Episode-1169- Listener Feedback for 7-22-13 — 22 Comments

  1. “The value of pasta and beans to those who are hungry”
    That is actually more or less the EXACT statement that got me into prepping. I’m not entirely sure what VERY initially peaked my interest but Cody Lundin goes into depth about this in “When All Hell Breaks Loose”. He described what hungry is, and what it does, and since then I haven’t looked back. Even my time in the Marine Corps and any possible “adversity” I went through, in my mind, barely prepare me for such a scenario. And yet, its one of the easier things to prevent, right now, in our current circumstance.

    I’ll bring the food storage strategy topic back up at the family weekly/biweekly prep talk this week.

    • Jack meant to say thanks for bringing that point out because there is definitely ALOT lost whenever there is “welfare fraud” brought up. Talk about a polarization topic and one of the fastest ways to get to a stupid discussion. Looking a bit further under the surface yields more.

      Its why I don’t blame people for cheating the system. I blame the system. Go to Afghanistan (for example), take a breath, look around and interact with the people there. Do I blame them for gaming the system, and enriching their poorish lives by people willing to throw away resources at them? No. Do I think they’re better off? Debatable. Do I get angry when they get angry for us not providing them with resources? Maybe. But I know they’d be just fine without us.

  2. uh oh. the tin foil hat in the corner of my room has taken control of my keyboard…

    the food stamp article presents a trap (much like the immigration “solution”)…because, of course, this must be stopped! The solution is obviously to monitor and control the benefits given to each person much closer. More lists and bureaucracy are needed. Obviously.

  3. Hi Jack,

    Have you looked into CAFR at all?

    Detroit: The Latest Bankruptcy Lie

    Unmasking The CAFR Scam In Every City, USA

    CAFR SCHOOL: How Corporations Are Funded By Taxpayers

    its pretty amazing.

    • It is also bullshit, I did read your last link and it was difficult to read, the guy goes on and on before he gets to the point. His points are two fold.

      1. Cities have assets with real value and hide that value in ways that even a corporation or individual can’t and would go to jail for. (This I knew already)

      2. Corporations profit off the back of cities and states and counties etc. as private vendors for services to citizens some the government runs as a non profit and some as a for profit. (This I also already knew)

      You have been suckered in by an old tired big government liberal lie here, simply that “Cities are worth more on paper then they claim”, it is a lie but it is true at the same time.

      Let me explain, say a company depreciates a building more then they should, it should have actually appreciated. Now creditors want money, the building can be sold and the creditors repaid in spite of the numbers saying it won’t work on a balance sheet. Is that likely, yes, does it happen, yes and does it matter in the big scheme of things when one company dies and others pick their bones, nope.

      Let us try this with Government assets and see if it will work FOR THE PEOPLE making the above claim.

      The city has a shit ton of cop cars, they are worth more then it says on their balance sheet. The accounting has depreciated the fleet down to 1 million dollars but the fleet is worth 2.5 million and the government tit suckers say, see you have 1.5 million you said you didn’t have, use it to pay benefits. Yet the city doesn’t have 1.5 million more dollars, they don’t even have the original million they have cars for their cops. Said cars eat gas and need parts and maintenance they are not even really as asset but in total a liability (they cost money).

      To make the cars into 2.5 million and pay off creditors or pay pensions (ironically much of it to retired cops) you have to sell the cars. If you are Spirko Inc, fine you are screwed and go out of business but if you are the City of Spirko, your cops now have NO CARS. So would the people making this argument be okay with selling all the cop cars and telling them to go buy a bike at their own expense? Would you? How safe would the streets be of a mid to large size city with no cop cars.

      Let’s try this again! Say now that we look at the City Hall buildings and the Tax Office buildings. City says they have depreciated down to 5 million but their true market rate is say 15 million, so what do they do, sell City Hall and the Tax Office, great now how does the city function as a city?

      Give me a major asset that these cities have that can be sold without removing major aspects of city services, I mean one that is pretty universal. Sure some may own an art museum we can sell that and be done with it and only a few artists will cry as some billionaire buys up the collection but that is a rounding error in the grand scheme of things.

      Anyone saying this stuff should simply ask how these assets can actually be monetized so that said revenue can pay pensions, salaries and creditors. The answer is they can only be monetized if the cities are basically de chartered and privatized. Likely if that was done all debts could be paid in full, sure, I’ll give you that but the city is now gone and likely 50 or more large companies now own the assets. Citizens will now have to pick and choose services ala carte, there also should be no city taxes, you now have a private city where more then one company can compete for any service.

      Public utilities likely would continue run by a county government (assuming they were not broke) or the state could oversee basic services (those that belong in public hands like electricity, gas, water, phone, cable, etc) but if you want security you would have to buy it, a neighborhood could form a group, everyone chips in and they get their own private cop 24/7 or go without it.

      Now as a libertarian, I am pretty much okay with this model assuming some basic law enforcement and basic services remain but I don’t think most making this argument of asset value would be.

      Basically the point is the cities are broke on paper and changing accounting will change that. This is the same argument made about the banks and FAS 157. Change the accounting and they are financially healthy. Just like that, this is nothing but a ponzi scheme. Sure if you did as these groups say it MIGHT improve the ability of the city to borrow more for a time, it won’t however do anything to provide them the ability to service an even large debt.

      People that point out this concept know just enough about money to understand basic accounting but not enough to understand basic economics.

  4. I got to thinking about the need to ventilate the chicken coop into the evening hours and trying to think of a way to do it passively. The idea struck me that you could build a kind of chimney that would absorb a bunch of solar heat during the day, and this might create a draft for some time into the night. It should be something dark and with significant mass to store up the heat, like bricks painted black, or maybe a black container of water with a chimney pipe running through it. Looks like I’m not the first person to think of this –
    I think this sounds like a fun science fair idea to do with the kids.
    You obviously have other benefits to getting a solar setup for your coop, but it’s always an interesting thought exercise to try and figure out a permaculture approach.

  5. About what happens to Detroit, I have seen this movie before. It is called Robocop! Speaking of 80s movies, I think the theme from Dr. Detroit would make a great bumper for Detroit’s woes. I love the 80s!

    2012/2013 is close enough prediction for Detroit. It is only since 2012 that we discovered that retirement plans are being steered towards government bonds. 401k plans may have been keeping these going. It’s only been a year since my observation on covert nationalization of retirement plans (into government bonds). Worse, the plan administrators, employers and government are trying to make it so that one pays the least amount of attention and has the least interraction with the retirement plans. The defaults are Target date funds that automatically index and reallocate. New employees are automaticly enrolled and existing employees are automatically increased in their 401 deduction. The literature even encourages one to not look at their portfolio. (Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain! ) Even Social Security doesn’t send a statement anymore!

  6. Keep It Simpler Stupid: Run an extension cable to a box fan mounted in your coop. Too much Steve editorial in this episode.

    Love you. 😀

    • Um no, I am not going to leave 275 feet of cord on the ground for 4-5 months a year.

    • Jack said he wanted a solar powered chicken coop, I gave him one. It was the assignment I was given. Plus its a power source way away from the house for other things, like the stock tanks, and its a back up to the house. If Jack put an extension cord on the ground, it’d short out when it rained and it’d be cut when he mowed… that’s the whole point, he has pure bedrock for soil, he can’t trench.


      • Oh I can trench Steve but it will cost a lot more then 500 bucks to do it, soooooo, some people just like to bitch is all.

      • Sorry to bitch, Steve. I should have just skipped forward when the information was a mile over my head in the first 5 minutes. I always enjoy your segments on the TSP and your editorial has been helpful in my life. This one was long and involved and I was grouchy I guess. Keep up the great work, fellas. I’m a big fan and I shouldn’t have been a bitch.

  7. Slow down the fan with a light dimmer? Most standard dimmers use triacs which trigger off the phase of the AC sinewave. It won’t work with the wonderful squarewave output inverters Mr. Harris recommends.

  8. So Steven, you did such a thorough job w/Jack’s request, as usual. Of course, it got me thinking…

    I have a stand-alone coop like Jack’s. Right now, we run a fan in the summer, and we’ll have to do water de-icing in the winter. The coop roof has great southern exposure. How would I change the math to run some light/de-icing on battery in the winter? How would I know how to figure out the right amount of batteries/panels? And what Schumacher charger would be right if we needed to pull batteries from the coop and charge them off AC if there wasn’t enough sun? (I live in south central IN, BTW, and yeah, I’m guessing I can hear you groan all the way down here. :D)

  9. I know Steven was like”Devil 12 volt fan BEGON!” , but coming from northern Ala. where summers could get into the 100’s not often but could. I thought of this because its what i was leaning too in a grid down with no air i could use it. If its good enough for me its good enough for chickens. It would suppliment the air flow during the day at least. It says its rated at 6 watts draw so would be very minor use even charging the battery during the day.

  10. Question on the solar powered coop:
    Did you ever set it up?

    1. I think Steve recommended screwing the inverter to a wall. I think if this doesn’t have a cover you are going to damage it. Steve may not realize how dusty chickens can be. Plus, dust is bad, poop is worse and they can roost in pretty tight spots.
    2. I’m not sure which digital timer he recommended (then sort of changed his mind about) but I switched to an analogue with 15″ stops for my aquaponics set up. In a hoop house or chicken coop it’s liable to be humid enough to damage the LED readout in short order. The timer occasionally resets, screwing things up. And lastly they often don’t have a replaceable battery so when that fails you have to throw it away.