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      • No I have not. That may be an interesting show topic. Introduction to small game hunting. I’ve been interested in giving it a go, but I have no idea how to get started.

  1. Thanks for your thoughts on the Canadian government money thing Jack. Much appreciated.

  2. Be ridiculously careful with dmso. It isn’t called liquid needles for nothing. Anything that’s on your skin will get pulled into your bloodstream by it. While this sounds like a good idea, don’t use it with anything you wouldn’t put into a needle and inject into your veins.

    It will not evaporate but is highly water solvable.

    Btw..357 mag makes a great deer rifle. Ive personally dropped 2 deer with one.

    • Makes me wonder if someone should first try Aloe Vera with whatever they wanted to mix into it first before trying something like DMSO since it brings anything attached to it down to the base of the skin. The problem of course is likely going to be finding a pure source of aloe vera which doesn’t already have stuff attached to it outside of buying the plant :/

      I have two pes anserine bursitis right now and have been putting a comfrey salve on the muscles around the bursis and the bursis itself. It works for a while then wears off but it is better than nothing. And I am sure the comfrey is helping things calm down in the region faster than they would otherwise given I am only 2 weeks into this and practically good as new. 😀

      When I use to make laboratory equipment we worked with a compound which would melt two pieces of lexan / acrylic together. It can cause cancer and it is just like DMSO in that is is lighter than air and if it gets on your skin it will absorb into it. >__< We had to use thick gloves and needles to apply it.

      • Again I cannot make medical claims, and you will need to do your own research as to the pros and cons. I can tell you (again only anecdotal evidence) that my own mother treated her bursitis successfully with pharma grade DMSO gel. I had mentioned it to her for years, and she finally got the courage to to give it a go at the end of last year. After 2 weeks, she called to say she was amazed and that she should have tried it years ago when the bursitis first started. She has stopped taking it, but knows that if a flare-up ever happens, she has a cheap alternative treatment that works for her. Now, if I could just get her to start listening to Jack’s podcast…

    • You are correct, and I advise those who ask me to act with caution and serious respect for DMSO. I am not a doctor, and cannot give medical advice, I can only share my own experiences and some of the research I have done. Knowing how powerful the stuff can be, in 20 some years, I have ONLY ever mixed it with distilled water and pure aloe vera. I also have never taken it while on any other form of medication. Even normally harmless substances could have unknown effects it taken too quickly into the bloodstream. Not to mention, what is harmless to one person may not be to another depending on biological sensitivity and per-existing conditions.

      Just because I have found a way to use DMSO that works for me, it does not mean others should or will. I only offered my story to Jack to give one more low cost, low tech option that many people still have not heard of, not to try and convince anyone of anything. I appreciate Jack immensely, and respect those with a healthy amount of skepticism.

      Yes, the placebo effect is most definitely REAL, but DMSO has been trusted by sports therapists and other doctors for “off label use”. Plus veterinarians for decades, and we know that horses cannot have a placebo effect.

      Happy researching on this strange and amazing substance which, at least for now, is still legal. When doing your own research, please keep in mind the difference between actual studies on DMSO and Meta-studies (studies of studies) – and the nature and character of those doing either.

      A good jumping point for studies related to the many uses of DMSO:

      Observations on toxicity (done with 3 to 30 times a normal dosage!):

  3. The problem with the euro (currency) and probably why GB never adopted it is that each nation that joined the union gave up it’s own currency. However, each nation kept their own bonds(debt). So in the debt markets you can still buy or short the bonds of each individual nation.

    So when you don’t have a sovereign currency that you can adjust against your sovereign debt it makes it easy for bond traders i.e. multinational banks, to pick your pockets. Greece, Spain, Portugal, Italy have suffered disproportionately under the scheme as the traders have wreaked havoc on their yield curves. Could you imagine the debt payments we’d have if the yield went to 8% on our bonds? We would probably have the same response as Greece did, except we can print money. In the EU the sole printing press is in Brussels and the countries have no means of inflating. They’re F’d. I suspect that was the underlying plan all along. How nations were hoodwinked into giving up their sovereignty I have never understood.

    • I wish I understood this in leymansterms, especially the first paragraph, It seems like a great explanation but it,s out of my grasp.

  4. One note on the history segment that is close to my heart and that is the invention of the Stirling engine.
    Alex’s review is fair in that it hasn’t seen many useful mainstream applications but in its defense, only one major company, Phillips, put any serious research into it. Still they still hold the record for the most efficient use of solar energy conversion. 33% vs PV at 20-30%. A couple of years ago a smart guy in Germany decided to make one that was large slow and reliable and made something amazing which he installed in the Tamara Center in Portugal where it has been running for five years on solar. Now many will say that 1.5kw is easier and cheaper with solar panels which is true, but I think as a proof of concept, it is a game changer.
    The engine itself could be created by a competent welder with detailed plans and basic materials. All you then need is a reliable supply of heat and water for cooling. This design has the heat first stored in a large volume of oil which acts as a thermal battery which never wears out or needs to be replaced. As shown the heat that doesn’t get converted to electricity can still be used for other purposes. The thing that intrigues me most of all is the idea of backing up the solar with a rocket stove to provide heat from wood. Now you’d have a system that could be built and serviced by a competent mechanic (with the exception of the generator which they could just service) and last nearly forever with normal service (replacing seals and oiling joints).
    I think Stirling’s will be a piece of the future of distributed energy production. It just took 200 years for the proper application to be found. It took 120 years for someone to take da Vinci’s idea of a submarine and actually make one. Then another 150 for it to find its military use, so some ideas take time to develop.

  5. In your discussion of brewers grain it is useful for a feed, but also good at controlling weeds. If you put spent grain on the ground chickens will scratch it around killing a lot of plant life in that area. I have about 45 hens at last count and get 10-20 – 5 gallon buckets of spent grain a week depending on the types of beers brewed. This is more brewers grain than what they need and they don’t eat it all, but it’s still worth stopping and getting on the way home from work.

    It may not have the curb appeal required in a suburban backyard, but it is just fine for controlling grass and weeds around the outbuildings. After applying the spent grain around the perimeter of the buildings grass and weeds are eliminated by the chickens for weeks. I also use this in tight spaces to control weeds where it is hard to get with the mower. If you have free range chickens that have access to the rest of what they need for feed, they will spend time each day being a chicken scratching the stuff around and doing work for you. What they don’t eat is organic matter going back into the ground.

    Here’s a link to a pic where I applied grain last Thursday 6/23. I wish I had a before picture to show just how much they’ve cleaned the area up. I’m more committed to bees than mowing and we are having one of the best clover years since I started. This area has only been mowed ONE time all summer.

  6. Jamey Johnson is one of my favorite artist. He is from Montgomery Alabama. His version of My Home’s in Alabama is probably my favorite.

    Also you should look up the number of hit songs he has written that others have recorded it’s suprising

  7. A note on the 77-22. I have one and I love it but… many of them are inherently inaccurate. As in 2″ groups at fifty. The problem is that the bolt is a 2 piece and it locks up on the back half, not with regular lugs like all other bolt guns and there is a good bit of slop between the halves. There are some shim kits available that help if you are not lucky enough to get a good one. Mine is good for 1 1/2″ to 2″ at a hundred.
    One thing to add about K-Hornet, to make brass, just shoot regular factory hornet rounds through a K chamber and you are done. You usually don’t even loose enough accuracy to notice unless you are working off a bench.

  8. We have had a good experience using DMSO. The DMSO I used was not any kind of medical grade it was an industrial-grade. At the time it was the only grade of DMSO I could find.My wife was horribly sick and being eaten alive by cancer cells. We used to DMSO in conjunction with cesium chloride monoatomic liquid potassium mon Atomic liquid gold and silver a strict vitamin regimen and calcium regimen from oyster shells and coral.

    Everything I could find in a monatomic state I used. But the DMSO definitely spread the regiment through every cell in her body.

    Her doctors were baffled. They told me ” I don’t know what kind of regimen you’re giving her but don’t stop giving it to her.”

    Of course an md can not acknowledge that a non Medical Practice works.

    That was 11 years ago.

  9. I don’t know if you meant to say consumption or not, but the 18th amendment prohibited the manufacturing, sales and transportation of alcohol. It doesn’t say anything about it’s consumption OR private possession. So leading up to the ban you could have stockpiled as much as you wanted to and possessed and consumed it at home legally.

  10. I like Jack’s analysis of the .357 bolt action.

    Another replacement for a .22LR could also be a 9mm pistol caliber carbine. Beretta, KelTec, and Hi-Point all make some very good and reliable semi auto carbines.

    The new KelTec is probably the lightest and has a threaded muzzle too! 🙂 I’ve got a Hi-Point TS Carbine and really like it. It’s heavy, but it’s darn reliable and accurate at 50 yards.

    Thanks for the great show Jack!!

    • Yea I had a 995 and gave it to a friend. I have a Sub2000k and really like it. That said I have never hand loaded 9mm so I am not sure how well it loads down and if loaded down it would cycle at all in a semi auto.

  11. Good episode, powerful ending words and song on this one, wow.
    Thanks for all you do and God bless you and Dorothy and family.