Episode-2237- Listener Feedback for 6-25-18 — 15 Comments

  1. Re: North Korea

    My take on the real reasons for the bulk of the status quo/power elite resistance to peaceful relations to North Korea are 1) North Korea’s usefulness as a “boogeyman” like you described, but also 2) they want to keep South Korea as a place to station military assets as a counter to China, and not so much North Korea. It’d be much harder to convince the South Korean gov’t and people to station THAAD radars, military surveillance/ reconnaissance aircraft, more troops, etc., in their country if the North Korean threat is lessened. Same goes for Japan, to some extent.

    While I acknowledge China as a potential threat worth maintaining readiness for, the strategic advantage of having South Korea as a willing host for significant US military presence pales compared to the benefit of having less resources wasted on an unnecessary war stance and having an improved quality of life for all in the Korean Peninsula, not just the North Korean people. As for Donald Trump, I suspect his reasons for normalization with North Korea are far more selfish (political advantage, legacy, ego…). But even if he’s doing the right thing for the ‘wrong’ reasons, I can still appreciate the potentially positive outcome.

    • Even with a totally cooperative N. Korea you are looking at the Kim Jong Un world there for 30-50 years, little dude is young!

      So N. Korea as a fully reformed world citizen is still on the same level as China, this equals a reduced yet strong US presence in South Korea, almost all assets taken from S. Korea will go to Japan and our presence there increases.

      China has prison camps, does a ton of human rights violations, our relationship isn’t perfect but we get along and trade. That won’t lead to reunification, so S. Korea stays separate for a long time, this discussion likely has been had a lot between the US and N. Korea.

      Basically “look, you can run your nation as a totalitarian state and we can get along, look at our friends list…

      Saudi Arabia

      Kim do you really think we actually care about anything other than global commerce”?

  2. Re: Space force as a separate military branch

    Pros – 1) The missile defense advantage you described, 2) it’s at least an honest recognition of the direction the gov’t and military is already moving in, and 3) the full militarization of space and space warfare is probably inevitable, and to not put efforts into this when China is showing little restraint would put the US at a severe future strategic disadvantage.

    Cons – 1) Increased military use of and presence in space will increase (perhaps dramatically) the possibility of a future Kessler Syndrome situation making future operations in space very difficult for many years, 2) initiating this move publicly is likely to speed up the pace of the space arms race and increase the odds of the kind of conflicts we’re supposedly defending against, and 3) the creation of a separate branch will probably make DHS look like a total piker as far as boondoggles and gov’t waste go (the cynical opportunist in me is saying “keep going long Raytheon, Boeing, Northrop Grumman, Lockheed Martin, etc…  😉

    So I have mixed feelings about it, but it’s yet another thing I have no real influence over so it’s just another thing to adapt to. I only hope that there is time for a robust space-based infrastructure beyond Low Earth Orbit to be established before space warfare becomes a widespread thing.

  3. These are my favorite type of shows, rants, views, and, educational common sense.

  4. Jack did you ever finish writing that book you were talking about in rewind/previous episodes?

  5. I know social media is part of running the business, but always remember how easy it is for anyone to get sucked into the cesspool and think it is reality – when really it is just fomenting anger and keeping you from what is important.

    Not sure exactly how to say this without being rude to one of my biggest heroes – but lately it feels like you spent too much time dealing with idiots online, got angry, and then relived the anger for us on the show.  Feels like you got pulled down to their level and forgot all the thing you taught us about what is important in our lives.    I think this happens to all of us, things are getting crazy, but sometimes it helps to have someone remind us we might have gotten too caught up in something that isn’t real (idiots on facebook, often paid trolls).

    You have always been there to remind me to focus on what matters – so hope you don’t mind me poking you when you seem a little focused on social media lately 🙂


    • Sometimes people need to be told to fuck off. If you don’t want to see me tell someone to fuck off, don’t pay attention when I do so.

  6. Loved the debt freedom rewind episode and went out and picked up Ramsey’s Total Money Makeover book, which I have since finished. You mentioned in this show that you like his debt elimination method, but don’t care for his investing advice. Care to elaborate on this?

  7. My favorite format of your show every week, but to add on to your comment to Stephen Harris toward the beginning… it’s illegal to own a firearm by federal law with a medicinal card, not state law… but technically that’s only if you are purchasing it through an ffl requiring 4473 to be filled out… because I’ve never seen any on the state pistol registration or transfer paperwork asking about marijuana in Michigan, if that’s where he’s living again.

  8. Thanks for re-visiting my question about what to call young people who are the opposite of “snowflakes”.   More food for thought.