Episode-929- Listener Feedback for 6-25-12 — 52 Comments

  1. Conway, AR has a similar rule about inoperable vehicles. I don’t recall exactly, it might be limited to whether the tires are flat or its on blocks or whatever, but there is some point in the progress from “good working vehicle” to “pile of rust” at which you might get a ticket.

    Probably the same issue here. An inoperable vehicle won’t get a ticket anywhere unless it’s apparent…as a practical matter there’s just no way for an enforcement officer to suspect anything to warrant issuing a citation other than something that makes it visually obvious. But anyway, you can at least add Conway to your list of places that have a similar code.

    • Unless it was just the stupid neighbor saying, “and oh by the way… that vehicle never leaves that spot”
      In my town (in Illinois *sigh*) I can’t even park my 12 ft cargo trailer in my own driveway- that I use for work- if it sticks out further than the front of my house. And you’re not allowed to park it in the back yard, because it’s required to be on pavement. Not allowed to park it in the street. Where the H am I suppose to put it??? Is the city going to rent a parking garage for me to put it in and then provide security?

  2. If someone is willing to find the lady and lead the charge, I am available any weekend to help replant this garden. I will also kick in a couple hundred dollars in plants. They will need to be pretty big to help here recover the time she has now lost. Let’s go make a stand.

  3. We need someone with very large amounts of cash to offer all Tulsa residents moving assistance to New Hampshire. Bankrupt Tulsa in a hurry!

    I know its not reasonable or likely, but its my favorite idea.

  4. If the TSP community decides to support Denise Morrison, I have heirloom vegetable seeds to donate by mail from Canada, if she wants to replant her garden.

  5. Hi Jack!
    I live in Central MN in a rural area. Our landlord has a lot of nonworking vehicles across the dirt road from the house we rent from him. It’s essentially a junk yard, which he inherited from his father. My point here is that no one has called authorities here, no one cares. We are not in a “city limits”. We are in a rural county area. It’s so different from being in a city, such as Tulsa. I am simply sick at heart for this poor woman in Tulsa who had her yard cut down. I hope that someone from Tulsa starts a fund for her cause I’ll donate something to help her get her stuff planted again. Great story which is going to generate a lot of emotion.

    • I believe the rules in CA for inoperable vehicles say they must be registered if they’re on the road. I think that they’re ok unregistered on private property. However, I know from personal experience that if the neighbors don’t like seeing your inoperable vehicle, they can have a citation put on it to force you to move it out of sight or it will get towed. Seems like an infringement on personal property to me.

  6. Just to add to your segment about our debt based system and how they are forcing these countries to take on debt and make things worse. Made me think back on “Secret of OZ” For those of you that haven’t watched it, spend the time and watch this documentary. Central banks have been doing the same thing over and over again.

    Also, I love listening to Nigel speak. Here is a link to other interviews with him. on the right side there is a section of previous interviews.
    by no means do i love KWN but there are good interviews from time to time.

  7. From the CBS website regarding the cattle dyeing from the grass at the bottom of the page:
    CORRECTION: As originally published, this story referred to Tifton 85 grass as a genetically-modified product, which is incorrect; it is actually a hybrid of Bermuda grass.

    • @Steven Fletcher yet they allowed the headline to stand and buried the correction in the fine print. Wow what journalists! Good to hear my instincts were correct on this one though. Wonder if Alex Jones if over hyping it?

  8. About the Trichinosis:
    firstly creatures that eat meat are potential carriers Trichinosis – it is passed when an animal eats infected flesh.
    Secondly freezing will kill T. spiralis however it will not kill other species of Trichinosis. Now to be fair T spiralis is both the most common and most dangerous to humans. The other species are more common in wild animals and can infect people – some are designed to withstand freezing as part of their life cycle.

  9. Don’t fix the problem… Lets just throw more money at it..
    Facing pay freezes and downsizing, the beleaguered North Las Vegas Police Department will receive a $1,750,000 grant, Nevada Sen. Harry Reid announced Monday.

    Read more:

  10. If she is that knowledgeable on plants, she sounds like a highly competent herbalist, and a lot of folks would pay dearly for her knowledge and expertise. Surely there is a lucrative career for her somewhere here.

  11. After searching, I’m also under the belief that Tifton 85 is a hybrid, not a GMO.

    But I don’t believe that it was cyanide gas poisoning. Tifton 85 is a hybrid of Tifton 68 and PI 290884. PI 290884 is a South African strain of Bermuda Grass, Cynodon dactylon. Bermuda Grass is susceptible a fungus that causes Bermuda Grass Tremors which causes similar symptoms described in the article.

    • @Bigal7997 thanks for the info, that fungus is known as Ergot. It usually isn’t rapidly fatal though, it causes hallucination as well and it infects rye. It is believed to be the cause of the Salem Witch Trials. I guess it is possible but the article if believed says that the grass was tested and tested positive for cyanide. Also like I said ergot usually doesn’t kill and certainly not that fast but I guess it is possible.

  12. Regarding freezing meat, I had always heard that if you froze any raw meat in a deep freeze for 14 days, there wouldn’t be any problems eating any of it raw (including poultry.) At the time, I assumed this info to be anecdotal, and I wasn’t interested in consuming raw meat, so I filed the info under the “I don’t really care about this irrelevant info” category. I hadn’t ever thought about its applications for dried meat products though. I bet some pastured ground pork jerky would be very tasty and 1) the source doesn’t have me fearing disease and 2) freezing could add an additional layer of protection.

    • @Sarah, I would be highly concerned about raw poultry due to salmonella, I don’t know what effect if any freezing has on it and likely 20% or more modern chicken is infected by USDA standards.

      • @Modern Survival — I guess I should have been more clear. 🙂 I personally wouldn’t do ANYTHING with raw commercial poultry. The context in which I read about people freezing poultry was in the case of birds raised on their own property — i.e. trusted source. Regardless, I wouldn’t eat raw poultry under any circumstances, but I know that some people do. To each his own, I suppose.

  13. About Tulsa:
    There is a big uproar currently about kid bullying other kids. What about governments and government personel who bully average citizens! Shouldn’t there be an uproar about that!
    I don’t know if Oklahoma has a “Castle Doctrine”, but if it does, I think I would have been tempted to make clear use of it IF I had been this lady!

    • My husband essentially said the same thing. “Those guys are lucky that they weren’t greeted by the business end of a 12ga!”

      I gather that this thing started last year (since I recall hearing reference to the first court date in Aug. at which an Oct court date was set.) Do we know if this gal got her plants back this year, or am I misremembering since I’ve slept since yesterday? 🙂

  14. Today at 4PM EST on Fox News Channel with Neil Cavuto will be discussing Stockton going bankrupt. It may be interesting to see.

  15. Those codes come from both sides sadly. I have met so many conservatives worried about their land values and pass all types of laws for things like this. In CA there are codes in some areas that forbid the parking of a truck (any year) in your own driveway. They have to be in a garage. My Wife and I refuse to live in city limits ever again.

    • Michael Fullerton, honestly I agree to a point. The “conservatives” you speak of are generally republicans not conservatives. More specifically yuppie type jackass republicans that think Mitt Romney is a conservative. Those types. Basically “city types” of any type of political stripe tend to act like complete assholes this way. This is why I refuse to live in anything like a suburb, etc. If I ever set up a community the basic rule of law will be if you don’t like what someone else does on their land, tough shit LOL.

      • what about some stinking pig farm? That ruins the idea of you sitting out in your yard enjoying life? I dont see the problem with someone wanting neighborhood standards. That said I live out in the country. It would be a tragedy for me if someone stunk up the place.

        Down the street someone has a place with all kinds of junk, old tires, old cars, the whole place is an acre of junk. Another guy had ~30 black cats. He must have let some breed, the the offspring breed, etc.

        I dont understand all the animosity to community enforced standards, as long as they are reasonable and not new.

        • Who sets the standards. My neighbor may not like the dandelions and clover in my yard, but guess what, I don’t like his dead -no life it- fake carpet-looking grass. Do I have the right to tell him how his yard should be? No- and vise-versa.

    • My 2 cents:

      Codes like this come from only 1 side, statists. Statists come in two flavors, but they are all statists.

      The “other” side are the freedom lovers (libertarians, patriots, whatever), but those are rare.

    • Yep we have that here to but for RV’s. They must be covered and parked on the side of your house. The city says its a sight thing. We are talking about nice RV’s too. Also 18 wheelier trucks can’t be parked in the city limits. Not even at home. I’m talking about bobtailing too, no trailer.

      Its getting rediculious for sure……

    • I once lived in a city that didn’t care if you dug up and planted your whole yard (or let it turn into a hay field, for that matter). Probably 5% of homes had a grape arbor carport (gotta love the Portuguese!). You could repair your house without worrying about a building permit. I saw people set up small businesses repairing cars in their driveway, clearly without permits, zoning, etc. Even businesses that did follow regulations found it easy to get exceptions — there was a coffee shop with its drive-thru window right next to its front door! This city was 7-1 Democrat.

      It’s a cultural thing – people who wear suits to work want to live in an orderly, controlled environment. Cities have not traditionally been like that until they get gentrified and the white collars take over.

  16. The code enforcement official should also be found in contempt of court and go to jail accordingly.

  17. Dear Jack,

    I am curious about something and would appreciate a response. I’ve heard you mention global warming a few times in the past couple of weeks. And both times you knock it, then finish up by saying that there is clear proof of some kind that justifies your dismissal. Yet, you never really give any detail as to what that evidence might be. I am a fairly new listener and so maybe this is a topic you’ve already extensively discussed and provided vetted data for. If so, please send me to the correct place. If not, I have to say; I’d be quite disappointed. I believe you were just talking about responsible reporting in this show concerning the GMO grass. For you to dismiss global warming as though you know it doesn’t exist, and is not being perpetuated by human activity, without any proof of you own, is just as irresponsible as those you are asking us not to be like. Am I wrong here?

    I would not consider myself to be anything close to a hippy liberal, but the science seems pretty basic and clear to me, and I’d like to hear your thoughts about it. The science says that green house gases in our atmosphere (a closed system) trap heat on our planet. And when those gases are increased, the heat is also increased. In comparison, our bodies are also closed systems similar to our atmosphere. If my wife fed me mercury in my coffee every morning, one day I would have a build up of mercury in my body and die of mercury poisoning. Help me out here. Is there something I’m missing?

    Don’t get me wrong. I think a lot of what you say makes a heck of a lot of sense. But every time you mention global warming with such disdain, it makes question your credibility. On a psychological note, I wonder if your global warming reaction is just a subconscious resistance to anything that has been hijacked by liberal hippies? I wonder? Think about it. I’d love to hear a show on this topic. I would even challenge you to discuss this with your mentor, Jeff Lawton, whom we know has an opposing view.

    Peace Jack,


    • @Brendan CO2 has a “saturation limit” one we long ago passed up. CO2 only reflects a very narrow band of UV light, not the whole spectrum as we are led to believe by the main stream media and Al Gore types. I need to point out here this is absolute scientific fact, known, proven and never disproven since the late 1800s. We could not triple or even quadruple the CO2 and it would have no effect on global temps.

      This is the point no one has ever successfully addressed or responded to from the global warming crowd. The out has always been that somehow in some way CO2 behaves differently in the ionosphere then in the main atmosphere.

      In 2011 NASA ran a study you can see the results here

      The real goal never stated in the results (because the results didn’t support the global warming agenda) was to shut people like me up and prove us wrong. They simply measured heat in vs. heat out and figured it would support the climate models. If it did they would have proven that by some mysterious process CO2 would have the ability to break the saturation limit. Problem was, well the data showed the models were inaccurate (nice way of saying CO2 obeys the laws of physics and global warming from CO2 is hype).

      Again the saturation limit is well known but ignored and often hidden scientific fact. I can’t remember the year it was proven but it was like the 1870s-1880s and it has never been proven false.

      There have been many attempts to prove this wrong and a lot of propaganda that claims to. Yet here is the fact and how it was calculated in the first place. If you shine light though a contained glass environment you can measure how much heat from the light is absorbed by the gas inside the container. As you raise CO2 it holds back more heat acting as a greenhouse gas just as we are told. Yet once the saturation limit is approached the effect drops dramatically and then falls off to being meaningless.

      Things that hold in heat better then CO2 include water vapor and methane. Again this is all 100% fact. It is the silver bullet and you can’t find diddly about it because this truth is buried. Given proving it false would be as cheap and easy as some glass containers, CO2, UV lights and thermometers and it has never been proven false, you have to ask why? I have been asked many times what would it take to make me admit that CO2 could be causing global warming, my answer is always simply, prove the CO2 limit false. No one has and no one can because it is a LAW, like gravity. It is simply how things work.

      The whole thing is a lie!

      Yes man made climate change exists. We drain wetlands, we put mercury in the water, we create deserts, we clear cut forests, we destroy soil, etc, etc, etc. These are all real concerns and real forms of pollution but have you notices none of the global warming alarmists are concerned about any of these things. The CO2 causes global warming lie has done more harm to the environmental movement then any other issue.

      People like us need to admit this is a damn lie and focus on the actual damage and pollution to save this planet. Sadly thanks to the people that simply want a global carbon tax, many people will no longer even listen to anything related to protecting the environment. FRIEND, that is by design, it is part of the dichotomy! Keep the people divided and in debt while you tax the shit out of them and deprive them of liberty. Some things never change, that strategy is very old, AGW is just one of the latest tools to do it.

      Considering that there are thousands of things harming the planet that 99% of us could agree on why do you think the flagship issues is such a divisive one? It is by design.

      Now you know something you likely didn’t will you consider it or simply cling to your existing belief?

      • You’ve given me a few things to think about Jack. Thanks for taking the time to explain. b

      • Hey Jack,

        Well, I read the article you sent and even took a look at the original study. I also read several other articles related to the topic. Of course there is a lot of opposing “evidence” and I find it all very frustrating. I’m not totally convinced CO2 isn’t contributing to climate change, but I’m not dogmatic either way. All I want is the truth and a healthy planet. I am curious though, if the atmosphere has a saturation limit, then where does all of the excess CO2 go? My first thought would be trees, but if we’re simultaneously spewing out CO2 and clear cutting large carbon sinks like rain forests, then where does it go?

        On a side note, you mentioned in your response the divisiveness of CO2 and global warming, which I completely agree with. I’m reminded of this every time I see my brother-in-law (also a listener) who stubbornly argues that the climate change we are now seeing is due to the natural cycles of the Earth. I think it would be very good for your listeners and myself if you devoted a show to all of the things we can agree on concerning climate change. It would be nice to see you bring those common threads together and build a bridge between the opposing ideological groups. I imagine it would be hard for anyone to disagree with wanting a clean and healthy planet.

        Peace Jack,


        • @Brendan,

          Come on man just use some common sense and get past this lie. First CO2 represents less then 1/3rd of 1% of the atmosphere, come on man think about that. Second CO2 is the staff of life for all plant life. Three it actually has cooled by average temp so much in the past decade that they don’t call it global warming, now they call it climate change, when I was a kid in school it was global cooling that was going to kill us all. Fourth the ONLY solution the government has to this problem that is supposed to be the greatest crisis mankind has ever faced is a tax.

          Again though CO2 begins to decay in effect almost instantly as added to the atmosphere, by the time you get to current levels it can’t do diddly squat. This again is scientific fact, not theory fact, measured and proven in a library.

          Yes making deserts out of marginal land and deforestation causes “climate change” but I hate using the word as in this context it DOES NOT mean what the AGW crowd mean. It causes regional climate changes.

          CO2 is what you exhale every breath, it is not a toxin, it is necessary for the life of anything that is photosynthetic. Pollution is one thing, fossil fuels cause plenty of it, CO2 ain’t the issue man. Really if you remove yourself from the propaganda and just think logically, it ain’t that hard to understand.

          Lastly want a real wake up call, go look at the all time record high temperatures by state, check out the years on the majority of them, notice how few are later then 1994, how does this jive with what you have been told?

          I mean seriously I don’t understand how people buy into this at all?

        • @Brendan

          To answer your saturation limit question:

          CO2 does not have a saturation limit (as in a solution saturation limit) in the atmosphere, however, what jack is talking about is that there is only a small range of frequency of light waves that co2 will interact with, lets just call this red light. When the red light hits a co2 molecule the energy from the light is absorbed and turned into heat. Since the molecule that absorbed the red light is in the atmosphere the earth heats up. It the CO2 wasn’t there to get in to way the red light would have kept going on out into space until it found some CO2 – maybe in an exhale of a Martian. So the theory was that there was a bunch of this red light escaping, and as CO2 levels go up in the future more of would be trapped and the earth would get hotter. However, as they recently found out all the red light is already being blocked, and pretty much always has been. So adding more CO2 to the atmosphere wont trap any more red light or affect the earths temperature. So one can say that the effect of co2 blocking red light has reached it’s limit or is saturated.

          From your comment it sounds lie you were thinking about the classical chemistry definition of saturation limit – like when you dissolved salt in water. Salt will keep dissolving until the saturation limit is reached.
          With air and CO2 – the co2 is not dissolving into the air to make a solution, rather they are creating a mixture of molecules, like a mixture of yellow and green marbles in a bucket.

          Hope that makes sense – I answered because I could not sleep… to much sugar!

      • Dear Jack and Chris,

        First, thanks Chris for the clarification on saturation. I understand a lot better now. Second, if the global mean temperature has risen almost 1 degree C over the past century, then what is the cause, if it isn’t an increase in green house gasses? And How can this be just a regional thing when we have other signs of global warming, like the polar ice sheets decreasing by almost 1/4 it’s size in summer time, receding glaciers all over the world, and flooded islands due to rising sea water? And Jack, I’m curious about one more thing. If you were to frame a new argument about environmentalism, that would get people, businesses, and government to take action to protect our planet and our health, how would you frame it? You’ve mentioned pollution from fossil fuels and regional climate change from irresponsible human activity. So, now what? What do you think we as a society should be focusing on to make things better?

        Peace Boys,


        • @Brendan, I highly suggest reading the two free eBooks here

          The AGW crowd has tried to slander this stuff but if you check it out all of it checks out.

          The said thing is we actually think the global mean temp is supposed to not change. How did we get to this place, seriously? The temps go up and down and have for billions of years. Keep in mind again CO2 is less then 1/2 of 1 percent of our atmosphere.

          Now consider there are actually plans to terraform Mars some day, they believe they can do it with you guessed it green house gasses, yet the current Mars atmosphere is 95% CO2. See something is rotten in Denmark me thinks.

    • Brendan,

      Even if global warming is a reality, there’s not much we can do about it. By their own projections, climate change researchers say that we can only hope to slightly slow the progress of climate change… and that’s assuming our CO2 reduction measures (“Carbon Credits”) actually work!

      For a more realistic evaluation of climate change policies, check out the “Copenhagen Consensus,” started by Bjorn Lomborg.

      In the meantime, people ARE being lied to, routinely. The League of Women Voters put out this TV ad suggesting that Senator Scott Brown’s vote against the EPA regulation of CO2 would cause young children to choke to death: (It’s a disgraceful lie, especially for those of us who really care about protecting human health.)

  18. I wonder if Wendell Berry, poet and hero of small-scale sustainable agriculture, knows what Tulsa code enforcement did. He’s being presented a distinguished author award in Dec from the Tulsa Library which includes $40,000 cash award.

    Perhaps he can join in with Denise to help rebuild her garden.

  19. I posted comment at the Channel 6 story offering a few extra plants I have in my garden (all potted up and ready to go). I’ll keep digging and see if we can’t make contact with Denise Morrison and help replant. That would be the first step, a middle finger raised to the Tulsa City Government. Next step is to make life a little uncomfortable for the city with a few phone calls.
    As a Tulsa resident, I’m more than a little embarrassed by this stupidity.

  20. It would be kind of cool if we could get this lady in on a CSA share in her area to tide her over for the year.

  21. Jack, Thank You for covering this story on your cast. I have had such a huge response to my story I have spent many hours trying to respond. I was impressed with your knowledge of what happened you hit the nail on the head however this is so much bigger than could be reported on. Only some people in my community know the whole truth. If you will provide me with a safe private link I will try to make it clear. You will be the first one to get the real story of why this happened. Please pass on to your listeners as I have been doing “My neighbors had nothing to do with this some of them have been my friends for up to 35 years and have helped me tremendously with this.” They are in fear of retaliation for something they did not do. You can contact me at the e-mail address provided in this post. Thanks to your listeners for the positive heartfelt post.

    • @Denise first thanks for posting your comment. Second let me know if the community can help you some how. Third I don’t have a clue what you mean by safe link but my email is jack at thesurvivalpodcast dot com.

  22. Jack, I too believe this is an F1 conventional hybrid and NOT a GMO– and you know I’m as anti-GMO, maybe more, than you are. But you know I’m very much a stickler for accuracy in the world of plants.
    The giant massive clue is 15 years grown. That means a planting date of at least 1997. You have to remember something that the only monocot crop that had been successfully transformed in that era was corn, probably because gene guns were clunky nasty things (and yes I’ve seen a gene gun in person. I was even given the opportunity to fire it). There were just a handful of total crops on the market at that point. I’m not even sure if the first GM corn had been commercially planted yet. Unfortunately I no longer have the document that would prove me one way or the other, and my memory isn’t allowing me to remember. Remember that the very first GMO was released in 1995. So I am 99 percent certain this is NOT a GMO.
    What is causing the cyanide? I cannot begin to say. I have no expertise in this area.

  23. i am wondering what the bermuda grass was fertilized with. my dad was paid to spray a neighbors pasture once with a liquid nitrogen fertilizer. the man did not remove his cattle as we always did and several of his cows died. i wanted an autopsy to know what actually killed them but my dad simply settled out of court and bought the dead cows. sometimes it is what is on the food not necessarily the food itself. like getting food poison from a dirty utensil and clean food.