Episode-2026- Listener Feedback for 6-19-17 — 8 Comments

  1. Hi Jack,
    Just listening and had a few thoughts. The guy that was asking about benchmarking his shooting skills brought to mind my CHL class. Taken at a well known and reputable facility outside of Houston, we were told we were not allowed to keep our targets after qualifying.

    The instructor said that any training or evidence of our proficiency or lack thereof could be used against us in court in the event of a shooting, akin to a professional boxer getting into a street fight and being held to a higher standard. Not sure if it’s true or not, but I don’t advertise my skills.

    My other thought was on the truck drivers. You’re right when you say you never know who is in the other car. This little lady and her “man” picked a road rage incident they didn’t end up doing so well with. Right or wrong on the other drivers side, because the video only shows the middle and end of the incident, they got more than they bargained for.

  2. I drive extremely defensively and safely, because I am that guy you never know is in the other car. And my freedom means more to me than some jerk with low self-esteem.

    • Exactly!

      When I deal with a fuckhead on the road I think of the following and don’t escalate the situation.

      My Freedom
      My Sound Body
      My Life
      My Family
      The Other People on the Road

      An ancient Chinese proverb springs to mind,

      “Before you embark on a journey of revenge, dig two graves.” ~ Confucius

      Well if you start fucking around with multi ton vehicles with an asshat and you are surrounded by others in multi ton vehicles moving at high speed, there may be a need for many graves!

      • Jack,
        That’s a contender for my top 10 quotes list.
        Maybe wrap that all those gems up in a bacon-flavored PDF. Hold an MSB contest for the title… Ya know, “The Words of Jack”, “Spirko Speaks”, “Thus Sayeth Jack”, whatever. Happy Weekend.

  3. For the person asking about cleaning rabbits, here’s Daniel Salatin doing raised rabbits:

    These are going to paying customers so it’s not the quick field skinning you’d do after hunting but it’s still helpful to see it done and he is pretty quick about it.

  4. Shooting skills:

    Well I wrote a fairly long post and just lost it so now you get the short version. Buy this book: and do the drills, I saw far more improvement from doing these than from live fire practice. It is on Amazon but the pricing is way off.

    Quote of the Amazon description:
    “Steve Anderson is a huge believer in the power of dry fire practice. The goal: To make all of the skills required to fire a pistol accurately at high speed subconsciously controlled. According to Steve: When the basic gunhandling skills are subconsciously controlled, you are no longer drawing, aiming, pulling the trigger and firing the gun. You are simply shooting. Refinement and Repetition is made up of 38 dry fire drills, including the exact drills Steve used to achieve the rank of Grand Master in one year after buying his first IPSC Open Pistol. If you’ve ever wondered, “Well, what should I practice today?” – then Steve’s book is a must have. His well thought out and organized drills will guide you from beginning presentation skills to advanced multiple target engagement and transition techniques.”

  5. Hey Jack, domestic rabbits are pretty easy too as long as they are young. Once they get past a year it takes a bit more effort and maybe even a little knife work to skin them.