Episode-2470- Listener Feedback for 7-15-19 — 1 Comment

  1. Thanks Jack for another great show.

    On the climate topic, I happen to be in one of the effected areas of this last winter’s weird weather, but you hit the nail on the head; temps have been beautiful, but do to standing water/flooding,  I was put back an additional month getting my garden planted and don’t expect much to produce well.

    On the hunting topic, you’ve flat out said it before, but I’m a stubborn example of proof that you don’t need some huge monster of a rifle to hunt anything in north America. My personal favorite rifle is my tried and true 30-30. I do use the higher end hornady leverevelution ammunition, but I don’t hesitate taking up to a 200 yard shot on bull elk, and it’s not failed yet. Being I hunt the back country of western Idaho, it’s rare that I ever have a shot beyond 100 yards, so it fits my application perfectly, but I probably wouldn’t attempt a shot over 200 yards on an elk, but anything shorter, it’s going in the freezer.

    Just thought I’d share that from repeated experiences, I agree whole heartedly that studying ballistic charts gives a false sense of doubt or confidence. The best weapon anyone can carry is the one they feel most confident in.

    Thanks again.

    Will in Idaho