Episode-2242- Listener Feedback for 7-2-18 — 19 Comments

  1. Is someone aware of buyer’s perspective resource similar to The One Percent Effect (instead of a seller’s)?  I plan to read The One Percent Effect and apply what I can in reverse, but it would be nice to find a well done version on the buy side.


    Great show, Jack, thank you for what you do.

  2. Jack what was the source of the holocaust survivor video? I’d like to watch it (I think? you said it was a video).

  3. Anyone who equates Trump to “literally Hitler” clearly does not have any knowledge of who Hitler was and what he did.

    • Sadly most of them actually do, well they know enough that ignorance can not be their defense and as shitty of a defense that stupidity is, it is all they have.

  4. Also, this whole situation reminds me of your piece a while back, “Are you an easily led moron?”, since it’s pretty much out of the news and a new outrage of the month will be coming shortly.

  5. Regarding that quote, about tending to the parts of the garden you can actually touch, we have a somewhat similar saying in French:
    “When there is no solution, there is no problem.”

    It means that you can stop worrying about everything that is outside of your sphere of influence. It won’t help if you do.

    The original source for that quote is a cartoon called “The Shadoks”. Its a great source that I recommend, if you are looking for quotes about bureaucracy.

    For instance: “To reduce the numbers of unhappy people, always beat up the same individuals.”

  6. Great show, some very interesting stuff.
    On the feed grade grain it just occured to me, would human consumption grain have tighter regulations and inspections with regards to how it is stored especially interms of rodent control and restricting access from birds crapping on it.
    I would hope that human grade grain would be stored in sealed buildings with regular rodent bate laid outside as well as regularly inspections for signs of any infestation of either rodents, mites, beatles etc.

    Anyone here familiar with how both classes of grains are stored ?

  7. On the subject of some people comparing Trump to Hitler,

    If I was an Iraqi or Afgan peasant who had my home blown up by a missile dropped from a US drone and if most of my family were burned alive trapped in the rubble and if I survived to think about it as well as thought about the hundreds of thousands of people who died as a result of the American let invasion and current occupation of Iraq an Afghanistan and looting of it’s oil resources with little benifit to most natives then I might compare Trump to Mr Hittler.

    Alternatively If I lived in the us and and a good job and if I was benifiting well from Trumps tax breaks and domestic economic policy then I think I would see Mr Trump as a hero.

    I think it all depends on whether I am gaining or loosing from Mr Trumps economic and political policies.

    • I get your point but for your first example to be valid all Presidents are “Literally Hitler”.

      • I totally agree, Also in my view presidents, politicians, senators, governments, royals and corporate media etc are all a pile of useless parasites which should be thrown on a bonefire where I threw my TV.

        The world would be s much better place without them

  8. I have used some comfrey on minor cuts and muscle injuries as a result of first hearing about it on the SP a few years back and it works wonders.

    Just wondering does anyone know exactly what chemical within its leaves actually does the healing ?

  9. In regards to John and storing bulk rice.

    A “prepper” friend of mine stores his rice in 2-liter bottles.

    He uses compressed nitrogen and runs a small hose to the bottom of the bottle, fills the bottle with rice and then runs nitrogen through the hose for a few seconds.

    Once he’s sure there’s no oxygen left, he pulls the hose, puts the cap on and dates the bottle.

    His wife does most of her ‘shopping’ in the storage area where they have up to 7 years of ‘preps’. They also grow quite a bit of their food.


  10. As far as sources for bulk autumn olive seedlings – Burnt Ridge Nursery has 100 12-18″ seedlings for $150 – not quite under a buck, but the cheapest I have seen. Smaller bundles of 10 are $20.


    • Wow glad they have them back!  But totally not the time of year to plant here, hope I can get them in fall or spring!

  11. Without affordable houses, the same thing that happened to the big ones built in the 1890 1920’s will happen to the today’s big houses.  Split them into duplexes starting in the not quite so nice areas and then expanding.  Not all will be affected, but a lot will.

    As for grains, generally it is more about the level of chaff and weed seed cleaning like you said.  However, I do know there are strains of corn our local elevator won’t buy.  One was made for the ethanol markets and our elevator had signs saying, “Will not buy Syn*** #xxx”.  Don’t know how they would know though…

    Finally, some other strains are bred specifically for improved taste or texture for human food that isn’t really a consideration for animal feed.  These are usually on contract.

  12. Does anyone know where I can get Goji berry seedlings in quantity?  I’m having a hard time growing them from seed and would love to buy in some 12 to 24 inch rooted seedlings…