Episode-2031- Listener Feedback for 6-26-17 — 18 Comments

  1. Hi, I listen to your podcasts and really enjoy them and I’m sorry that I never post, ” thank you “, but it is only because I hardly ever post at all, but thank you!
    I admire your opinion and I was hoping you could watch this and give me your thoughts?
    This film was produced and paid for by an American small business owner that refused to move his plant to Asia.
    Anyway, here it is below.
    Sincerely, Penny.

  2. Wait, don’t compost that lettuce yet! There is such a thing as lettuce soup, and it’s delicious hot or cold. Just look it up on line: many variations, including paleo. A cold version with yogurt will hit the spot in coming months.

    Depending on the recipe that you choose, you can probably create a cooked concentrate (such as lettuce, onion, potato, and spices) that you can purée and freeze. Make up some broth to reheat it in after thawing; it’s handy to write on the freezer box that it will take, say, 2 cups broth.

    If the lettuce is starting to bolt, you can salvage it for this recipe with a quick boiling (blanching) to remove the bitterness. When you find a recipe that you really like, you can use it for other greens, or a mixture, as well.

  3. Another experience based bug example…

    The owner of a local vineyard noticed an unusual bug on his property. He asked the department of making you sad (agriculture) what it was. Turns out it was the Asian Longhorn Beetle. Governments plan? Cut down almost all trees on his property and a majority of the trees in the county, shred them and sell the wood chips! Nope, not treat the trees, not kill the bugs…. destroy all the trees like the chestnut but it gets even better… they aren’t just cutting down host trees. They are cutting down host trees and all trees in a radius around them.

    Keep your mouth shut when it comes to odd life forms on your property.

  4. Re: getting out of crypto, you mentioned very little downside to the idea, but didn’t mention tax implications.

    Just think it’s worth mentioning for the cryptonoobs out there, Jack’s gonna report those earnings, which is an important consideration for when deciding whether to hold or sell through this downturn.

  5. Regarding the question about Govt issuing its own crypto currency. You mentioned that now that the horse is out of the gate (so to speak), the govt wouldn’t want to make alternative crypto currencies unlawful as, in the end, it would make the govt look foolish (implying, I believe, that the anonymous & other properties of crypto make it hard to regulate). The govt can simply declare any forms of crypto not issued by the state as illegal. Your hypothetical vendor would then be taking risks by taking other forms of crypto. There would be no alternative crypto ATM machines, etc. The govt could target individuals and merchants who use crypto, bust them, and make enough examples to scare everyone out of, or away from, the currencies. Heck, the govt could vilify alternative cryptos and convince citizens to turn in those they see using it (such as a flea market vendor). In the digital world, govt agents could act undercover and as an example, could buy from a vendor w/alternative crypto, receive the package and bust the vendor (assuming US transactions.) Seems to me that it would be quite simple to outlaw crypto by hitting it in the physical world with the end result that alternative (to the US issued crypto) cryptos are relegated to the black market where only the brave and the criminal partake. If alternative cryptos threaten the govt’s ability to control the money supply enough, I foresee the govt making crypto use unlawful in just such a way. Am I missing something?

  6. I haven’t looked into the Photon Fence any further than you speaking about it. I don’t think it will get consumer approval due to the power required to zap an insect. That could also zap someone’s eye into blindness. We have enough trouble getting long range barcode scanners into facilities.

  7. Took your advice and checked my Coinbase account last night. Yep, BTC was starting to tank. Couldn’t sell due to repeated failures of their identity verification (www. to recognize me. Support seems difficult to reach, since no response to email I sent them and chat doesn’t seem to work.

    Am I ignorant, or do they just suck?

    • I personally haven’t had issues selling my biotin on Coinbase, but I did move it out of Coinbase and into their exchange, GDAX and did have one problem. I switched browsers and it resolved.

    • Sometimes Coinbase sucks, but based on the rally in BTC looks like it saved you some money.

  8. If you try to pay cash for a home these days they look at you funny and think you’re a criminal… We just closed on a house, and when I offered to pay the closing costs in cash the lender told me they wouldn’t accept it, because they couldn’t validate where I got it.
    Think of that when you’re putting away cash for emergencies… It makes you into a suspected criminal. LOL

  9. With needing debt to have better credit, I would agree with thats most often the case. With my BoA account, I get a free FICO score. It shows you what affects the score, and I shit you not, one thing that was a negative for me was “a lack of a recent installment loan”. Also, Capital One also has a service to check you credit, called Credit Wise. They have a simulator with which you can change a lot of variables. I removed all my CC debt, which at this moment is high, it resulted in a significant drop in my credit score. You’d think it would be the opposite, but I guess in this world of indebtedness, we should all be in debt all the time. At least according to those in charge of given out the credit.

    On the topic of automatic savings, I have been using Capital One 360 since 2008, when it was known as ING Direct. Its very simple to set up recurring deposits and the interest isn’t that much, .75%, which was more than my BoA. Also, no minimums to set up and you can create multiple accounts. I can provide a link to sign up, and Id get a small reward, if anyone wants to sign up.

    A little story about those savings accounts. Dec 25th, 2016, my now wife and I found out we were expecting. So I set up a diaper savings account, because diapers are insanely expensive. $20 per week. by around Aug, I had roughly $700 set aside, just for diapers. Ive had a hard time savings, like other people have, but this made it super easy.

  10. Hi Jack,
    This fella used shipping containers to build a “castle” with multi levels, upper access from a raised road, a look out tower and your “bridge”. Watch the end video for the full build, but it was fun watching him use the cranes and doing all the welding himself to create it all.

  11. Propagating Lemon balm can be fairly easy, much like catnip, which I’ve grown almost all my life.
    Simplest method with the fastest results is to just gently but firmly (with both hands) grab onto a stem coming out of the main rootball, and pull it out. It’ll usually come with a few little rootlets already growing, and so all you do is trim back the leaves severely (just leave 4-6 leaves on it) and put that in a new pot or piece of ground.
    I planted 1 lemon balm 2 years ago and now I have a raised bed in the middle of the lawn that’s full of them, and volunteer seedlings coming up all over the place. Up to 100 feet away.
    If you need to make lots of divisions, then dividing the main rootball will give larger plants sooner, though. For just a few, then this method works well for any mint family plant except the woody ones, like rosemary.

  12. When I read, “what really happened to the USS Fitzgerald,” in the show notes I thought Jack was finally going to close the book on the one that sank in Lake Superior in 1975. You know, the one Gordon Lightfoot wrote that song about. Oh well, goes to show you how much I don’t follow the news.