Episode-1142- Listener Feedback for 6-4-13 — 14 Comments

  1. It will be interesting to see how the whole GMO matter plays out since so many other countries are refusing it. Pretty sneaky way for Mon(ster)santo to get their inedible wheat into other countries. Eat it or do without?

    The oozing oil spill of Socialism in this country is truly very scary for those of us who see it coming. Like my brother said: ‘We’ll bury you so slowly, you won’t know you’re dead.’ It amazes me that people just go on about their daily lives as if the party will never end….tra la la!

  2. With only using red and blue light wouldn’t it be like using NPK? I imagine the plants use light like micro nutrients.

  3. Isn’t the Smithfield issue making a mountain our of a mole hill?!?

    1. If our focus is to have more decentralized food production systems; then you would think the POV is fine, good riddance. All you ever give us is swine products that have been wallowing in their own feces on feedlots. I thought corporations such as this were seen as part of problem; now we care to keep them?!?!

    2. The fact that they can control a company overseas; this has been done forever. I don’t know how many US companies control operations in other countries from here. This is merely business at the corporate level. Please go to China, the air is awful. China makes Nixon’s creation of the EPA as a gift to all of humanity.

    3. Are they buying the company and requiring both pigs and production moved to China? As best I can tell, no, so the paper money is really the only thing that moves. If our focus is to have multiple forms of exchange (money, barter, metal, bitcoin, etc.); then shouldn’t we be willing to give them all the faith-based money they want?!?

    4. What happens when they try to require such a move from here to China? They will get nothing. Try to sue or attack all your pig producers. China and Goldman Sachs will not be given social license to take food out of this country if things are truly dire. If the environment continues to decline over in China, the few hogs we produce by comparison to them is nothing, as a country I think we would tell them “No, you have some bigger issues to attend to at your address.”

    Things don’t have to be road warrior for us to simply say, no you are not getting that. It will probably be about the same time that the dollar hits bottom. And we will force other to take whatever changes we want. We will make compromises just to keep everything civil. However, things will move in that direction until a country with superior weapons or skills in war over take us. Because everything about the USA is backed by bullets, plain and simple. It is not right that we bully other countries, but that is what happens. Our bullying is enabled by the fact that we have such a huge natural resource base in almost every angle of life. If the USA is ever in true need of a natural resource it would be a steady dose of reality in comparison to how much of the world lives and humility (and I am not talking about altruism).

    Am I for it. Absolutely not. I just see items such as Smithfield as a distraction from pressing toward real goals. Causing fear that isn’t real.

    • @Scott, wow talk about being BLIND, you really do not get it do you. This is the first of many. I think you may be suffering from a huge case of perception bias.

      • You provided very fair reasons Jack, but no clear cut evidence though. I’m afraid this can become an entryway to another conspiracy theory. Maybe their strategy is to make America better, not abandon it. I’m just saying.

        • Yes Goldman Sachs wants to make America better, wow, just fricken wow! Believe what you want but this is clear as day man, this will be the first of many. Every top senior Goldman Exec just got a guaranteed passport from China or Singapore.

      • So now even our food will be Made in China. Didn’t see that one coming!

        • No you are missing it, the food will be made here, owned and controlled by Goldman Sachs via a Chinese Shell Corporation run by the son of a former Prime Minister of China.

  4. That solar panel deal is pretty good, but I’ve regularly seen less per watt at Sometimes you have to buy a pallet to get the best rate, but not always. For example, right now they have an equivalently-sized panel for 74 cents/watt. The challenge now is no longer the price of panels but everything else — batteries, inverters, hookup, etc.

  5. Just a comment on running solar electricity to power our “needs”.
    I believe the problem is with our consumption of unnecessary power. If we get rid of half the useless stuff we don’t really need to power, our energy demands will reduce leaving some of our essential items that can be run or assisted with solar power. I do it and have been running from solar for years.
    With a little planning and being conservative it is more achievable than one thinks.

  6. When you mention how China is a rising power, I tend to think it’s alot of the same thing; Elites of the world manipulating things behind the scenes or enabling the Chinese economy to work against us.

  7. The paper shred can be pressed inti fire blocks

  8. On the subject of GMO wheat . . . It’s like Jeff Goldblum’s chaos math character says in Jurassic Park…

    “Life will find a way.”


  9. Loved the topic about beneficial bugs. Any tips on what would prey on earwigs?