Episode-2457- Listener Feedback for 6-24-19 — 17 Comments

  1. As a “recovering academic” I’m always interested in your stories about the current direction – or maybe I should say directionlessness – of colleges and universities. I read the Newbury story, and I took “surreal” a little differently: not that the outcome was so unexpected (the article made clear that there were plenty of signs of impending disaster) but the experience of working in a place that was closed yet not closed seems unreal to the people caught up in it.

    To the basic problem: for my former field of chemistry, and sciences in general, it’s obvious that to learn, you need to be in a place that has labs. Those would be the practical fields of which you speak.

    But my view is that the French major who ends up a barista is not lacking in practical education but in gumption. S/he might have most enjoyed medieval literature, but should be perfectly capable of working in any business or field that requires communication with French speakers anyplace where French is the language. Nor is the preference for medieval literature too far-fetched: it will certainly give a very different perspective on gender and relationships than “bitterness studies.” (That can only be a good thing!)

    One more example: in my experience, art and art history majors are excellent observers and process visual information quickly and well. That’s another flexible skill. I worry more about the prospects of the student on the Walmart plan whose coursework is all in supply chains. That seems very narrow, and a risk if that employment ends.

    But if the “old-fashioned” college education has something to offer in terms of providing the raw material for personal resilience (and I think it does), why are colleges closing? Because they have lost sight of that very purpose and gone whole-hog after cultivating victim-hood, virtue-signaling, and the rest. It’s a significant loss, even though I agree that college is not for everyone. A significant loss also exists in the down-grading of skilled occupations. The two are probably connected in a lack of understanding of what work is. Human beings need the sense of doing meaningful work.

    I hope that’s not too much of a rant. I’ve been watching (from inside and from outside) the state of colleges and universities for fifty years now, so I’ve accumulated a few thoughts along the way.



  2. One thing FB might contribute to the crypto space (other than being “the gateway drug” into other crypto) could be that it will serve as the punching bag of choice for anti-crypto bureaucrats and politicians. This may distract the circus clowns in Congress and take some negative attention away from other crypto projects. It may even give them an opportunity to frame the discussion in a way where decentralization actually starts sounding attractive by comparison (“Don’t like Facebook having so much power? Our partially or fully decentralized systems make it so that can’t happen!”).

    This probably won’t work on those intimately tied to the banking sector and central banks, but could be convincing for those politicians who don’t have an intimate understanding of money and the dollar’s reserve currency status.

  3. Jack,

    I started a MeWe page for a company I follow that has no presence there, however when I repost one of their facebook posts their it shows “published by [my personal name]”.  How do I keep this from happening?  Your page doesn’t have that under the posts that you do.

    • I am not sure. Um but are you posting to the page, or sharing that to your timeline those are two different things. Give me a link to the page.

  4. Thank you, but I just figured it out. It only shows up that way to me, but if I log into MeWe from a separate account it doesn’t show the “Published by [my personal name]”.

  5. Can you clarify how long you said to pressure cook the ribs? I think you said 50 minutes, but it might have  been 15…

    • Yep 50 at least 40 minimum. It will depend on the source of your ribs and how tender they get. Seemed like a long time the first time I did it so I tried 25, yea, no….. back to 50.

  6. When it comes to game larger than deer with an AR, blackout wouldn’t be my choice. The 6.8 Spc  is a far superior choice. The forgotten 270

  7. 6.8 Spc will be the most versatile in a standard AR platform at the ranges mentioned in my opinion if you’re sensitive to recoil.

  8. Jack,
    Have you done your own research into XRP or does your dismissal of it come from listening to others dismiss it?

    I totally respect an informed opinion that is different than mine, but if you haven’t done the homework, I think you’re doing your community a disservice to blow off XRP as a promising crypto investment.

    My crypto mentor told me it was the “banker’s shit coin” so I avoided it for a long time. A ForEx trader I know kept going on and on about Ripple’s use of XRP for on-demand liquidity, Nostro accounts, RTGS, bla bla bla…

    I had been searching for projects like Ark that provided real world solutions, utility and value. After months of hearing XRP bull crap from my associate I researched it for myself. The use of XRP for liquidity and instant cross-border settlement may do more to disrupt the correspondent banking paradigm than BTC in the end, and the chances XRP will 20X+ in value before BTC is very high in my opinion.

  9. Circulating Supply 42,832,704,971 total eventual supply 99,991,553,791 with no cap on that by the way, it could be even more. It is an over hyped shit coin.

  10. I used to believe what others told me about XRP too until I did my own research.

    In theory it’s possible to increase the supply if all the node operators including Microsoft, MIT and other large companies agreed to devalue their asset, but that’s not a realistic threat.

    In real world terms XRP coins can’t be created, but they are being burned making them deflationary.

    • Yea to be blunt your research SUCKS there are already 42 BILLION get it BILLION of these damn things. It is a shit coin, do what ever you want but don’t expect it to go anywhere. It doesn’t do anything that many others don’t do just as well or better, it is tied to the banking sector (the entire point of crypto is to avoid the banks) and it is in such quantity that it has no scarcity. You have to buy into even owning a wallet for it. It is likely the most traceable crypto on the planet. It is total complete fucking shit. But go ahead an buy a bunch of it.