Episode-1829- Listener Feedback for 7-18-16 — 11 Comments

  1. I went to a doctor last week to get a general check up and because I have been tired. The doctor who treated me was great. He sat down and asked why I was there. He listened to all my concerns and answered all my questions. It was overall a very positive experience.

    • I knew exactly what you meant…
      A few years ago I went to a Dr. for a respiratory illness. He actually walked backwards into the room, asked me a question, and ran out of the room to the next patient. Everytime he came in to see me he backed in and always ran out. I watched him running through the hallways like Speedy Gonzales…
      I never went back there again.

  2. Does the season matter at all when you buy gas to store? Does January gas work just fine in June and vice versa?

    • Yes especially given the amount of each is only 5 gallons. Winter blends typically have a bit of butane or other gas blended in, while you would not want to use 50 gallons of this stuff all at once in a truck, 5 gallons here or there will not matter. And even with that, a vehicle will still run on winter gas in summer, it just won’t run at its absolutely highest potential.

  3. Everybody has a meme/POV on how they live there life. Once you know that you know that you know all answers to whatever questions they put forth before they answer them.

    And the answer is …


  4. heard about your roll around air conditioner. I have one too (the 10,000 BTU rated one). I can confirm that the following inverter will start and run this air conditioner.

    For those with a 24VDC battery bank and solar system, this inverter works just fine. I would recommend being patient and getting an “open box” one from Amazon at the 250.00 price point (vs the 500.00 price point)

    As Steve Harris has mentioned before, you need to have a substantial battery system (minimum 4x GC2 golf cart deep cycle batteries or Trogan T-105) and a solar charging system (minimum 1000kW).

    This is an advanced option for those willing to “step up their game”

  5. I just got a good doctor who takes time with me. You may know him; Dr. Stephen Lewis 😉

    How do you cool a room using only about six gallons? I Googled generator gas usage and apparently it’s about 18 gallons per 24 hours for a classic noisy (non-inverter) 2000W unit…