Episode-1801- Listener Feedback for 6-6-16 — 17 Comments

  1. I mentioned it on the Reg Ag facebook but adding Whey (The waste from making cheese) to your spray (Or just spraying whey before an rain event) has been proven to be mo0re effective then commercial fungicides.

  2. Matt Welcome to Montana.I Live in Kalispell a little over two hour drive north of you if you haven’t been up here yet its worth the drive, A good time to come is when the flathead cherries are ready to pick this summer. Part of the problem with Missoula is it’s a college town so labor rates are lower due to the college work force.and housing is at a premium Because of the collage student population. You moved to Montana at a good time After eight years of economic drought jobs have picked up especially in the construction trades, and management jobs at least up here.I am glad you are enjoying your new life. feel free to contact me if you like. Amara

  3. You were talking about stages of grief with the election process. At what stage of grief am I at, if I don’t care who gets elected as all that affects is the story they use to tell me, as they expand government and limit my rights?
    i.e. Trump will do it to save me from foreigners, Bernie will do it to provide for the middle class and Hillary will do it to save me from something else.

    The only real reason I care at all is how effective each would be at F’ing me over. So part of me hopes for Bernie, as I don’t think he has any chance of getting anything done. On that scale, I’m most against Hillary as she is probably most effective. Where do you think Trump falls in this?

    Again, I have given up caring but I have to pay some attention as these are the possible captains who will be attempting to sink the ship, so I need to know how long my kids have before they have to start swimming.

    • Sounds like stage 4 depression, very close to stage 5 though, acceptance, this is were you stop worrying about it and GSD.

    • As for paying some attention, the results of the election will happen on Nov 8th, screw it till then because the truth, you won’t really do anything differently for Clinton vs. Trump in your life you JUST THINK YOU WILL.

  4. Hey, I know you were talking about building for later augmentation and then about not building up… for what it’s worth those might not combine.

    I built my house about five years ago with an unfinished second story (didn’t need the space so why lock into a floor plan, but I’m 35 and life happens…) and the estimate to finish it isn’t much more than the difference in finishing it when I built it.

    I built it cash so I don’t know how/if this affects a mortgage and an estimate isn’t a bill, but just one data point I can provide.

  5. What was the word that Jack used to describe the false sense that your votes count?

    • Catharsis and it isn’t just about voting. Kind of like writing an angry letter to a person then burning it. Doesn’t do anything but makes you feel better.

      Basically voters are frustrated, angry, etc. Voting relieves this a bit, but doesn’t do shit. Either your side looses and it is short lived but at least you tried. Or you side wins and they screw you in the ass, so you lose the good feeling until “next time”.

      And in the end we all can do math and if you didn’t vote the result would not change anyway.

      And yet we are supposed to think this matters?

  6. Jack, what is Geoff Lawton’s actual website address? Did he ever resolve the issues he had with his site being hijacked?

  7. Jack, I’m not supposed to cry when I listen to TSP. Seriously, awesome ending song and just the right way to deliver that message.

  8. I went to the link for Garretts sprays, On the cornmeal one it said 1 cup cornmeal to 1 gallon water. In the same post it said 1 cup to 5 gallons. Which is it?

    • It is both but I see how it can be confusing.

      For a spray, 1 cup to the gallon, strain and use as a spray without dilution. Though you could use it instead of water if making up garret juice spray.

      For a soil drench, 1 cup to 5 gallons and you don’t have to strain it.

      One is for spray the other for a soil drench.