Episode-2480- Listener Feedback for 7-29-19 — 6 Comments

  1. Re Moving to Florida and boat consideration:

    Take a look at boat clubs like rather than owning your own boat and paying for a slip.  The idea is to have access to multiple types of boats without the ownership hassles like a slip, maintenance, even cleaning it after use.  All for an initiation fee then monthly fee that is about the same as a monthly slip rental.  A buddy of mine lives near Cape Canaveral and is happy with the deal.  When I visited we used a deck boat one day for booze-cruzing, then a fishing boat the next.

    Re Reusing container soil:

    Agree with everything Jack said, and would add rock dust for mineral content.  Also add worms if by some chance you don’t have any, and feed them.  Use a fungi mix that includes trichoderma fungi which will help break down the dead roots.  Many “mycorrhizal fungi” mixes include tricho, just checked my jar of Great White and it lists two types of tricho along with other good stuff.

  2. You mentioned doing another BOB episode…

    I’d like to challenge you to do a BOB build.


    Minus personal items, I’d be willing to spend 100$ but I think some listeners might like to come in under 50$.

    Maybe split the difference at 75$?


    Would be a great Christmas present for loved ones.




  3. The automotive versions of Air BnB that I’m aware of are Turo and Hagerty Driveshare, nice variety of cars available dependent on your search area. Classics, exotics, luxury, and normal everyday rides. I plan on listing my classic car on there after i finish some much needed reconditioning.


    No idea on a boating site. I’ll second what okijames said above on joining a club, some things to consider:

    Clubs have other people with similar interests that you may want to share the experience with (share costs) and learn new things or destinations from. However, check to see how many members the club allows and if that number is capped versus the number of boats available. See if you can get a peek at their online schedule before putting down a deposit. If you work the normal Mon-Fri grind, as do most other people, scheduling a boat when you’re available may be difficult. You wouldn’t want to pay a deposit and monthly dues only to not have something available when you are.  Does the club consider  you an owner putting you on the club’s insurance or do you need to get separate renter’s insurance? Is maintenance covered by your dues, or can the members be assessed for large repairs like engine rebuilds. Read the bylaws, some clubs don’t put enough cash in reserve to cover repair costs and hit up their members. Some clubs keep extra funds in a money market account for emergency expenses.


    Each club, it’s membership structure, and bylaws can vary greatly, do your research before putting any money down.


    (My experience is not in boat clubs, rather flying clubs, but I believe there is a good amount of carryover. I’ve been a member in one club, “owner” and officer of another, and walked away from countless others.)

  4. Re time capsules,

    To this day I enjoy listening to my granddad’s audio letters from Vietnam. 1968 was a long time ago, and reel-to-reel is almost nonexistent, but there are some out there. I have a hard time believing that we won’t have the ability to retrieve data from a thumb drive in the next 50 years.

    Basically, I’m saying that I agree with the belief that we’ll be using totally different technologies in the next 10 to 20 years, but I doubt it will be extremely difficult to find a USB drive capable of retrieving what’s on it.

    I love this idea, and fully plan on doing something along these lines for my family and future generations.

    Thanks as always.


  5. A word on the Thumb Drive idea and that is I wouldn’t trust it.

    Thumb drives store data with a charge which dissipates over time and may be blank in ten years. You weirdly might be better with a spinning external USB drive as long as the humidity and temperature is kept low and stabile.  Definitely don’t rely on SATA to exist. The best bet are actually an archival quality DVD or CD drive and then possibly including a USB DVD player in the time capsule (~$20).  I would expect USB to still exist in 20 years in some form even if it is just in the hands of old guys like me. 

    I’m definitely thinking of doing this for my kids.  I figure a section of 6″ PVC with pair of end caps. It wouldn’t be such a bad idea to burn a BUNCH of my picture archive onto DVDs and bury it in a safe spot in the ground. Just have to remember it or them before selling the property.

  6. Time Capsules,

    My Dad used to get birth month magazines and had them bound in a book.

    US, Time, People, Nat Geo, popular science, and SI, Parenting, Money, NRA, Car and Driver, The Economist, Wired..