Episode-1612- Listener Feedback for 7-27-15 — 24 Comments

  1. I will say one thing and one thing only about the college kid that blew the money.

    “The only ethical decision is to take responsibility for our own existence and that of our children.”

  2. I have another suggestion for the welfare thing. Scale the benefits down as you increase in pay by 50%. With some made up numbers up to $300 a week gets you full benefits and every dollar you make above 300 reduces your benefits by 50 cents. So say you’re getting 100 dollars in assistance and your pay goes up to 400 a week you now get 50 dollars in assistance. Just a thought.

    • I’ve always had the thought of setting a cap for people on benefits. Let’s say that everyone that can support themselves receives a total of $1000 a month. We will set that as a standard. Now every child that you have will reduce your total bennifits by $200 a month… Social donations can still apply.

  3. Hey Jack,

    Love the rant at the beginning. 🙂

    At the risk of being one of the guys who dumps their whole life story on you, I’d like to suggest you look into the history of one of my family members.

    My family immigrated from Ireland, in the footsteps of a cousin, Thomas Francis Meagher (Pronounced Ma-Harr). In addition to being an Irish political revolutionary, Brigadier General in the Union Army during the American civil war, and first governor of Montana, he was first and foremost an accomplished orator. His seditious speeches earned him a death sentence in England, but when asked for his “last words” at the gallows, he incited a riot with his speech (now cited as the “sword speech”), leading to his pardon and exile rather than execution.

    Unfortunately, after his exile, Meagher was a bad name to have for those trying to hold land leases or do business in many pro-England areas of the old country. Though no official charges were brought against my direct ancestors, living was made unbearable, forcing them to uproot. The “Treason” of my ancestors was assumed by their familial association. In fairness, they weren’t wrong… F**k England. 🙂 So my family followed behind him to the US several years later, Settling in NY.

    I mention this because some of Thomas Francis Meagher’s most famed quotes and speeches are on par with the things you say every day in the show.

    “The sword of famine is less sparing than the bayonet of the soldier.”

    “A good government may, indeed, redress the grievances of an injured people; but a strong people can alone build up a great nation.”

    “To be strong, a people must be self-reliant, self-ruled, self-sustained.”

    “The dependence of one people upon another, even for the benefits of legislation, is the deepest source of national weakness.”

    “A Whig Minister, I admit, may improve the province–he will not restore the nation.
    Franchises, tenant compensation bills, liberal appointments, may ameliorate–they will not exalt.
    They may meet the necessities–they will not call forth the abilities of the country.
    The errors of the past may be repaired–the hopes of the future will not be fulfilled.
    With a vote in one pocket, a lease in the other, a full “justice” before him at the petty sessions–in the shape of a “restored magistrate”–the humblest peasant may be told that he is free; but, my lord, he will not have the character of a freeman–his spirit to dare, his energy to act.
    From the stateliest mansion down to the poorest cottage in the land, the inactivity, the meanness, the debasement, which provincialism engenders, will be perceptible. . . .”

    These ideas are foundational to the way I was raised and the values of my family. Though I come from peasants, they were nobler than the actual “nobility”. There was a flourishing culture of these principals which today sometimes seems lost. It’s not really, we just have more distractions and less urgency to cause us to question or even consider such beliefs. When circumstances turn, and beliefs are really tested, most people pluck their heads from their asses quite readily and come to these same conclusions. These concepts are inherent to all people. These ideas are immortal, but every generation needs someone to give voice to them. He had a podium, you have a podcast. Right now, you’re the closest I’ve found to someone carrying on that message. That’s why I listen.

    Keep up the good work.

  4. Great episode Jack!
    I, as a mid-20’s adult appreciate your views & advice in regard to us “Millennials” on TSP. You certainly are an inspiration and role-model, especially for those who feel they are “missing” that fatherly/sage advice & blunt honesty when it is appropriate.
    Thank you for believing in us, but placing the burden of personal responsibility/work in everyone’s lap equally. I know it had an impact on my “doing,” and look forward to seeing the continued impact of your show.

  5. Jack,

    Another great show. Thank you for defining and revealing the constant “Pussification of America.” The parents of the college senior are at fault. I’m so fucking sick of the system. I show my appreciate by renewing my MSB membership.


  6. I went and listened to the actual interview with the girl that blew $90k. Here’s just a few thoughts:
    1. This is not just the parents fault (Although they clearly were negligent in their responsibility to this girl). There is NO ONE in this girl’s life that’s been a parental figure in any way. Which even she seems to instinctively know, which is why she called the radio show for advice in the first place.
    2. Both the grandparents and the school bear a heavy burden in their failure to this girl as well. Handing a girl, who is clearly this poorly equipped $90k, is like handing a suicidal person a loaded gun. They could’ve, and should’ve taken a more active role in her life and her decision making with this money before giving her all the money. And yes, if you listen to the interview, it wasn’t an inheritance, it was a gift by LIVING grandparents, 2 of which are still alive, and 2 of which have passed away since.
    3. This girl has no idea as to why she is attending college and for what purpose. She has acquired no skills whatsoever, and yet, had she had the money, she would’ve been able to graduate debt free and without incident. This is essentially fraud on the part of the school. What’s she going to do with that $120k piece of paper next year?
    4. She is no more representative of the Millenial generation than the “Valley girls” were representative of Jack’s generation.

  7. Hey Jack — Regarding your “rant” at the beginning of this episode, what you’re calling for harkens back to some of our founders, especially Thomas Jefferson. Following Shays’ Rebellion in Massachusetts — caused by the state government prioritizing the repayment of war bond holders while former Revolutionary War soldiers didn’t get paid and were thrown out of their homes — Jefferson recognized and voiced the desire that at least 1/5 of the nation’s citizens be able to live out their lives as independent farmers. The reason being that they had the ability to essentially tell centralized authority to go scratch when it overreached in its power, because they were not dependent upon that authority in any material way.

    It’s probably no accident that the powers that be have been trying to squash true independence among the citizenry ever since. Thanks for everything you do to help more of us realize our ability to claw back that independence from authority.

  8. Jack — It’s funny how these things sometimes link up. Just after listening to your piece about taking control over our own lives and thinking for ourselves at the beginning of this show this morning, I came across this video of David Holmgren through Permaculture Magazine in my FB feed where he’s basically saying the same thing, just in a slightly different way. It’s short, but I think that anyone in the audience who doesn’t understand why you push permaculture so much should listen to it. Permaculture is insurrection by taking control over your own life in a decentralized manner, which is something that centralized authorities have a really difficult time fighting against.

  9. I think something to remember with the girl blowing the money is that society is wired to remove the parents and especially the men. Broken single family households are destroying these kids. We have a society that as soon as the kid is born the wife is back to work and the child is in day care. Then you buy the kids a bunch of stuff because you are never in their life. Even if you have a solid household and put your kids in school, now they get to hang out with these kids. Then school takes them half the time and teaches them they can’t fail and they shouldn’t have their feelings hurt. I’m talking about society as a whole here and not TSP, yes pull your kids out of school and have a structured family.

    I’m going through a similar issue with my stepson. I only came into his life at age 7 and we only got custody at age 13. It has been a struggle and he has many of these attitudes and the anger of his dad. It is hard to correct at this point and I advise, but he doesn’t like to listen because he knows it all and is always looking for fight instead of just listening. Any critique is taken as an attack. I know when I was a teenager, I was the same way but those things stuck in the back of my mind. I get what the parents were doing when they asked what are you going to do now, get a plan. If you listen to the whole thing, its actually amazing the education she just got. Oh and super funny. She might have learned the most important lesson in her life.

    It’s also easy to judge without knowing all facts, what the parents have done and how the family is structured. For all you know, the parents had her run an Excel spreadsheet on costs, and she said that’s nice dad, but I got this because I’m going to room with Johnny and save all this money, then Johnny left her high and dry and she spent more on room and board. Her dad might have told her not to spend the money on clothes, get a job, or go to a cheaper college. You also don’t know if she is just playing this up because she is calling into a radio show.

    On the flip side my daughter who has always had a parent around and a stable household is doing great so far and enjoys learning.

    Also, I would love to hear a show from John P on saving plans for grand kids, setting up a trust that manages this fund, and how to lower taxes with that strategy. Not sure if he is a personal finance guy or just investments.

  10. The drug war is the modern-day witch hunt.

    Of course our government is much larger so they need more witch hunts. Terrorism is another.

  11. Thoroughly enjoyed returning to the podcasts on this episode. Love the direction you are maintaining. The integrity. The uncomfortable truths on controversial topics. This helps greatly in getting through these confusing times.

  12. We are assuming that “Kim” is telling the truth that her parents didn’t teach her to budget. Kids will still make choices that go against their upbringing. There are 2 sides to every story.

    • Well let me just say I have met a lot of young people, talked to them about this and haven’t found many (less that 3%) that were actually taught the square root of fuck all about money from their parents in this generation. The truth is most of their parents don’t know the square root of fuck all about money so how can they teach their kids anything.

    • I put some blame on the grandparents for not putting in place access controls to prevent this.

      If I was a grandparent and I was thinking about doing this for a grandchild I would put in place access controls to prevent this from happening and I would make sure that they knew how to handle money.

  13. Jack’s back, baby!

    Jack – I know that it’s your podcast, and brother – I respect and honor that… I truly do. And, I get what you’re doing, and completely respect this mission you’re on!

    But this podcast was more back to the roots than it’s been in a long time, and reminiscent of what hooked me so many years ago! It could just be mental masturbation, but man it feels so, damn, good! I just love these types of shows.

    @ 1hr 22m – YES, some of the people are getting angry. Let them be mad! That’s the only thing that will wake some of them up! TELL THEM THE TRUTH! PROVERBIALLY PUNCH THEM IN THE FACE! Let them cry. Let them sulk. LET THEM YELL!

    And yes – SOMEONE HAS TO DO IT. I don’t have the guts to do what you do (yet – I tried recently, and failed miserably, and I’m pulling myself and family back up and trying a different way). Those that are pissing and whining about what you have to say obviously don’t have the wherewithal to do it. It’s like Steven Harris said in a recent episode – some people just want everyone else to do nothing, JUST LIKE THEM!

    The world needs you, and IMHO, more of these types of podcast episodes!

    Thanks for everything, Jack. For many of us, you’ve touched our lives, our families, and our hearts. Keep up the good fight!

  14. Listening to Jack today I realized something:
    The truth is invigorating.
    Part of the reason I keep coming back is that this show hits that mark more than misses, and it just plain motivates me.
    Thanks Jack

  15. Jack,
    I am a 27 year old and I kind of fit into the millennial generation but I joined the Navy and had the time of my life as a corpsman going all over the world, Afghanistan, Africa, Jordan and many other places. Lastly I have a kid I am married and I just got a new job in the IT sector that is an awesome opportunity.

    Now after all that I find that I get some respect from people outside of my generation. I kind of take pride in my life experiences and what I feel like is my maturity. So later on with one of these people that said something about “My Generation” I simply said who is the parent of “My Generation” ? Turned out he didnt have much to say back to that……

    All this BS about people having a hard time. Its not that hard so far for me. I have no College and I moved from California to Arizona got a new job and started a family. I must have missed something thanks to dodging the great recession.

  16. Great show Jack!!! I like that you make me think about why I believe the things I do. Agree or disagree it is good to examine the foundations of thoughts and values. Keep on doing this important work.

  17. I have a fundamental disconnect on why the story about the girl spending $90k exists. (?)

    What’s the purpose of this story? Who is the target audience? What is the message (moral) that is trying to be conveyed?

    ‘Young people are dumb’ – targeted at gen x types so they can feel superior?

    For reference.. this GIRL doesn’t even have a fully formed frontal lobe.

    She has no life experience.

    Her parents and/or other ADULT relatives are obviously not interested in helping her with the transition from dependence to independence. (or they’ve chosen to ‘not interfere’)

    Am I supposed to feel sadness? Outrage? Despair?

    No one was harmed (not even the girl).

    Maybe the story will cause other parents to think ‘I need to learn, and then teach, my children about handling money..’

    So.. I guess I’ll choose to feel happy. 😉