Episode-2251- Listener Feedback for 7-16-18 — 16 Comments

  1. Just saying, my teacher daughter would love year-round school cause kids forget much of what they learned while on summer break.  She is dedicated to pulling her students up.  This is a shout-out for the dedicated ones who get kids way below their grade level and fight for them to achieve up several grade levels, and fight for the success of every child in their classroom.  BTW, my daughter was homeschooled and has a heart for kids and works in an impoverished school district.  For those teachers who whine, “Teaching is a calling, and NOT a job.”


  2. Jack. Would you consider putting out the teacher segment as stand alone?

    I find my teacher friends stand up for all teachers as a group and won’t even admit to any bad ones. Would love to share it. Thanks.

  3. As a former auto technician and soon to be again, I can attest to the cost of person purchase of tools. Including the toolbox, a Snap-On roll cab, I spent approx $10,000. Sorry teachers, we have you beat.

    • Most people start with a 3/2 because over the last 50 years they were built as starter homes more than any other lay out, additionally it sells way better than say a 2/2 or 2/1 or even a 3/1, so they are safer bets on resale.

      Additionally the classic American family is 2 parents, 2 kids, a dog and a back yard.  Doesn’t matter if it is more common it is what is in people’s heads.  So couples with no immediate kid plans still see 3 beds as a minimum.

      Single guys are smart and know to buy so they can resell plus it give them places for all their man toys, an office, etc.

      It is just the value, it has been the best square foot bang for the buck for 5 decades.

      I predict in 15-20 years the 3/2 will become in peoples minds what a 2/2 is today, everyone will want 4/2.5s

  4. “Why I think the US is the last nation that should complain about election interference”

    Seriously. The CIA and Britain literally had Patrice Lumumba assassinated; the democratically elected first Prime Minister of the Republic of Congo,  where Belgium’s King Leopold II conducted the first modern genocide. The USA really should not complain.

  5. Wow you pay high property taxes! Ours are about $1,700 but we also have state income tax 🙁

      • One way to partially cheat Upgrayedd and pocket a bit more of that cash is to live near the border of an Income Tax State and do the bulk of your significant shopping across the border. Some states try to regulate that but there are usually work arounds.

  6. Just heard this one this morning. I would suggest if you are thinking of TX to also consider Oklahoma. Forty five minutes SW of the OKC airport puts you well out in rural OK – not suburbs but true rural country. Weather is very similar to TX; just a little more wind. OK is very 2A friendly and we just passed medical mj and I expect full legal mj within 5 years. I am an just over an hour NE of the airport and live in unincorporated (no city government) Logan county.

    If you look at real estate prices in OK, they are very stable over the years. Property taxes and the state income tax are reasonable – taxes are always too high, right.

  7. Within 45 minutes of Kansas City Airport you can get a NICE house reasonable compared to what you are used to or a good amount of land.  Especially if you go NE of KCMO.

  8. Anyone have a link to the video of the robots and automation that Jack mentioned in the last segment just prior to the item of the day?