Episode-2024- Listener Feedback for 6-15-17 — 12 Comments

  1. FYI. The SWT (Swarm City Token) is an ERC20 token (etherium backed). This means that any etherium address can store the tokens alongside your ETH. You don’t have to use the Swarm City wallet. Some wallets might not display the ERC20 token balances, but they will be visible on the blockchain (search for your public address). You can open your wallet with and view all ERC20 token balances alongside your ETH

  2. About wool: prices direct-to-consumer aren’t too low; however, producing and selling in volume sufficient for a primary income is difficult. (Exotic fiber animals play a minuscule part in this market, except for alpacas, which are currently in vogue and IMO supported by a sort of Ponzi scheme.) For sheep to be one’s primary homestead or farm income, the focus would need to be on breeding stock, meat, dairy, or a combination of those, with wool as a subsidiary income stream.

    However, sheep are great homestead animals because of their versatility, including (as was said) ecosystem services. The wool can be a great plus if you know something about fiber arts and the fiber community: the direct-to-consumer channel. Spending five bucks to attend a fiber festival in your area – a festival large and diverse enough to have people bringing animals of different breeds – is a small cost for a lot of practical information.

    • We have had sheep and goats. We now only have sheep. We have 4-horned Jacob sheep. This breed is one which has desired wool for hand-spinners. They are also a breed that has really good meat and can also be milked. The profit from selling the wool cover the cost of the shearing and our labor in of it, but not much else. We make our money on the sheep by selling the culls as meat. We have found sheep easier to keep and work than goats. My opinion would always to go with sheep over goats. However, goats will clear out an overgrown thicket area much better than sheep ever will. That would be the only time I would deal with goats.

      • What is the temperament of your Jacob sheep? We had two, and they were the nastiest, most aggressive sheep we ever had. We were very happy the day we sold them. I’m not sure if we just got a couple duds, if they just didn’t mix well with our existing herd of sheep, goats, and cows, or what… But, man.

  3. Anyone else having a problem with the minergate link? I get a proxy server isn’t responding message.

      • I figured it out… I tried it in Chrome and it gave me the message that the site was reported as harmful to my internet provider. Anyone else out there use Spectrum (Charter)?

  4. Jack, how does the Minergate software compare to older ways of mining that were highly energy intensive? Is it a bad idea to do with my only computer?

  5. Speaking from experience, the best thing you can do when you find an endangered critter on your property is keep your mouth shut until revealing to the government that it’s there can benefit you. Now, I know you’re thinking, “When can the EPA ever benefit me?” The answer is when it comes to fighting eminent domain.

    A million years ago now the area my family farm was in was in the eminent domain danger zone as the state pushed forward with a plan to build a bypass connecting two nearby highways. Despite objections from property owners, the plan to build this bypass was charging ahead at full steam until we were lucky enough to get some Polaroids of endangered birds on our property.

    The EPA managed to throw so many wrenches into the plans of this bypass and how to deal with relocating these endangered birds that were discovered in the area that the project ended up being scrapped. It’s an unlikely situation that anyone might ever find themselves in again, but, you never know… Maybe a family of beetles could save your property from being paved over in the name of progress!

    • From that very article

      “Correction: After publication of the article below, Jaxx requested acknowledgment that the “theft” of coins referred to is based on unsubstantiated source material, and that definitive proof that a security vulnerability or any other error on the part of Jaxx has not been proven.”

      There is a lot of what amounts to corporate terrorism going on right now in the world of crypto, Coinbase is stealing user funds, etc.

      If I remember right in the end it was found that this tool had let his phone fall into bad hands and it wasn’t secured.

    • Tim, It’s not really a vulnerability so much as it is a failure to secure the device it runs on. That’s kind of the whole point. I didn’t read the link but if I remember the guy claimed to have lost $400k in crypto. Um, you needed a hardware wallet dude.