Episode-2475- Listener Feedback for 7-22-19 — 3 Comments

  1. Even Kratom can have withdrawal effects and psychological addiction can still happen. Like all medicines, please research carefully before experimenting.  Good YT video on Kratom:

    If you or someone you know seriously needs to break a chemical addiction, please research Ibogaine. It’s (not surprisingly) prohibited in the U.S.  Ibogaine video:


  2. The hardest part I’ve found of keeping goats in a humid environment is parasite control.  Rotation helps, but isn’t enough.  I’ve found that the Spanish goats have the best ability to thrive in humid condition as well as seem to like brush the most over other forage.  They do require better fencing than most other breeds due to a combination of curiosity, athletic ability, wanderlust, skittishness, and stubbornness.  I have not been able to keep Spanish goats in an electric fence (5 strand high tensile).  We are converting everything to a physical barrier fence with 4×4” woven and use 16’ wire cattle panels with one post per panel for temporary fencing. 

    My advice is start small and grow once you have experience.  Fencing is the largest expense of my operation.  Focusing on a tamer breed, with portable electronet fencing to avoid the expense of physical fence.  Plan that you will need to worm them.  Plan on having to hack and slash to have space to put the fence up.  Plan on them getting out and how you will handle that.  Plan on how to move them.  (I can get 10 goats in a 4×8’ utility trailer that uses cut and bent cattle panels as a stock rack.  $40 and 2 hours to build the rack. I pull it with my minivan, but used to pull it with a Kia Rio subcompact.)

    Not claiming to be an expert, but have had a small herd of goats in central Missouri for 6 years.  Striving for a no medication herd.  Lots of failures and culling, some success.  Around 40 head and growing in the herd at the moment.  No experience with Kudzu, but they will knock the living **** out of Multiflora Rose and Ironweed along with many other things our cattle won’t eat. 

  3. Soooo — how do we crowd source this $10mil investment?  20k people at $500 a piece?