Episode-2049- Listener Feedback for 7-24-17 — 30 Comments

  1. Hey Jack,

    First off, I want to say I agree with you on net neutrality. However, some of your technical details and pricing are old and/or off. That has no bearing on the overall argument, but people tend to focus on that instead of the argument. So here’s a real-world pricing example using (mostly) modern tech. This is my network, and I’d be happy to give you more details if you want.

    1GB Fiber, dedicated link, with SLA and 100MB commit. This is burstable to the full 1GB with the same SLA, just at an added cost. It includes a managed router, managed WAN, managed VPN failover, and QOS for 10MB of traffic. It is an MPLS based technology. The hand-off to me is straight Ethernet with two VLANs (public internet access and a private WAN).

    I have the above at two sites, and have a dedicated (peer) link to Amazon’s AWS service at 100MB. All managed ($++). All QOS enabled ($++). All with SLA ($++). Total cost is around $10k a month all in, on a three year contract.

    Thanks for fighting the good fight on keeping the government out of our Internet! The currently open nature of the Internet is *why* I’ve been able to build something like this at such an inexpensive price.

    • I would be interested in the full back haul architecture of that link but it sounds damn solid. I would point out to those watching as well that what you say pretty much guarantees you are not getting an actual 100 MB connection that actually has 100 MB of throughput from any cable provider for 50 bucks a month. Essentially what you seem to have from what you are telling me is a 1 Gig fiber connection to a back plane with a guarantee of fast Ethernet (100mbps) speeds.

      My issue even with that is the number I gave for an OC12, is not a 15 year old number, it is a current number checked just prior to the show.

      • Wow, that’s the current price? I don’t know anyone who would implement OC (SONET) anymore because it’s very expensive and not as flexible as some of the modern alternatives. “Metro Ethernet”, MPLS, and a few other protocols/technologies exist which offer the same SLA and levels of service at a fraction of the price. They even use the same underlying fiber (single mode fiber), it’s just different encapsulation.

        In our instance, we had fiber run to our building to get this level of service because there was nothing capable of gigabit speeds already here. The provider ate the cost of the run because of our three-year contract and the fact that they only needed to lease space on 4 poles from PECO.

        In terms of the full architecture, I can point you at our provider’s website, but it’s mostly buzzwords. They basically run a software-defined MPLS backbone over private lines. That is, it uses software and a high-level config language to maintain the hardware MPLS network underneath. I believe they have hardware in several major POPs and lease interconnects between them. The company is Masergy (, if you’re curious, but there are many other players in this space. Heck, even Verizon has an offering in the MPLS/Metro E space.

        I’ll email you some other details.

        • Okay I am actually familiar with MPLS so this mostly makes sense. What they are basically doing is while a lot of what old fuckers like me call a “back plane” is shared it is done with a lot of what is basically “smart switching”.

          Think of it like a highway, no you don’t have it to yourself but there are tons of on and off ramps and a computer looks at your needs and puts you right to the perfect on and off spot as swiftly as possible. Traffic that would at one time create a traffic jam now moves very swiftly and efficiently.

          There are likely times when users are not getting 100% of the bandwidth they are paying for, but performance is so high no one notices so no one ever cares.

          It looks to me by your specs that your absolute floor is actually 10mbs but most people don’t get just how fast that is. Keep in mind a t3 is 45 mbps. And I totally screwed up by the way saying OC12, an OC12 is a 622mbps dedicated fiber circuit. It was a T3 I should have referenced and got way too much shit going on at once, a T3 will run about 3K a month plus loop charge.

          In the end my final point and yours still applies, you are not getting a fricken 60-100 mbps actual connection from Comcast or Spectrum and you never were going to and no amount of government laws will change the laws of physics.

    • I can imagine that song resonated with many service members especially those tied up in that mess.

      One of the most popular songs played at the Clayton NCO Club (which was a COUNTRY BAR) in Panama was Home Sweet Home by Motley Crew.

      From what I know Home by Chris Daughtry has been a big hit with soliders in more recent times.

  2. Aren’t there many indian (native American) reservations that basically implement universal basic income? I thought the outcome has been pretty much wide spread poverty and indolence. I thought I read a article on it. I’ll see if I can find it again. It probably wasn’t the pure form that you were talking about.

    Also, there are people that live on $7k a year (like the early retirement extreme guy) and say they live very fulfilling lives. I would think most people would be able to earn $7k a year unless you have some severe disability (at $10/hour 40 hours per week you can bring in over $20k per year). There’s a guy that travel around the US and he’s been living off of $500 a month for decades (I can look up the reference on youtube if you are interested).

    I think the world has so much to offer that you don’t need hardly any money anymore. We’re extremely wealthy. Even the transients have cell phones now days (they had smart phones before I even bought my first smart phone).

    • The Native American thing is pretty misleading.

      Average income from this across the various reservations is about 3K a year or say 250 a month.

      Now add to it if you don’t live on reservation you don’t get it.

      Okay so how much economic activity is really on a reservation, outside of casinos?

      Next reservations are not able to sell land, like you mostly can’t even sell or lease land. So you have taken the asset that makes more millionaires than any other in the world, given a great deal of it to these people but made them unable to utilize it in any real way.

      There is also a fundamental reality that people may or may not understand what they are being offered. Consider this, a Native American starts getting their shitty 250 dollars at age 18. So would you rather have 250 a month at age 18 for life, or make your own way till age 60, then get say 1 million dollars?

      The 250 will barely change your life but 1.5 mil, now that will do something for you won’t it. But wait there is more. It is generally accepted that with sound investing techniques you can average about 10% in basic market investments over the long haul, hell even I will agree with that!

      So you can open an IRA at age 18, you can contribute more than 3K a year so all of this 250 COULD GO INTO IRAs. You can take the money out at 59.5, but lets us wait till 60 and see what happens.

      If at age 18 our Native American friend opened an IRA and put his 250 in there, then pissed away 100% of his earnings otherwise, at age 60 he would be worth $1,942,629. Translation, most Native Americans on reservations have the ability to easily retire as multi millionaires.

      Now consider the UBI number most tossed around for our nation would be 800 dollars a month. With that every person 30 and under out there easily would have the ability to be worth about 1.8 million if they invested NOTHING BUT THEIR UBI.

      Hence you could likely cancel SSI for anyone 45 and under as soon as you rolled it out. If people piss it away, well they can retire on that same 800 a month.

      • Let me add if Native Americans had started doing this 40 years ago, there would be a hell of a lot of inheritance being passed down, reinvested etc.

  3. Jack,
    Modern education has always crushed creativity, curiosity and individuality out of the student just as it was intended. It has always been a bad way to educate children (unless you just want good passive worker bees).

    The system has become worse as it implodes on itself, but it has always been the wrong way to educate children.

    Keep up the good work


  4. The boat trailer incident had me cracking up. Drove all the way there and forgot the keys! man, oh man, haven’t we all been there. Like getting to the game and forgetting your tickets! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, and then you have to laugh or you’ll lose your sanity.

  5. I really appreciate your take on infestations and especially the Japanese Beetles this year. My trees are getting attacked horribly by them this year. Thanks for the resources and ideas on how to handle.

    It’s also a good reminder that no matter how nice my property is I’m still surrounded by others and because of all the activities I do here, which I was inspired into doing by this podcast, the bugs just see my property as a big dinner plate surrounded by chemical yards.

  6. FYI – Boat trailer and hitch pins – You may want to consider locking hitch pins on ALL connections if you travel much with any trailer. I had one come loose and a guy told me a story that I cannot confirm, but he said there have been cases where people have found a hitch pin pulled maliciously in a rest area. I had my pin in, but cannot find the reason it came out, just saying. It was not the locking type.

    • Yea honestly on my to do list is simply getting a small pad lock for that. Most trailer hitches will take a small pad lock. The receiver hitch is already on a locked system.

    • Jack, not a trailer lock, A locking receiver pin.

      Nice boat buy the way, Key West boats are solid, handle well and fish well.

  7. Anyone else having issues with the song of the day? It’s slowed down considerably.

    • Yea, I just listened to it and it sounds like about half speed. Maybe Jack was only kidding about that satanic thing, and forgot the secret message is when you play it BACKWARDS and not slowed down!! 🙂

      • Something got hosed, I talk about it in the next episode and will return to this song an make it right in the future.

  8. I was born into a system of welfare, which has now become a system of work-fare. When governments use the welfare system to force citizens to do it’s bidding, it becomes something else entirely. I use to think Australia’s welfare system is awesome – it provides the basics for everyone who really needs it, reducing crime, keeping most people off the streets.. but the system is “us vs them”, and those receiving the support are considered “bludgers” and are looked down upon.

    Optimistically, I’d love to think the UBI would solve a lot of problems – everyone gets it, no-one is considered less of a person for receiving it – but governments seem to love keeping people down, keeping people divided, blaming someone else for all the problems. Work-fare seems reasonable on the surface – volunteer for so many hours for the money – sure! But; Work for whom, and for how many hours? Who are the “approved organizations”? Where are they located? What if the closest approved organization is an hour away or more? How much money do they receive per person (ie: should it really be a money making scheme?)

    What if the work is dangerous, or simply useless waste of time painting a wall that is already painted, filling-in the hours? This is happening here, and it’s not the answer either. Our welfare system stifles creativity and entrepreneurship. It’s designed to keep you in the system and feeling like a useless waste of a human life so that everyone who can work 40 hours a week has someone else to blame for the bloated government overspending and budget deficit. Give us the freedom to earn money, grow businesses, learn skills and hobbies (they could turn into something more) without penalty. Now, THAT would be a help-up.

    I do love Jack’s verbal “slaps in the face”, they keep me motivated to make the best of things, and try to become independent and free from as much of the bullshit as I can be. Thanks Jack.

    • If you want someone to complain to that you are force to work to receive the money that was stolen from others, you are barking up the wrong tree.

      • Not complaining, just a warning that the government can and will find a way to bugger something up, even when it seems reasonable at first. I’ve paid taxes (been stolen from), and I’ve stolen, by receiving assistance when unemployed or under-employed. It’s a system that’s supposed to work like that, rather than treating anyone using it like they’ve never been anything more than a bludger. I don’t think the system we have works, because it doesn’t encourage people to strive for something better (especially long term unemployed).

        They give rewards for breeding, punishment for earnings, hoops to jump to start a business.. I just hope that if UBI becomes a thing, it’s not just a copy of this work-fare system, because UBI could be so awesome. A new way to live and work doing things we (and the environment) really need without bureaucracy bogging people down.

        While I am not part of the welfare mess right now, circumstances may change again, and it seems like the best way to avoid it is to a) work for yourself and b) need very little. That’s been the goal for years, and it’s much harder than it sounds. Got the second part sorted, just need to spend some $ on making the first part a reality. There are still opportunities for financial independence (and I mean independent from government and working for someone else), but it takes a lot of bravery to take the leap.

        As an Australian who grew up in welfare, it’s a lack of confidence (although I have the vision!), and for my American husband, it’s being without the security of a “job” that is difficult for him to break away from. I want to thank you Jack, not just for saying the things that I should have been told my whole life, but for actually doing them too. You’re a big reason why I am on this path “to freedom”, as you say. 🙂

      • Another thought I had while planting trees this morning, what constitutes “work”? If you’re saying that I should be some place else, sorting clothes, painting a fence or picking up sticks (all real ‘work for the dole’ placements) instead of working towards a better tomorrow on my own property, then I’m stumped. 😉

        Does a father or mother put their kid in daycare to work for their welfare? Isn’t it work if you would have to pay someone else to do it? Tending a garden? Working on the car? All paid for positions in the right circumstance. People who receive welfare aren’t necessarily sitting around watching tv. It’s time to stop treating people like little children, then maybe more people would stop acting like little children. *THAT’S my hopes for UBI. 🙂

        • None of those things generate income, to think society owes you anything, at all period for seeing to you own personal needs or those of your children, is flatly wrong.

          I don’t care if you had someone else do it, that you would have to pay them.

          I walk my dogs but a stranger will charge a fee to do it, so should society pay me to walk my dog. I am sure someone could be paid enough to wipe me after I go to the bathroom, I am sure it would cost a lot more an hour that a gardener, a baby sitter or a dog walker, but should society pay me to wipe my own butt?

          Like I said if you totally redid the economic systems (IE a debt free currency based on the value of the nation itself) it could work, and it would have to be from the stance of simply, if you are a human and you live here you deserve the ability to procure your most basic needs. Now as to all other forms of welfare, social security, sod the fuck off and make your own way.

          The people who were most at risk could then rely on private systems of support that are voluntary. And when some wanker like Warren Buffett complained about people like him not paying enough, just hand him a list of charities and tell him to start writing checks.

  9. Jack: “Like I said if you totally redid the economic systems (IE a debt free currency based on the value of the nation itself) it could work, and it would have to be from the stance of simply, if you are a human and you live here you deserve the ability to procure your most basic needs.”

    That’s what I’m talking about, that’s the utopia that I would like to live long enough to see. One where a human’s worth isn’t based on whether they get paid by another human to do a task or if they do that job for free on their own home or at someone else’s. You said it a while back, but you know most jobs are bullshit anyway.. get rid of those jobs, and what are those people’s worth? I probably watched too much Star Trek, wishing for that kind of future.. No money as such, working because you want to be doing the job. Forcing people to do bullshit work, or stressing over a choice to pay the rent or eat, that’s not what I think we, as a species, should be aiming for.

    I don’t see why this couldn’t happen, or at least moving in that direction.

    Again, I’m not describing my personal circumstances. Not on welfare right now, no kids, just one human trying her best. I am guilty of having high hopes for the future though. I do get disappointed a lot. :p

    • It won’t happen because it doesn’t benefit government for it to happen. Don’t waste your time thinking about it, get off your ass, work your ass off and build something for yourself so good that you can’t be bothered to worry about it any longer.

  10. Japanese Beetles: They’re instinct is to let go and drop to the ground when the plant they’re on moves too quickly. Use this to your advantage.

    Solution: Grow grapes on a flexible cattle panel that arches over a chicken run. Once or twice a day shake the cattle panel so all the beetles fall to the ground. The chickens will take care of the rest.