Episode-1832- Listener Calls for 7-21-16 — 6 Comments

  1. To the caller inquiring about Rifle Training: Appleseed Project.

    To the last caller inquiring about handgun training. I totally agree with Jack that you should pursue professional training. If you (or anyone else) are willing to provide a location, I may be able to help you find some high quality training (like Fortress Defense) in your area. I am in the early stages of creating a listing site for firearm trainers across the country, so I have a certain amount of exposure to this information. Contact me directly at dsplaine (at) yahoo dot com if you prefer.


  2. About the crossbow question, if you cannot draw a compound bow, rent a crossbow and be sure you can cock the crossbow. I know from experience cocking a crossbow is not as easy as you might think.

    Jack is right your range will be limited primarily due to jumping the string. Also the max range for hunting with a crossbow will be about 40 yards due to the sound of the string release.

    There is more motion involved in cocking a crossbow than drawing a vertical bow. A follow up shot with the crossbow is going to be akin to a follow up shot with a muzzle loader.

  3. Jack mentioned getting a phone holder for your tripod. You can get one for a $1 at the Dollar Tree. Just look for their knock-off selfie sticks. The phone holder on those things unscrew from the unit and the threads fit the mount on most tripods.

  4. LOL, Jack, some of us live with the “you gotta vote” drones. And, heaven help me, it is my 73 year old mother, she has discovered youtube. I don’t “think” she is listening to Alex Jones but she does watch some crazy mess. I try to give her a dose of common sense but, well… To tell her I don’t just LOVE Trump and don’t really like the GOP is sacrilege. One of her sisters is actually working at his campaign office in Pensacola. So, some of us can not avoid the drones. We try to have more reasoned responses for the rare occasion they are willing to listen.

    Even though it wasn’t a pleasant exchange, you did eventually help me get the answer I was looking for on the martial law question — ie., the president can’t call ML on a national level and even if he could it wouldn’t prevent the election process. That was the reasoned response I needed.