Listener Feedback for 6-5-23 – Epi-3314 — 6 Comments

  1. To any who are interested in robotic farming/gardening, I would suggest you start at It is in my opinion VERY survival related and shows basically how all the larger systems work in a small understandable system designed for backyard gardeners. NASA is even thinking about sending one of those to space. The largest system can be setup to handle an 8′ bed as long as you want (i.e. 8′ x 100′?) which could provide a large portion of a family’s gardening needs.

  2. Jack. You’re one of the most amazing teachers / podcasters I’ve ever heard in my life. You don’t owe anyone anything except yourself / your family. Maybe what that message was trying to convey as if we could learn how to communicate a little better. Leave some things out that are needless. We could reach more people. Possibly saving more lives. That logic & morality. 2 things that you believe in obviously.

    Many flat Earthers are all fuct up. Flat / global Earth is a psyop To cause more division. I absolutely love your show, & I am amazed by the amount of knowledge, wisdom, & experience you have, & the way that you share. I’m a hard ass. I’ll tell someone they’re a fucking idiot if needed. But when I do it from a place of anger from my past or wrong belief systems, Resentment, then I’m doing it for the wrong reason.

    I’m a firm believer that sometimes some people need to be talk stupid to or cussed out or whatever the fuck needs to happen to make them wake the up Or go away. No matter what shape the Earth is it doesn’t make a bit of difference at all. We need to work together as small communities as much as possible so that we can thrive through this time of collapse / chaos that is upon us.

    I’ve been listening to you for a couple of months, I gave you a live comment recently that said “I’ve only been listening to you for a couple of months, my knowledge, & production has increased 300%. So basically, everything that you said about my comment is not what I was trying to convey to you.

    You missed my whole point because communicating through text messages & email sucks. It’s one of the most shitty ways to communicate, & so much is lost in it. Whenever we meet or I am able to talk to you. Not text but actually talk, I will be able to communicate what I was trying to say better. It would have took me a very long message to communicate what I was actually trying to say properly, & I figured if I did that, you would not read it.

    You have too much other stuff going on. I literally don’t care what shape the Earth is. I also realize that you did not put the comment up for everyone to read it or did you read it, in it’s entirety. You basically gave your skewed perception of what I was trying to say. As if I was trying to attack you & tell you that you owe people something. If I used the words “you owe people”. That was not what I was trying to say. I have a lot of shit going on. Actually trying to hurry up so I can work in my garden.

    Unless any of us are perfect in our belief systems, thoughts, understanding/comprehension of the subject, then who the fuck are we to call somebody else an idiot just because we don’t really understand or comprehend what or why they believe that. Do you actually believe that everything you think, believe, understand is exactly right? Do you actually believe that you’re perfect in your thinking, actions, decisions, perspectives? Or do you believe that you’re ignorant in some ways?

    We all have some level of ignorance in some areas Or we would be perfect & all-knowing God. I am literally the farthest thing from wilful ignorance. That statement wilful ignorance comes from The Bible. God hates wilful ignorance. You literally quote Bible scriptures on a regular basis. I’m not sure if you even have any idea that you’re doing it. It’s because your belief system / morality for the most part lines up with the True meaning of scripture. I’m almost done, so please don’t dismiss what I’m saying.

    When you truly get to the point where you have a better understanding of The Bible you will actually find out that your belief system, your way of life Actually lines up with The Bible more than most or any so called christians that I’ve ever met. I believe in the God of The Bible yet I do not call myself a Christian because that is a Box, religion, label given by some who were making a derogatory statement about the believers in Yeshua, not (Jesus).

    The 2 things that I’ve heard you go off about within a week or 2 in the same fashion where The Bible / Bible believers, & flat earthers, Many religious ppl / Most of the crazy ass flat earthers that act like an idiot over the subject, sounds very similar to the way you talk about them. It just so happens that most flat Earthers also believe in The Bible. I wanted to tell you that the reason why you seem to have such hate and animosity towards The Bible & believers in The Bible is because what you actually think or believe The Bible says / means is incorrect / inaccurate.

    You and many others are coming from a Western point of view / culture, not an Eastern Hebrew view point of the time period of when it was written. The Bible was written in the form of a legal document from front to back, and we still use those legal words & principles in our United State’s legal system. Except for when the libtards change it for their agenda.

    It does not say in Hebrew thou-shalt-not kill, it means Not murder. There is a different. Violence is when someone is trying to harm you against your natural rights or spiritual rights to be free. The law of force or aggression is to stop that Jackass from attacking you or someone else. This is biblical. Your viewpoint in this situation is biblical. We cannot judge who God is on what people believe He is or what people believe His scripture actually says.

    This is ludicrous, ignorant, or even stupid To judge God on what people say, do, believe, or what they think an ancient script actually means. Without understanding their language, culture, believe system, What literature they read / studied. Without comprehending what the words actually meant to them & then being able to apply the principles to our lives today.? There are so many things that you have no idea about, so why talk about them like you’re actually an expert? I’m just saying dude.

    There are people who are experts in these things, you think they are idiots but they have studied thousands & thousands of hours & they actually learned what is the spirit of what was written in The Bible. You get triggered by people who mentioned The Bible or people who have a flat Earth belief because of some Christian people or Person who believes The Bible says one thing but it really means something different so they actually believe a lie & it has nothing to do with The Bible or God, it has to do with them not understanding The Bible through the Hebrew perspective of when it was written, why it was written, what it was written for, How they understood it, applied in their lives then, how we can use the principles now.

    You also never answered my question. Why have they basically erased as much flat Earth information as possible off the Internet? Are we not trying to get back to the old ways while utilizing good technology? No one believed in flat Earth until they started running the spherical Earth psyop which was maybe in the late 1800s or early 1900s. There were theories probably before that but no longer than 16 or 1700s.

    In comparison we’re talking about maybe tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of years when everybody knew the Earth was not flat or a sphere. You can look and see that a mountain is not flat, obviously. In case you forgot. I think your Podcast, your way of teaching is amazing. One of my number 1 choices of podcasts to listen to. I love what you’re doing, & consider you a brother from another mother with a resentment towards false Bible belief systems. I tend to have those same resentments towards the Same false Bible belief systems that are brainwashing people.

    • Read every word of what you said or tried to. After that

      1. My response stands, the end.

      2. Don’t lecture me about the bible, I am a former lay minister, I walked away from organized faith and I have never and will never regret it. I don’t believe it, I think it is all made up by man. You may enjoy this site, it was a side project.

      3. Work on your communication skills. Just read all you wrote and all you did was preach and bitch about not being understood the first time.

      4. I didn’t answer your claim that flatardism was erased from YouTube, because it is a false claim.

      • Oh and as to, “Many flat Earthers are all fuct up”. Agreed and I would change fucked up to mentally ill. I am a podcaster not a therapist.

  3. I Actually Consider You a Mentor, that I just found about 2 months ago. Although I’ve been studying Food production and permaculture for several years and actually doing the things in my own yard for about 3 to 4 years. I can’t believe I just found you but I am very grateful for having found you. I wasn’t mad at you about your attack on people who believe the Earth is flat or about your attack on The Bible and people who believe The Bible is true. I wanted to have a conversation with you to show you that there is a way we are supposed to communicate as humanity. To share our perspectives with one another so that I can add to my perspective from your perspective and you can add to your perspective from my perspective and then we can have a wider, broader, deeper perspective. Also just because we believe someone’s an idiot, ignorant, stupid, a dumb fuck, or whatever. That does not mean we’re supposed to voice it every time we think this way about someone or something. This is a problem with humanity of having diarrhea of the mouth with actually no or very little discernment of situations, considerations of other people that have a different perspective in life than we do. So many times all of us have been guilty of arguing with someone and we’re both saying the same fucking thing through a different perspective. I have seen people hate each other and never talk to each other again or even go to the point of murder over arguments and they were both saying the same thing through a different perspective. Sad but true. There are many times when calling someone an idiot, stupid, a dumb fuck is just not even necessary in the conversation when it is very counter intuitive to what we are actually trying to do for humanity. To better humanity. It seems like there’s just 1 or 2 subjects that you have resentments against and cannot or wilfully ignorantly refuse to try to see what the other person is actually saying or why they believe what they believe, or say what they say. (Like I’ve been podcasting for a 120 years and I’ve been doing permaculture for 2,000 years and who the fuck are you to tell me any goddamn thing?) So in these areas where we have resentment and hate towards something that we actually misunderstand, we’re not actually hating or resenting that thing we think we’re hating or resenting, what we think that thing means or what someone else told us or did to us concerning what they think that thing means. We’re actually hating or resenting something that, that thing is not. We’re hating our misunderstanding of that particular thing. I hope and pray that I was able to communicate what I was trying to communicate properly because we all have our own filter or perspective that we hear and perceive things through. Unless you are the perfect one, you can always take constructive criticism in areas that you are or are not an expert at. Many times great wisdom comes from the mouth of a fool but only those who are humble enough and intelligent enough to hear it, will hear it and use it. Otherwise we can only hear truth from certain people who they believe are farther alone or at least as an equal to us. Not being willing to hear the truth when It is spoken because of who is speaking it or how they are speaking it is ignorance, stupidity, pride. This is actually a principle I heard come out of your mouth in different words.

  4. You’re Actually like a hero to me sort of in a way. I’m learning everything I can from you because I’m Is working on Becoming a Podcast. Seems like to me that your Podcast system is the absolute best I’ve seen so far.