we’ll talk about our options. I’ll keep checking back on comments if anyone else has anything to add.

    Thanks again.

  2. I also am unlucky owner of a Ford Focus. Though mine is a 2013 the problem with the transmission is a pervasive issue that affects most of the cars. The car has a cvt transmission that is plagued with problems. I’ve had mine into the shop three times with the issue and have already had the transmission replaced once.

    Ford has acknowledged the problem and even extended the factory warranty covering the transmission for 10 years/100000 miles. I am also looking to get out from underneath the problem but we are looking for a good deal on a used truck.

    Hopefully you are able to find a solution to your problem. I know there is no way I’ll be holding keys and a title to this vehicle when the warranty expires.

  3. I installed the Brave browser on my phone and it defaulted to AT&T home page. Anyone have a recommendation on a good home page to use?

      • Firefox has a home page with just bookmarks. I don’t go to home page on other browsers but phone defaults to AT&T. I have to use the android internet to access TSP because its the only one that lets me download your podcast quickly. Though I see Brave does have a download option when it opens the player.

  4. The company I work uses Focuses (Foci?) for our fleet vehicles. I am currently in a 2016 with 24k miles and my previous Focus was a 2014 with about 80k. The 2014 had the issue from the time I took the car over at 19k miles. It was annoying at times but it made it to 80k without ever putting me on the side of the road. Many of the other fleet vehicles have had the transmissions replaced only for the issue to come back after 20ish thousand miles. As far as I know there is no 100% solution to the issue. Even my 2016 has intermittently “jerked” under acceleration.

    When looking up the issue online I’ve found a few people who are aware of the problem and specifically buy them if they drive a lot of highway miles since the issue only occurs at slow speed accelerating. You may be able to get your money out of it if you find the right buyer.

  5. Jack, Thank you for your honesty and intelligence. Drug addiction and homelessness are big problems. And you are correct. The money we waste on “the war on drugs” would easily pay for rehab for all who wanted it. Just one month cost of imprisonment will pay for one rehab, I imagine.

    Addictions and mental illness are the main causes of homelessness. Curing those is so difficult that people just have given up on them.

    I learn something every episode. Thank you

  6. In South Bend, IN one of the city councilman came up with the idea of putting the homeless to work in the city like cleaning and other odd jobs. The mayor said it was great idea just need some $$$$$. Then someone wrote in the paper to get a bus and take them to the next county to work where the unemployment is between 2 and 3%. They are crying for workers but can’t find any. The best part they had one of the homeless on the news and he said he makes more panhandling on the street then working. At times like this why waste my money to help someone who doesn’t want help them self. Yes I understand some have mental problems and are unable to work or have drug and drinking problems.

  7. Most people are unaware that the Romans were in fact quite well organised enginers in their own way and had some very good equipment at their disposal.

    For example they used Caterpillar D8 bulldozers and very large earth scrapers to level the ground before building the aqueducts.

    They had John Deere tractors and hydraulic tipping trailers for moving clay and rock with.

    They also had 50 tonne sized Hitachi track machines for loading the trailers with ( because loading shovels had not been invented yet).

    They did however enter into a partnership with Atlas-Copco who supplied the tools and diamond tipped cutting disks for cutting the stone with.

    Milwaki tools provided some of the smaller tools.

  8. I have raised beds, soil levels fall in raised beds as the organic matter gets used up in it, there is room to loosen with a garden fork and add mulch once or twice a year, easily.

  9. Jack is there a way you can have that part ab heroin addictions as a stand alone file so i can post it? It is 100% spot on and people need to hear it. (Plus a good way to i troduce the show too.)

  10. I spent 4+ years at the nations top drug seizure team. I’ve put my hands on more than 100,000 lbs of cocaine and heroine and directly taken it off the street. …and when I started asking critical thinking questions about my job and got NO ANSWERS I took the last big step away from the sheeple and firmly into anarcho-voluntarism.

    Maybe I will fill out a guest form for a full show on that in the future if you and the audience are interested.


    • Man, Pat, I for one would be interested in hearing about this.
      You actually were part of the “war” and can speak to it with experience.

      I do think a lot of the legalization proponents are academics and theorists so would be good to hear a different perspective

      I will never forget dating my wife 25 yrs ago and talking to her family. I was going on about the need to legalize and one of her sisters said, “yeah, well wait till you have kids. You’ll change that opinion!!!”
      Yeah, I have changed. Now I’m pissed by this. Things like “if it were legal more people would do drugs.”
      probably true but guess what. MOre people would get help. More people would recover. More people would be alive and with their families because they aren’t shooting shit in their veins that they have no clue whats in it!

      • Just started a brand new podcast, it’s hosted on one of my websites only and so new that I’m not publishing to itunes or podcast apps yet but will very soon be pushed to those other forms of publishing. The first few episodes are terrible but I do talk a lotabout the drug war on there quite a bit. if you want to check out more. Or if you want to contact me direct we can chat as much as you want and click contact.

        • I meant that the first few episodes had great quality content and value, but the “audio” is not highly edited! Hahahaha

  11. @PatLEO I would love to hear your take on the “drug war.” You were interviewed in episode 1987 if I remember correctly. I actually see a side of it when I’m treating patients with addiction or dependence to mood altering substances. In Indiana/Kentucky I see a lot of spice, narcotics (ie, the opiates, either prescription or street), and methamphetamine. Also, one I’m seeing a lot more of lately is people taking both an opiate and meth at the same time.