Episode-1811- Listener Feedback for 6-20-16 — 16 Comments

  1. Awww man. What a low thing to do to sell family firearms to anyone. Why NOT keep it in the family?

  2. I thought this was an interesting article to consider regarding ‘unfolding stories’ in the media:

    The interesting aspect being that ‘new information’ is not coming to light via actual fact finding/checking or investigation by people trying to uncover the truth.

    The narrative is simply being continually revised by ‘the officials’ with no explanation offered as to why the story changes.

    I saw a version of the red shoe carrying video shot from the other side where the put the man in red shoes down, and then he and his ‘rescuers’ are smiling and laughing with the man that was standing off to the side.

    He wasn’t standing in any sort of a way that would indicate a wounded leg (weight on both legs), nor did he appear to be any distress (strain on face).

    My best devils advocate explanation would be that they already shot him up with morphine, but that doesn’t match the ‘makeshift tourniquet’ (which is made of material that is too thin to really act as a tourniquet, single layer of thin material, no indication of wadded material over a wound).

    Frankly, only become aware of this ‘story’ due to it being mentioned on TSP. 😉

  3. Love the video today Jack. “Shut up Conspiracy Theorist” I’ve been called one for 10 years now simply because I’m capable of critical thinking and applying logic. Thanks for sharing that with your audience. I know it wasn’t an easy choice to make.

    • When I saw that and he was calling the Clintons, Kerry, etc conspiracy theorists, I just was glad I didn’t have a beer in my mouth.

  4. Question for Jack: Why do you like cast iron cookware, what advantaged does cast have over stainless steel?

  5. The Chicago School system story refutes your contention that alternative education and homeschooling will be the demise of school systems. It isn’t for a lack of funding, it is years of wanton corruption, mismanagement and bloated pension fund liabilities that the story is addressing. Read the whole story!

    The battle is between the city of Chicago’s corrupt political machine (democrat) and the State (republican) over who can wrest control of the confiscated loot that pours in via taxation.

    The Chicago school system is not in danger of failing because of alternative schooling and they are not broke because they aren’t funded, they are broke because of mismanagement and a teachers union that was given exorbitant goodies that they refuse to give an inch on.

    Teachers unions are the most powerful and numerous in the nation because they are propped up by taxation. They could care less that 4% of school aged kids are homeschooled. School systems don’t lose any funding because people homeschool their children. It doesn’t even matter that you don’t have any kids, you still pay.

    The headline was designed to grab people’s attention with the word ‘School’ and ‘collapse’ in it. The system, however monstrous and inept will unfortunately continue. Chicago is not Detroit, their tax base is still enormous.

    The retirees WILL end up taking some sort of a haircut which should have already happened. I wish you were right and that government school would end in fifteen years but until they aren’t funded by property taxes it’s dyed in the wool, here to stay, baked in the cake, ain’t going nowhere!

    Bet still stands.

    • I told you to write up your bet and send it to me with your specific assertions spelled out, do it.

  6. Right on with donating selling or trashing stored food before moving. I moved 5 times with my food and each move my stash got bigger. When I looked at the age of my stores and the cost to move it, compared with the cost of buying it new, it was a no-brainer what to do this year when i moved. I gave it all away to my church buddies that also store and use those items. Biggest disadvantage is simply that now I only have my expensive freeze dried stuff and have to build up my stores again. This time, I’ll do it month by month so that items don’t all age at the same time.

    One other BIG reason mentioned. If you are using movers, you can expect that everything you put in the truck is going to be exposed to 140 temperatures during late spring to early fall. Heat kills food stores.

  7. Regarding Automation: I work in an automation department for a large utility. I will tell you, that if I don’t keep updating my skills, my own job will become obsolete in maybe 18 to 24 months. By that I mean while I may not be laid off, my marketability for changing employers would certainly suffer. It is an extremely fast moving field with new products and capabilities coming out regularly.

    You are right on Jack that pretty much anyone can find themselves at risk. We used to pay guys to sit in substations all day and wait for a call to open or close this or that power line or transfomer. You can still find some older substations that have a couch and TV in the control house collecting dust. Now they pay guys like me to make computers do that for hundreds of stations. I have no illusion that if they could automate or outsource me, my desk would(or will) be collecting dust like one of those black and white TVs.

  8. Want another reason not to like 529 plans? The Investment companies double dip on fee income.. 529’s Purchase other mutual funds owned by the same investment company as the investment vehicle. This compounds the asset values of both funds and also allows them to collect fees for the actual 529 investment and for the “asset value” held in the underlying mutual fund that it has invested in.

  9. Ref: Traveling with guns. This is the best, simplest, and most accurate book I’ve found regarding traveling through the states either with EDC guns or transporting firearms. It even ranks states on “gun friendliness” on a scale of 1-100. Can you guess where CA, HI, and NY are as opposed to AZ, TX, etc?